Open Comment Friday!


Well its that time again, open comment Friday where you may talk about anything, everything or nothing. It’s been a fairly exciting week in the T-mobile world, starting with the launch of the 8900 and its quick sell out. Sidekick 2009 rumors are heating up and frankly, they can’t come fast enough to give this much appreciated yet recently maligned stalwart of the T-mobile lineup a much needed boost in design and features. I’m definitely one of those people who loves a convergence of gadgets and yesterday brought the great news of Telenav sneaking onto the G1 later this month. Behold and Memoir fans are certainly going to be keeping an eye on next week’s Mobile World Congress to see what this whole Touchwiz upgrade is all about. Don’t forget this weekend is marked by the removal of activation and upgrade fees for qualifying purchases. 

Ok, talk amongst yourselves!

Happy Valentines Day to you and your loved ones!

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  • Cant wait for the memoir. Does anyone know if tmobile has or will cripple the browser on it

  • I have a quick question regarding the memoir… does anybody know if the data plan is going to be a required feature. i know some cell phone companies req. that you have a data plan… i hope not. but if anybody knows anything please let me know

  • John

    pretty sure you’ll need a data plan to upload pictures to the hosting services.

  • bill

    memoir will need data plan for smartphone web, browser is the same as the behold, nothing has been taken out, every feature of the behold plus photo specific features for the 8mp camera, any other ?’s feel free to ask

  • MarkoPolo

    Any rumors on Garmin’s new phones coming to T-mobile?

  • Is the screen on the memoir bigger than the behold’s?

  • Pythagoras

    The Memoir looks cool and I am considering getting it, but it would be so embarrassing to have to tell people that your phone is called the “Memoir”…

    Honestly, if I get it I will need to find out the model number so I can say that’s what I have, rather than that silly name.

  • Adam
  • jmts80

    I’m really bummed that Samsung wont be bringing an Android device anytime soon! I really want to get a new phone my Curve 8320 is getting old but nothing that T-mobile has interests me at all :(

  • WXman

    Paid apps. coming to G1 next week…this should be interesting. I wonder if the Memoir will have threaded text messaging?

  • lol my friend kept making fun the the name “Memoir” last night, and because of that I got the new Curve, which I am in love with..

    I named it Abby after the character in NCIS! go ahead and judge, I did..

  • shadowhinu

    That 8900 sold out like hotcakes, i wanted one bad

  • TMO-Jake

    model # for memior it t929 Pythagoras

  • timmada

    I wish other carriers had sites like this one.


  • David

    I’m still waiting impatiently for a Wing 2. Can’t wait till someone has some good and reliable info on it

  • Mike

    I want some more info on the G2!!!!

  • FILA

    Mannn, I don’t have a G1 but I really like it, but I also like these rumors of the Sidekick heating up, I also like that new Navi phone they just showed off, thats a free GPS option but it runs Windows Mobile. However Im a huge NOKIA fan and I would feel like Im betraying them by not gettin another NOKIA. Right now Im rocking my 5310 and I love it. But I like there new 5800 coming out, but dont now if Im to fond of that touchscreen to type. Thats where there new phone comes in at, the E72 I think, slider with a QWERTY. nice. Theres just so many options out there I just dont know. lol

  • the G2 is a rumor people i know high people in the company they are on a stand still to wheter to come out with another G device simply because they are Monitoring sales for the G1 as soon as the G1 plateaus in sales they will begin development for a G2 device.

  • Sunny

    About Blackberry 8900 and Blackberry flip..
    looks like At&T will also carry it?????

  • Only tmobile developers are currently using the G2 device but from a sales stand point coming out to the public.. expect to wait a couple of months maybe a year before they come out with another device.. lets put it like this when apple releases a new iphone besides the 3g then tmobile will step in and start releasing more info on another G device until then enjoy the upcoming phones that have been released and are set to be released.

