Blackberry 8900 as it turns out, is pretty popular



While we had gotten emails all day reporting most retails stores saw only shipments of 5, that’s right, count em 5 8900’s in store inventory, the boys at engadgetmobile actually went one step further with a statement direct from the mothership regarding the limited inventory. 

“Presales of the BlackBerry Curve 8900 from T-Mobile have been robust, and we continue to experience strong demand through launch. Due to its popularity, quantities may be limited in some stores, and we are working to meet the strong demand. The Curve 8900 is also available online at, and by calling 1-800-T-MOBILE. We’re pleased to see our customers’ excitement for the thinnest, lightest full-QWERTY BlackBerry on the market.”

Straight from magentas mouth, as it turns out this little Blackberry, even without 3G is quite the big seller. No surprise coming from this blogger with all the hype surrounding the launch. While limited quantities is bad news, its great news to know that demand is high hopefully T-mobile can gain some momentum with this device.

So….who bought it??


  • alt-mobile

    first to comment…

    I didn’t buy it although I really wanted to…only thing is that the bberry data plan is kinda pricey in my eyes…I heard rumors of being able to go around it (via a proxy server like you do with the Wing, Dash, etc…) but can’t find any concrete support about this…anyone know anything about this?

  • G-Mobile

    Wish i could…found out from T-Mobile rep yesterday at about 6 that the release of 8900 to employees has been delayed indefinitely. I’m pretty frustrated considering T-Mobile had the February 11th release up on internal sites til the last second. I want my Curve!!

  • tmo-jake

    sorry to my knowledge there is no proxy bypass for the bb

  • Dave

    I agree with alt-mobile. Also, seeing the economic structure of today, I don’t even know why T-Mobile would do that to their data plans, and considering they we’re the most value, less expensive carrier, so much for that…..

  • tmo-jake

    well tmo is still the best for value when it comes to the addon for BB at 34.99 for unlimited text data and email

    verizon is 44.99

    att is 30.00 for bb addon for data and wmail alone then add 20.00 for unlimited text to total 50.00

    so tmobile is still far better than bot

  • ew

    I bought it, but had to place an order through “Fulfillment” since the downtown Seattle sold their 5 phones in 5 minutes after store opening.

  • Arrow

    I can verify the limited quantity issue. During the course of my day, (to make a long story short) I had reason to call some local MN stores. 5 here, 10 there, 3 there, 5 there, all sold out very quickly.

    I was the proverbial “squeeky wheel” this morning (02-11-09) at 5:50-ish AM CT. I had misunderstood the $300 – $100 = $200 price, and in the course of that and other conversation_S_ with the “Saves Dept.” or “Customer Loyalty Dept.”, I _EVENTUALLY_ managed to order it for $150 ($168.69 w/ ship & tax) split over four month’s payments. Given the nature of my initial misunderstanding, I doubt that many others will get the same deal.

    Anyone know where to get the Blue Jel Skins?


  • kiltedchef

    I ordered mine @ 7:10PST Wednesday morning. The rep was a bit spaced out but got it done in short order. I was going to do it in store but with Vday just a couple of days away I figured that putting it on my April bill would be better. Shipped it express and should have it Friday. Went into the store and checked it out on Tuesday and can say that YES it is very sexy and I love the screen!! So much clearer and the speaker is great as well. Just have to get that 8gig sdhc card, jel skin and jabra dog tag BT device and my phone will be complete, at least for a couple of months -M

  • Bree70

    We sold out within 10 minutes. Called all our sister stores and they had sold out too. Next shipment is 02/18.

  • SK

    Yawn! Even if I did switch to Blackberry why would it if it does not have 3g. T-mobile is really beginning to annoy me now.

  • Queen4111

    I wish TMO would bring the Email only add-on for $9.99 back!

  • Jay

    in response to alt… tmobile technically didnt raise the price for the inet… they just bundled text and inet together… at the same price it is if u bought them seperately… so stop ya whining… u would have paid the same price either way it went…

  • spum

    I don’t understand why this phone is so popular. Other than appearances, it’s pretty much the same thing as the Curve. I’ll pass on this one and wait for a 3G Blackberry.

