It's alive!!!



This really goes without saying, as we’ve had the pleasure of launch date fununboxing photos, guessing games for pricing and fun little contests. Since I know those who really want the phone have already stopped reading and headed over to the T-mobile site, rest assured the phone is up, alive and available to order. It’s go time! Even if it does lack a certain 3G like quality, there is little question this phone will be a big hit and we hope it can give Blackberry a boost in the smartphone market. So go now, order…


  • Still not available for employees though, smh.



  • Chris

    The rebate seems to be a joke for existing customers, can someone explain what i am reading on tmobiles website about the rebate? I ordered my 8900 and qualified for the 199$ which came with the rebate form (was charged 300$) now the rep even told me i would get the rebate but im reading “EXISTING CUSTOMERS HAVE TO ADD A NEW LINE TO QUALIFY” wtf!!!

  • NickyHilton

    Yay! FINALLY! I’m going to get this phone tomorrow morning!!!!

  • tmo-jake

    Call the tmo rebate center 877-311-8853 All rebate offers have the same contact number. Rebate Center hours are 7:00 a.m. – 9:00 p.m. 7 Days a week (CT)

  • Keebler

    Boney, I checked both upgrade and the employee site, same deal. Still no avail yet!

  • Leslie

    People this phone is the BEST, i have had it for 2 weeks now and i still cant stop touching it every second… Its worth it….
    I LOVE MY 8900!!!!

  • tom

    I use a Curve 8320. I don’t see any reason to fork over $200 for a “better display”. Mine is pretty darn nice. I will wait the 6 months and look for the BB with Wifi and 3G. This 8900 really does nothing more than the original does. If you want something really new stop over to Verizon and pick up one or two BB Storms for $99.

  • Thank You Tom… I do not know what the big hype about this blackberry is.. What they add 1.2 megapixels to the camera and video recoding capabilities and its a new phone???? Come on Tmobile needs to step it up. Verizon Comes out with the Blackberry Storm, AT&T the BB Bold, Sprint the walkie talkie Blackberry… and tmobile does this? Same thing with the shadow… I hope the Memoir is not a letdown =(

  • James

    Ho hum..another 2G Blackberry. Why does tmobile even bother to release phones that are not 3G?

  • why do ppl even buy blackberries, i think its just a hearsay thing and a bunch of ppl (minus you guys) that dont know jack about phones. bb’s are like ugghh to me and nothing ever changes. just the way the o.s. looks. but if thats what you guys want i hope you have a lot of fun using it.

  • nick

    I think it’s just another business fad. Gotta have a black berry! Otherwise, those other junior execs won’t take you seriously.

  • SeeMore

    So with a new contract it looks like you can get the phone at Amazon for 49.00 or at letstalk for 0.01 (one cent). If you are existing t-mobile contract holder you get to extend your contract for 2 years and pay only $399.00. Wow what a deal (please read as much sarcasm in that as you can). Has anyone had any luck beating up a T-mobile Rep to get a better deal on an upgrade?

    Thanks and have a great day!

  • Elias

    I agree in that this is an underwhelming, but overhyped release. I have an 8820 that does nearly everything this does. No way the camera, headphone jack, improved display, faster processor & higher memory warrant $400 for existing customers like me, especially in this economy. I’ll wait until 3G version comes out.

  • Mjs232

    I tried calling retentions at midnight last night and again at 8am EST this morning. They did not have retentions pricing out yet. The lady said that she ws going to call me when she got the pricing (I won’t hold my breath). She did warn me right away though that there was a high demand for the phone and that it might be out of stock by the time I got around to ordering.

  • Queen4111

    Hmm… I’ll wait until the price drops to $99.

    That way, I can sign up for a 1 year contract for $149.00 dollars! :)

    I don’t do 2 years..NEVER AGAIN!!!!!

  • I personally am not a big blackberry fan. It was not cool when i had my 8320 and other guys in the office had their windows mobile phones.. I was a little jealous that mine didnt have the excel, word etc. programs, or not being able to watch youtube videos. I am not dogging Blackberry devices, just think they are way over hyped…

  • so what about the ppl who dont use email or even have a data and just have the phone because its a blackberry they dont even know why they have the phone. and ppl dont let my comment stop you from bying it if you want it, i’m just wondering why ppl like that corny o.s. the mobile internet stinks on a bb, theres hardly any developing being done it (well at least not like its supposed to be) and frankly the designs haven’t changed in a while. why ppl, why.

