Guessing the Memoir release date…


While we’ve been sticking with the February 25th release date for the Samsung Memoir for a few weeks now, the latest edition of the T-mobile scoop has given rise to another possible delay. Noticeably printed at the bottom are the words: “Find your Samsung Memoir at My T-mobile or T-mobile stores in March.” While all (available) official documentation still points to a Feb 25 release date, judging by the number of emails received in the past few days, this scoop phrasing has some people increasingly impatient for their 8 megapixel fix. 

I wonder if the 25th isn’t still the release date, it’s a soft launch and March starts the real hype. Look for it in March sounds conscipicously like it will be available in March, and doesn’t necessarily mean it has to LAUNCH in March. Of course, thats the conspiracy theorist in me and I have no grassy knoll support for such a claim. Regardless, we know the phone exists which is more than can be said during the Dream, Kila, and eventually named G1 hype where it was all so secretive and hush hush. So if its February 25th or March 6th, this bad boy still has 8 megapixels of love to give and digital cameras to crush around the world so look for it soon…hopefully. 

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Thanks to everyone who has sent this in!