Blackberry 8900 pricing!


Not to be confused with yesterdays price regarding Best Buy pricing, this amounts to what you would pay should you walk into a corporate T-mobile location. Looks like pricing will be….drum roll….$299.99 with a 100.00 mail in rebate for a final price of…anyone…bueller…$199.99!! No word on pricing for upgrades but we believe, possibly, just maybe,  they may be one and the same…we’ll look to the comments for confirmation. 

As it stands, for just 2 Benjamin Franklins you can own yourself one of these very special blackberries. This has been a long time coming for non business customers and I know you are excited and hopefully this pricing will allow some of you to rest easy knowing you are less than 24 hours from go time!

Thanks TMO-Jake!

  • wow! david just beat every other blog side at corporate pricing for the curve 2. wicked………….do it up tmonews.

  • tmo-jake

    i helped hehe…

  • tmo-jake

    I keep up with most of the blogs and tmonews hits the first mark occasoinally!!

  • tmo-jake

    so full retail is gonna be 499.99 at tmo store….. and 1yr contract price is gonna be 349.99 with a 100 rebate final of 249.99

  • Arrow

    I just spoke with one of the few Best Buy stores that DOES carry T-Mobile (Mall of America regular store, not the separate Mobile kiosk). They said tomorrow’s $149.99 price is JUST for brand-new customers. We current customers will have to pay _$300_ !!!! OUCH!

    I hope he’s wrong, or that the T-Mo corporate stores have better prices. $150 I can justify. $200 is on the edge. But $300??? That makes me question my previous desire for the 8900.


  • Jesse

    $499.99 without a contract, but they knock off $70.00 for most customers I believe. Leaving it at $429.99. You can then ask them to split the payments to 4 installments….I ordered mine today and did just that. I sold my 8320 and just received the rebate for that phone. So after all I am only paying like $200.00 without a contract. 8900 gets here Friday, can’t wait.

  • Tito

    It would make logical business sense for Best Buy to rip off existing customers (no sarcasm)

    The reason is because Best Buy gets an activation commission from T-Mobile for new activations as well as data features added to the account. With upgrades, I believe they do get a commission, but not as much and the subscriber likely already has a data plan so no commission there. Now when you have a finite inventory, and you get more $$ off new activations in the long run, you want to cater to them. So this is just a matter of making it a lot more attractive to more profitable customers, as well as making up the difference directly from people who don’t shop around or call in to customer care.

    Considering Best Buy is not a dedicated cell phone shop, it makes business sense to me when you have a limited inventory. Why turn away a profitable customer because you’re out of stock due to selling to a not-as-profitable or even break-even customer.

  • wingtailwarrior

    I have to agree – it appears that TMO does not appreciate those of us who have been around for a long time (cell time that is).

  • Jimmy

    Hi I have already gotten the 8900 and it is $299 and only $199 after rebate.

    I was pissed when I heard $150 at Best Buy but then again I have had my phone for almost a month

  • does it matter about the price you going to buy it anyway

  • tmo-jake

    RIM Blackberry Curve 8900 Titanium

    . Wi-Fi and Mobile Calling

    . High Speed Internet

    . Internet and corporate e-mail

    Retail Price
    Instant Rebate
    Customer Price
    Mail-In Rebate
    Mail-In Rebate

    Upgrade Fee
    Final Price 2 Year

    1 Year

    No Contract


  • Chris

    Question…My contract is currently expired, so could I just leave t-mobile and then come right back as a new customer since I would no longer have a plan with them anymore?? That way I could get the $150 price.

  • Snakemann

    I knew the prices were going to be steep. So how is the EIP going to work w/ Flexpay? Does anyone have any idea how that is going to work?

  • Dan

    yes, but you would lose your phone number in the process.

  • Andrew

    EIP is not offered to Flexpay.

  • SpanDee


    Sounds like you just did a partial upgrade – there is no way you would get any discount without extending your contact.

  • John


    Unless things have changed, you have to have NOT been a T-Mobile customer for 90 days in order to be able to come back as a new customer. Even if you’ve been out of contract for a long time, the service itself has to have been completely ended for at least 90 days. I’ve heard of some people porting out their numbers to carriers with monthly contracts just so they can port back in 90 days later to get the new customer price.

  • Queen4111

    To: Chris,
    Call CARE (Customer Retention) and tell them that you are out of contract and you are shopping around for a NEW cell service. Mention about going to ATT for the Bold or VZW for the Storm and… BAM!

    They will cater to what you want to pay ($199).
    Plus, they will subtract the rebate right then and there so you don’t have to waste time sending it in.

    I’ve done that with the BB 8320.

  • Chris

    thanks for all the advice, Queen4111…sounds like a great plan.

  • Gabe

    I’m so annoyed. I’m a Retail Sales Rep and just called in to check see if i could upgrade to this. They are postponing if for employees til who knows when. I’ve been waiting for this phone for months!! And now i have to take a back seat while everyone else gets this!! Ugh!! Why T-Mobile Why??

  • SolGlow

    EIP Is Available For Flexpay customers. It depends on how much your EIP balance is.

    If you’re a Flex customer and you pay your bills on time your EIP will be $100. Meaning you can bill $100 to your acct.

    If you’re a Flex customer in poor standing (multiple suspension) then you’ll have $0 EIP.

    So yes, Flex does qualify for EIP.

  • tmo-jake
  • tmo-jake

    We just got our test 8900 here at work… It’s so freakin awesome!!!!

  • strokez

    they relocated where the 8900 was on the tmobile website. instead of at the dead bottom, its now 3 from the bottom.


  • Nice

  • Ore

    Ok, so I just placed my UPGRADE phone order through t-mobile. I was charged $245 for the phone and 3 days express shipping ($245 includes the tax) and I also got a $100 rebate which brings my upgrade to $145. AWSOM I am so excited. Come friday I will get to play with it! I have that day off!

  • HoOn

    I just checked the T-Mobile website and I still don’t see the 8900. Has anyone seen it on the website?

  • ivan

    @Ore: Strange, I have the upgrade price $430 with 2-year extension. Nor rebates or discounts :( I wonder how this can be.

  • Ore

    I dont know what to tell you. maybe you should say no, then, call and try another csr. I think they have the power over the pricing when it comes to the device. BTW if you go to Sams Club for example, you can get it for $300 for an upgrade…

  • rich b

    I just tried to order the new curve through tmobile customer service, and they told me they can not do an upgrade or even sell me this phone outright, it was not in their system… anyone have this problem? any way around it?

    i have a dealer line… thanks