T-mobile introduces the Memoir to the world

Well, no real shock value with this introduction but we’re always glad to have an official announcement! Coming out of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the introduction to the world and more importantly, to us back at home the very first 8 megapixel camera phone to be offered by a US carrier! Most important of course is the confirmation of the February 25th release date, and the news pricing is coming in at $249.99 after a $50 mail in rebate. NO qualms about fifty dollars less than previously anticipated, the specs hold true to previous reports and thats not a bad thing. Ten days to the launch of the first 8 megapixel camera phone in the US, this is very exciting! 

Few extra details about the camera: 

  • Allows users to set special effects on an image, including black and white, sepia, negative and watercolor;
  • Features blink detection, face detection, anti-shake to reduce blur, and geo-tagging, which records coordinate information of where the user is at the time the picture is taken into the image files;
  • Provides optimal settings for a variety of shooting situations to help capture the best possible image, including portrait, landscape, night, sports, party/indoor, beach snow, sunset, dawn, fall color, fireworks and backlight;
  • Automatically changes the white balance using the setting appropriate for the light source, including daylight, incandescent, fluorescent or cloudy;
  • Features five different shooting modes, including single, continuous, panorama, smile shot and mosaic.       

Check out the vid below with our boy Noah from Phonedog getting albeit a quick but clear look at this bad boy. 


  • nanosp

    Nice to see geo-tagging was a feature.. I’d love to see some camera samples though.

  • Marc

    Any idea on no-commitment pricing?

    Would guess if the Behold is $149.99 after $50 MIR with 2-year and is $399.99 without a contract. Could this phone really be a $499.99+ phone? Eh, once I get my hands on it, it may just be worth it.

  • Dave

    Interesting. This will surely be one of my choices in June, July when i’m up to my full Upgrade discount.

  • Q

    I saw this video earlier, ima up for a full upgrade, and this thing comes out 3 days after my bday…

  • friggin sweeeet!!!!!

  • AT&T-Mobile

    meh, the SE Idou has a 12.1 mp camera with a bigger touchscreen, higher res display, and symbian os

    makes the memoir outdated

    sorry samsung, you would have made this stand out if you had put android on it, otherwise, fail…

  • Pythagoras

    Do we know if T-Mobile is going to make people change data plans if they buy this? Actually I don’t understand how they choose which phones force you to change plans…

  • I am getting the day it comes out. I have been saving

  • I doubt it will sell like the G1 first did when it first came out and like the 8900.. Its way to damn expensive i cant imagine the Flexpay two year contract price…lol

  • Anthony.

    Boy am I glad I didn’t upgrade to the new Blackberry Curve 8900. I was going to, but then I heard of this 8mp camera phone coming out and I have to get it for sure! I have a Tmobile Wing right now, but I already lost two buttons and its falling apart piece by piece… hopefully it can last till the 25th!

  • TmoOoOo

    Just checked Tmo’s scoop page and this is what is says about Memoirs release;

    Coming Soon:

    Samsung Memoir: March. Look into the first 8 megapixel caamera phone from T-Mobile.

    Looks like they may be pushing it back?

  • SneakerFiend

    What I really want to know is if this thing is coming out with WiFi.
    Right now that’s the deal breaker for me. I’m about to get the G1 and wait for the Touch Pro 2 to HOPEFULLY MAKE ITS WAY TO T-MOBILE! t-mobile should answer my prayers but if this phone has WiFi i’ll get this instead of the G1 I obviously first have to use it since everyone says Touchwiz could be way better etc etc.
    The behold was ok but i like that G1 but what I really want is the Touch Pro 2

  • SneakerFiend

    @Anthony: I’m currently on my 4th Wing. 3rd one i get within the last two months from my insurance company x_x
    I really want the Touch Pro 2 though that’s the deal breaker phone for me. Its coming out with a bigger screen and improved specs as well as WM 6.5 capable according to what Windows said in their release on WM 6.5 today at WMC

  • achilles

    Does anyone know the actual specs for this? Does it have an FM radio? How much internal storage does it have?

  • alt-mobile

    You know I have to say that I am kind of impressed with the design of the phone…it seemed bulky in all of the pictures but now seeing an actual video of it looks nice…

    Big ups to Tmo for not putting Wi-Fi on the phone but putting 3G…which pretty much forces most people who get this phone to get the 3G data plan…

    That’s some smart business…

    Can’t wait for more info on the Wing 2, Dash 2, and G2

  • -ray

    meh… I have seen too many nice phones from Barcelona that I want… They make this one seem obsolete now.. T-Mobile needs to show some HTC love and give us the Touch Pro 2….

  • QuestionAsker

    Do we need to pay monthly for this phone? (Data plan?)

  • QuestionAsker

    Are we require to pay monthly for this phone?**

  • Paul

    Data plan? Of course, duh. Did you think it’s free?

  • I want the Memoir!

    According to the Samsung Website “And for everyone who has been curious, we can now officially say that the Samsung Memoir will be available exclusively through T-Mobile USA for $299 beginning Feb. 25, 2009.”

    Find more information at Direct Link to Samsung News Room


  • $hiiiiiitttt

    I’m waiting………… l

  • I want the Memoir!


    Samsung memoir gets official with its very own samsung website! It’s name also appears in T-Mobile Rebate Center, making this almost certain to receive a discounted rebate price! GO T-MOBILE!

  • phonecritic

    Junk…..Samsungs are terrible. Their OS for “smartphones” is a joke. The browser on both the Behold and Memoir are awful. Worse than sidekicks. Who gives a crap about having an 8MP camera on a phone? Do people even use cameras on phones anymore? What’s the point,honestly? Anyway isn’t t-mobile supposed to ditch samsung and replace their products with LG’s? I know for a fact that they are planning to launch a whole buncha Android devices. In fact they wanna make Android their primary OS cuz its way more solid than WinMo or Blackberrys. The Memoir is useless. I’ll be surprised if more than 50,000 sell