  • MadProfessor

    I’m not sure what SeeMore and Elias are talking about $400 for existing customers. It’s the same $200, after a $100 rebate, to upgrade as it is for a new customer. You must not be eligible for your 2 year upgrade discount.

  • tipster

    TIP: Amazon is selling the 8900 with 2-year contract for $49.99 with mail in rebate. No Joke.

    question to all you more experienced people.. how reliable is ordering phone service through… I just don’t want a bad experience like people are getting thru let’s talk.

  • Coco

    So all you guys that are talking about how awful the blackberry is as a device, what are you getting instead. Not like tmobile has a bunch of options for nice phones.

  • mykeb

    why is everyone whining i have this device and its amazing i could not stand the lag on the curve, i couldn’t stand blurry pictures and i couldn’t stand waiting 5 minutes for a app to install which now happens instant. If your contempt with your phone cool but don’t bring others joys down if you don’t want to fork over money if you got it you got.

  • MrIzzy

    Ugh! It’s not available for employees!! These liars said it would be available Feb 11th for customers and employees. Best place to work?? Yeah right.

  • Moe

    Def not worth it. Booooo!!

  • Jenavive

    @ Tom: The 8900 is not only a better display, it also includes:

    1) GPS and WiFi
    2) More memory (for more apps RIM is releasing along with 3rd party ones)
    3) Much faster procesor (less lags and freezes)
    4) Improved Cammy
    5) Improved browser and media player
    6) Lighter, thinner sleeker form factor

    I agree that it’s not the smartest device on the block, but a great looking alternative with enough smarts and perks that most users would enjoy.

    The 3G BB from T-Mo will come, but not soon enough.

  • SeeMore

    I called Customer Care and they were able to get me two UPGRADE phones for 179.00 each and spread one of the phones over 4 payments for me. So now looking forward to getting these great phones in the next few days. Enjoy, I hope this info helps some of you that are wondering about the upgrade options.

  • TomCruise

    i used to be apprehensive about blackberries as i had been a winmo user for long. but in january i gave in and bought a curve.

    there were a couple reasons for this:
    1) i was looking to upgrade my phone but tmobile didn’t have any winmo device worth upgrading to
    2) tmobile was offering curve at $100 for a 1 yr contract which seemed a good price for a new phone (obviously as they wanted to clear inventory for 8900)

    anywho, i am happy with my purchase. there are a number of free or cheap apps that are available for blackberries that one can use. for e.g.
    – bolt browser was recently released which makes web surfing easy.
    – youtube support is available
    – i got a freeware j2me vnc that’s a handy little tool etc.

    RIM too has been providing an upgraded OS since mid 2008 which comes with Documents to go (word, excel, powerpoint).

    i don’t miss being on winmo at all. i am not putting winmo down, if a better winmo device surfaces tomorrow on tmobile, i may upgrade.

    but please, don’t put blackberries down. these creatures have evolved.

  • drivethruboy168

    All you people getting all pissy about the price and how bad you think Blackberry’s are! I’ve never had a WM phone but all the complaints and trouble shooting I do on them, even European models, I don’t even want to bother. Android… Great! Blackberry… Great! Symbian…. Great! This blackberry isn’t just a replacement, everybody always comes to the store asking doe your blackberry’s have gps, we show them the 8820, they see it doesn’t have a camera, and a 2.5 mm headphone jack and they go elsewhere! Not only in the 8900 is the processor bigger, but the screen is bigger, buttons are not as clicky and plasticy as the 8320, the resolution is amazing, the gps you can either use Blackberry maps, or telenav, and it’s soo awesome to not have to pull the battery 4 times a day! The 512 Mhz is treating me good, the browser is A LOT better! I don’t have to download Opera Mini! And it does do YouTube! The zooming capabilities are a lot better and you can even zoom in the video camera mode. And when you put it in your hand it just feels like the greatest phone ever! Soo stop complaining on how it’s too expensive! Remember when the 8320 cam out?? It was $300 after rebate!!! To have this be $200 after rebate is awesome! I will be using this and the Samsung Memoir as my 2 phones. And by the way, you won’t be disappointed on the Memoir, the camera is awesome, the enchanced UI is even better. The touch screen is a lot better then the Behold, no lag on taking pictures. The only thing I’ll complain about would be the browser but I heard something about a software update after the relase to enchance the browser! Now I can’t wait till that cammy phone comes out! Now just sit back and relax as T-Mo releases the phone YOU want and stop critisizing what other people are waiting for! This is a great phone and I’ve had plenty! Go yo a store a see for yourself before you talk crap!