  • Pythagoras

    to me the phone looks cool, but i just don’t like the fact of paying blackberry each month to process my data. i can’t believe this is acceptable to people – maybe cause they don’t know

  • mmm I think the pricing is fine. I pay right now like $111.00 a month with all the taxes and junk, that includes Unlimited Web Browsing, and Unlimited text messaging, and mobile to mobile.

  • Jdslim

    The phone is popular, it is so popular in fact that it’s tmobile annouced do to demand of phone it won’t be available to employees. Now Tmobile still offers email the 9.99 email add on you must ask for it. Its a special promo addon and is not advertise.

  • Dan Forsee

    I had it ad had to return it. Manager at store didnt even know how to turn it on.

  • @spum

    Thank you god!!!! at least i know i am not the only one that does not see a difference betweent he curve and 8900… what 1.2 megapixels more on the cam, video recording… i checked the size on tmobile webisite… and as far as weight is the same, sligtly like thinner im talking .01… can somebody please explain the difference to me besides $100 difference?

  • Vickie

    OMG Why are people complaining about this? If you don’t want the phone then don’t buy it; plain and simple. Don’t try to dicourage other people from buying STFU. The price for the data plan is fine and actually cheaper than most other companies. So what trying to figure out the difference between the curve and the 8900..SO WHAT!!!!! You took the time out to comment on a post about a phone that you “say” you won’t buy but yet you continue to talk about it. Some people kill me!!!!
    Me myself, I have had every BB phone under tmobile as well as the wing, the dash, the g1, 2 sidekicks and some other phones which mean I have mostly dealt with EDGE as opposed to 3G so to me, in my coverage area I don’t see a difference in between the two even though I know there is one. If you want a 3G blackberry, how about you leave tmobile and go to another carrier instead of wasting your time complaining about what tmobile don’t have.

  • achilles

    The 8900 is an awesome phone, but to really put it over the top, it needs to offer full flash support in the web browser. So many web sites use it that it should be standard on html mobile browsers.

  • HoOn

    it’s confirmed! Every T-Mo store I called near me in NYC and at home in NJ is out of stock! wow!

  • J

    The complaining is ridiculous. Most of these statements are based on some paper-based comparison that is completely arbitrary. Have you used the phone and are thus able to compare it to the old curve in a much more refined way? Beside, I do not understand what the expectation is here. It’s a new version of the curve. It’s not supposed to be revolutionary by any means. Those yearning for the storm need to understand that is a completely different device and thus the comparisons to this device are unwarranted. Now, the complains about the browser and 3G are much more reasonable, and highlight the shortcomings of the device.

  • luke

    Princeton, NJ Best Buy had 6 yesterday. When I got there at 5pm, they had 5. I bought one, battery was dead. Returned it at 9pm, and they had 3 left. 149.95…best deal!

  • Mitch

    All those saying the only difference between the curve and the 8900 is 1.2 mp obviously havent used the phone. I had the curve for about a year and loved the phone, but i got the 8900 and the curve seems like a childs toy now. For starters it has real GPS, It has about 4x the internal memory (64mb to 256mb on the 8900) the processor speed is twice as fast, the screen is almost twice the resolution ( i have never seen a phones screen that looks this amazing) the browser loads pages significantly faster and they look a million times better than the original curves. And to all those bitching about no 3g. go look up some reviews on the 8900. Crackberry directly compared page loading times from edge on the 8900 to the bolds 3g. Wallstreetjournal loaded in 13 sec on 3g bold and 14 secs on edge 8900. NYT loaded in 7 sec on 3g bold vs 8 sec on edge 8900. Sure there are still advantages to 3g over edge but id take better battery life over a couple seconds faster load pages anyday. All the advantages cannot be put into words. It is an awesome replacement for the old curve and i think majority of you would agree if you just used one for a while.