  • gah242s

    All of those are pretty, but they still don’t have the functionality of my ancient Tungsten T5. Doing a bluetooth pairing to a basic 3G phone, such as T-Mobile’s Nokia 3555, and it’s got everything without being locked down. The G1 is pretty cool, but why can’t I just sync with Outlook? The iPhone has some nice UI features, but I can’t just do a quick sync or store documents on it? Come on manufactures! What happened to giving it your all and letting the customer realize what is good and real? The closest thing to a decent available phone out there seems to be the Nokia E71. Unfortunately, the only data network it doesn’t play nicely with is T-Mobile. :-(

  • Buster

    Any idea when the Sidekick 2009 with 3G will be available? Is T-Mobile going to have other phones that have both 3G and Wifi?

  • mingkee

    T-Mobile should introduce Total Plans to counter the competition
    $70 Total Plan include
    600 mins
    nights and weekends (or m2m with weekends only)
    10 MyFaves
    unlimited messaging
    10GB data (G1, tethering, web2go, SK, BIS all in one, BES plus $10)

  • freeQwnC

    Does the Blackberry 8900 require a data plan?

  • IwantFlash4myG1

    So I know if I rooted my G1 I could download all this but why should I have to Root my phone to begin with. I paid almost 400 bucks for it and it doesnt even auto rotate. It didnt come with a soft keyboard. Where are the widgets? Its a good phone but I get more dissapointed by the day. What we need in the App store are flash lights and tip cacluators. OMG seriously! Is this what OHA and a open source OS is good for bullshit crappy apps? Out of all the apps that are on the market like 10 are worth the download. Also am i wrong but is there still no way to download apps to you sd card? wtf seriously. I would have rather stuck with my shadow a few more months while GOOGLE, HTC and T-Mobile actually FINISHED this 400 dollar mistake. You suck

  • It requires a data plan for email and internet

  • Does anybody know how they will charge for Apps now that the Android Market is accepting paid applications?
    Will it go to our T-Mobile bill, or???

  • Does anyone know if the samsung memoir has a bigger screen than the behold?

  • Ore

    @freeqwnc. You don’t hve to get a plan for the 8900 if you don’t want to, however, if you don’t, you won’t be able to go online. You will have an expensive organizer.

  • Rogbear

    WTF Why did RIM do it again by only shipping 5 phones to each store. This sucks royally……

  • dennis

    sure would have been nice if the ole magenta would have thought ahead and realized that the 8900 might be a big seller. if they would not have dropped the ball on that i wouldnt have to wait until god knows when they put it back on the employee list

  • bill

    very reliable source, g2 coming summer, memoir and behold have the same screen size no difference at all, the business presale wiped out the stock of 8900’s, pay apps will be applied to your t-mo bill

  • bill

    @freeqwnc your 8900 will only be good for data over wifi connection

  • bill

    @iwantflash4myg1 does the iphone have flash yet? flash on a mobile phone is simply put, not that easy, it’s not htc google or t-mo crippling the device, flash on any phone that is released especially a data device is always a top request but implementing that request is more challenging then you think!

  • Release ate for the 2009 expect it to be around May-july either months could be its release date. Remeber Sidekick’s purpose is to attract the younger crowd so it could be a possibly back to school deal.

  • mingkee

    the problem is:
    the current SK data price is too expensive, even IM can be done over data (internet, which can save TONS of text), and it’s enough to kill gold egg laying goose
    I see the presence of SK is declining, replaced by G1 and TM506 (both are top-selling phones)

  • GlockBuster

    I heard from a little birdie that T-Mobile is getting the XpressMusic 5800 in summer. Any chance its true?

  • i had our Nokia rep come in and he was talking about the 5800 but he said it all depends on how sales for the 5310 and 5610 been that determines whether tmobile will jump on the 5800.