  • skullheadbonyhands

    i just wanted to spread the word… i called customer service and they transferred me to the loyalty department when i asked if they could match the walmart/let’s talk pricing. i ended up getting the phone for $179, but the rep also applied some sort of $80 “instant savings” which brought the total price down to $100 without having to deal with ANY mail-in rebates… i don’t know where the $80 discount came from, but here’s hoping that others out there can grab the same deal!

  • Elias

    Don’t get me wrong; I actually love Blackberry devices. My 8820 is my favorite phone so far, and I’ve had around 10 PDA phones going back to the Handspring Treo 300. The OS is VERY stable, the processor is fast enough for what I need it to do, and email is, of course, superb.

    I got tired of using the old Palm OS and form factor, and tired of tweaking & having to reset my Windows Mobile phones, and refuse to use to iphone, so for me, the BB is best.

  • nobody was ever dogging blackberry or the 8900 if you read correctly… insult was intended for Tmobile needing to step it up on the phones.. Yea i will agree the bb 8900 may be the best phone Tmobile has to offer… but outside of the tmobile world it wouldnt stand a chance in comparison to other carriers phones.. on the top 10 phones out there i may rank it… around 8ish… and pricing was never a factor.. i am a big believer in “you get what you pay for” but come on Verizon is currently offering a buy one get one free on its all touch screen Blackberry storm which is only priced at $199.99 after $50.00 mir… so how is it fair for tmobile to charge its loyal customers $199.99 for a slightly upgraded curve???? i am just going to leave it with equipment.. not even going to ask when tmobile is going to step it up on the network..

  • Anthony

    I had the same experience as some others so I wrote this to TMo.

    “I am dissapointed with your upgrade policy. I have been a customer from November 2006 and was looking forward to upgrade my phone with the new every two policy. Now I don’t know if I and my partner will stay with T mobile because of the “around the bush” pricing. Lower prices for only new accounts and forcing data plans for rebates are not incentives to upgrade. At your retail stores, Best Buy or even Amazon you have different prices depending on whether you’re changing service to Tmobile or an existing customer trying to upgrade a phone. I do not have a problems signing another 2 year contract. You have not made your price structures condusive to remaining loyal. Why should I stay with you when I can go to AT&T or Verizon and get thier New Customer Rate. I can go to Amazon and get a new HTC Fuse with AT&T service for $99.00. Why Should I Stay With Tmobile??? Make me want to stay.”

  • SpanDee

    @Mexdiesel –

    The 60 a month for two phones on BIS at least on VZW is way too scary. Hell for that price you shouldn’t have to pay for either….1500 bucks over the life of the contract just on the data….plus texting, calling, insurance?
    I literally put one hand on the 8900 and decided I’d buy it. Who cares about 3G, honestly, it’s a blackberry, not a G1 or a Touch Pro HD. And if you’ve ever used an edge device it’s not all that bad.

  • TomCruise

    i don’t know why people cry on and on about tmobile’s network! whats wrong with it?

    i get crystal clear calls everywhere i go. i have never had lost signal in the last over 2 years.

    only time i have seen issues is when i speak with friends of mine who are on at&t. garbled calls and dropped calls. and this is not in middle of nowhere, its in chicago. there have been instances where we’ve been in a grocery store where i get full bars on tmobile and everyone who i know on at&t has no signal in that entire store.

    and lets not talk about 3G, if a regular call is dropped in middle of a big city, would a connection to web survive???

  • @SpanDee

    I would not mind paying 29.99 a month for an unlimited data plan that is worth it it is a whole whopping what $120 a year difference than tmobile 19.99 data plan?… i would say tmobile’s network is 3x slower. so what you plan on getting a blackberry with tmobile just for a phone not web & email? If that is the case then maybe you shouldnt have a blackberry at all. So you can honestly tell me that you feel “valued” as a tmobile customer when Joe Schmoe can walk in off the streets and get a better deal on equipment than you can being a customer for 6 years? That is another thing with tmobile… u have to wait 22 months to get an upgrade, and you dont even get an additional discount off equipment… verizon allows you every twelve months if you pay more then $44.99 monthly. and if you dont you only have to wait 20 months for an upgrade instead of 22… and when you do wait 20 months u also get an additional up to $100 new every two credit off the device… so lets say i go get two blackberry storms from verizon and you go get two blackber 8900s from tmobile…if i dont want to pay the $30 a month for data plan.. i can upgrade in 12 months and get rid of the phone ha ha.. where you are stuck with the same device for 22 months… do you know how long that is?

  • tree

    This question is directed to all the T-Mobile reps. I’m about 11 months through my 24 month contract, is it possible that I can get this phone with some sort of discount other than $70 off with a two year extension? I’d hate to pay $430 for this phone and also be stuck with it for 3 years.

  • tmo-jake

    at max ur gonna be on contact for 2 yrs at a time its not 2 yrs ontop of ur current contract its 2 years from date of gettin the upgrade

  • personally i would never knock tmo, the network is fantastic it crystal clear customer service is great and they make good decisions and offer good services and plans as previously mentioned and i would never knock a tmo branded phone but i’ll knock blackberry, for some reason i just dont like them. most ppl who have a bb dont know what they have. guess its a personal thing. but seriously dont let me discourage what you guys want. ppl knocked the g1 and i still got it and i know ppl are gonna knock the wing 2 because some ppl dont like winmo or htc, but i tell you what i dont care whats in it or what is wrong with it or even how much it costs, im still getting it.

  • Rpmnole

    Ordered mine today after talking to customer loyalty… $179 shipped.

  • That Guy

    Don’t hang your hat on the Verizon’s “New every 2” offer. Do some research, that’s getting flushed. They were the first to offer it, but no other major carriers jumped on board, and now they’re bailing too.

  • @thatguy

    WWOOWWW… Yeah they are balling too huh? Had to combine to major companies and are still 2nd place on the list… Nobody will ever top Verizon. Service wise, phone wise, they may beat their cust service and price plan pricing… but “you get what you pay for” .. and the ne2 discount is not being flushed sir.. trust me i should know

  • DIVA

    Been with tmobile since 2001. They NEVER gave me problems with coverage. We move from city to city and I never once considered leaving and going to a new provider. I have the G1 but I would definitely LOVE to get a new blackberry. Everything is efficient and email works as it should. Browser needs to be improved, though. I hope tmo continues releasing better phones this year!

  • Vickie

    you just summed up everything I wanted to say !!!

  • Tournstone

    For me, T-Mobile service in my area is better than AT&T’s. “More bars in more places…” is what the AT&T executives hit during the average work week.

    This is my first Blackberry. I’ve had it two weeks now. I’ve used an IPhone, WinMo, Symbian phones before. I was using a Nokia E71, which is still my all around best phone. I got this because my contract was up and thought I’d give it a try. I sent back a G1 last month and was expecting to not like this 8900 either.
    Generally, I do not like this device. The UI is absolutely horrible and empty. I just feel such a void when I am trying to use it. Available software? Forget it! Versatility? NONE (see software)! only one alarm for the clock??!?! AWW COME ON!! no (Adobe) Flash?! and so many other little negatives that on a general stance, my E71 wins hands down.


    This 8900, I guess like most Blackberries, does one thing so AMAZINGLY well that after a couple week of use, I am keeping it. Messages, emails…ALL my emails…I MEAN ALL OF THEM!!!…FaceBook, MMS, SMS…its just really such a delight to have this so well maintained at my fingertips and ON at all times. And speaking of fingertips, the keyboard is so nice to work with, that in IMs, friends ask “are you back on your computer now?…” Camera quality is really quite good (coming from a Nokia E series though I guess anything is). With third party software, using it with a Mac and iTunes and keeping videos and photos and books and calendar and address book all nicely synced is manageable.

    Oh sure, I still cringe when I look at and/or use the OS, but I think this device has shown me what task I like using my mobile device for the most.

  • MLB1906

    I am going crazy waiting for this phone to come lol. And UPS has not updated my shipment status. All they can tell me at Customer service is that it was picked up at the warehouse and now it is up to UPS to update their system. Lawd Help me!!!!!

  • MLB1906

    Is anyone getting any word as to when this phone will come off of Back order and start shipping to customers again?