  • jdslim

    No paid aps are not being billed by T-Mobile. You will have to set up a shop google account similar to paypal. T-Mobile is not going to get involved with that mess. All refunds and credits will be done by either google or apps dev’s not T-Mobile. Ask any dev and they will give you the same answer

  • jeffrey

    It’s funny to read all these comments about phones people are drooling for. That’s at least partially because the only useful 3G phone TMo offers is the awkward-looking G1, and TMo’s choice of 3G frequencies means we can’t use anybody else’s unlocked phone for 3G on TMo. TMo has anemic equipment, which is nothing more (or less) than dumb marketing, which means that in a couple of months, when my contract runs out, I’ll probably buy a 3G phone like a Nokia E63 and sign up with ATT. Same price but fewer minutes for what I want but that’s the tradeoff for a much larger array of equipment.

  • FILA

    Oh My God, please T-Mobile bring the 5800, its already up for Pre-Sales in the states now, its 400, I dont want to buy an unlocked for that much yet if I dont have to. That and I want a chance to play with it. Im rocking my 5310 now and love it, everybody just go out and buy a 5310 for the hell of it, its a great phone so we can get the 5800. My contract is up in July

  • SneakerFiend

    Im going to get a G1 but not through contract extension. Why??? Because t-mobile has been pissing me off ever since the first year passed after no Wing replacement.
    Second i would’ve had a iPhone 3G on t-mobile if t-mobile had the same frequency as at&t.
    Third im considering the memoir but then again i want a phone i can use and that touchwiz OS thats out right now sucks ass.

  • Does anyone know the announced pricing on the memoir?

  • The 5800 is not being released through any carrier as if now i spoke to our Nokia representative and he made a couple phone calls to be assured of this The 5800 will only be available via bestbuy or your unlock phone retailer sorry guys.

  • As for the Wing II it being planned to be released via 3G with a upgraded Windows Mobile, Wifi, and a possible 3.0 megapixle camera but theres probably sticking with the 2.0 its under debate this is as much info i could leak out as if now and its release date is expected between August to November and from what i have been told Microsoft is really stepping hands into this device. Knowing some big people in the industry pays off. I hope this helps.

  • freeQwnC

    How much is the data plan for Blackberry 8900?

  • L.G

    When will they be releasing the new TouchWiz software?? Or are they gonna even release it to the Beholds??

  • Well when i had my blackberry curve i paid 25 dollars for internet, email, and instant messaging.

  • TMOemployee

    It REALLLY annoys me how people come to TmoMews just to say how much they love AT&T. I love T-Mobile, that’s why I come to a website for T-Mobile News and why I DON’T go to “ATTnews”. If you love AT&T so much, GREAT, go visit a site for AT&T. I also hate the customers who call customer care and say they want the iphone but with our monthly pricing. We don’t have the iphone, no amount of complaining will not get you an iphone from T-Mobile. If you want an iphone and you want what AT&T has to offer, it’s simple… GO TO AT&T. I vow to not beg you to stay, infact please go to AT&T. We want to keep loyal, friendly customers but the one’s who call monthly wanting credit after credit and making empty threats to leave if we don’t meet your demands, GO! That’s my comment.

  • Dude its retail, everyone is entitled to there say on what they want.. Doesnt mean there going to get it but hey honestly i work in a retail store and i ahve customers with their ancient plans what do you have to offer me that ATT doesnt i pay 30 bucks for 1500 minutes and blah blah well if they want theyll switch if no.. then so be it, i always tell them when voicestream existed theres customers with those types of plans too.. but with time things change, now dont get mad and complain about what people have to say about ATT if they want a Iphone let them pay 400-800 for one to unlock it for tmobile w/e its there choice. I honestly dont care if its a sell its a sell i nmy book even if they bring there own Device. Just remember Ignorance is bliss.

  • ciocpa

    TMOemployee – If you don’t like working with customers, why don’t you change jobs. Sure, we’d all like to work only with “friendly” people, but that’s not the real world.