  • TMO-Jake

    totally agree with u mitch!!

  • Sanjay

    Vickie: Instead of asking us to leave T-mobile (magenta may take exception to that) if we don’t like the phone how about you leave the forum if you don’t like us complaining. That attitude sucks. Its like the “if you don’t like what the government is doing then go live in another country” logic we have heard for the past 8 years. This forum is to express what we think. If the 8900 is as fast as the 3g Bold then have you considered that maybe the 3g Bold is not as fast as it should be? Is T-mobile deploying 3g because it should be faster or not? I want T-mobile to succeed because I like their customer service, but they should know that if they don’t come out with good phones, high end users will eventually leave and in many families and groups the high end users are the ones that advise the rest of the clan on what to buy. To keep coming out with phones that don’t have 3g makes not sense.

  • I am with sanjay… everybody trying to defend tmobile needs to admit that they are way behind at&t and Verizon in phones & service.. the one thing they do have is customer service i will admit.. that it what has kept me a tmobile customer for so long.. i have less than half a year remaining on my contract.. if this memoir doesnt change my mind… verizon here i come!!!!

  • spum

    I think it’s funny that saying, “I’ll wait for the 3G version,” struck a nerve. Why are people so sensitive? It’s a cell phone. It’s not like I called your mom a slut and your kid ugly. Calm down.

  • SMA

    Hey, i never owned a blackberry before. But i think this is pretty nice phone. Just a question tho, how long does the older blackberry batteries last, cuz mine is at 2 bars rite now. But i have kinda used a heck out of it today…lol

  • Okay so I broke down and bought this phone last night. My tmobile store only got 5 in stock, and I bought the last one..

    Umm it’s really nice, I like it, one caveat::

    I have no cell reception in my apartment. It’s horrible, my last cell phone had reception, and this one doesn’t.. weird, I have to stand or sit next to a window to send text messages.

    mmmm that’s my only problem, albeit a major problem, I am not sure if I am keeping the phone, it has all the features I want and like, just no reception in my home. And yes I no about Tmobile @ Home service.. but I feel that if I just bought a $300.00 phone, then I shouldn’t have to buy another service to boost the signal.

  • spum

    I’ve noticed that the reception in Blackberries is not as good as the reception in other phones. It’s not just the 8900. Side by side, my Curve is not as good as the G1, Nokia 5310, Nokia 5610, or most Motorolas. It’s not a big deal to me because there is wifi everywhere that I don’t get reception.

    You don’t have to pay for the UMA service. Your phone will connect to wifi regardless of whether or not you have the @home service. Your calls wil be billed the same way as if you were connected to a cell tower. Paying for the service gives you unlimited wifi calling. You don’t need to pay for wifi calling though.

  • Dfw2146972

    I was one of the lucky ones to get the phone when it came out on 2/11, and I must say that the phone didn’t disappoint. It has GPS, MSOffice, and YouTube support, for starters, which is an improvement in and of itself. Peepz are complaining about 3G, but with UMA and the Opera Mini browser, it makes up for it. And once the 3G network is up in more areas, it’s. safe bet that a 3G BB won’t be too far behind.

  • Lex

    Why complain about 3g? Tmobile’s 3g network hasn’t even made it to most cities. And if it’s anything like the AT&T 3G network then I wouldn’t want it. Everyone I know with AT&T talks about how their 3g drops down to EDGE all the time, the calls drop frequently. Who cares.

  • digitalangel

    I placed an order for the 8900 with Tmobile on Thursday the 12th and the phone is in stock. Today, the phone is on back order and they can’t cancel the order or let me get my full upgrade at a store location until i receive the phone which will be between march 4 and 10th. Absolutely ridiculous.

  • David

    Ordered my 8900 on Wednesday. Was told yesterday that I would not receive it before Feb 23rd at the earliest. WTF?! Does anyone knows what’s going on? Lame logistics from T-Mobile!!!!

  • Mr Pibb

    Has anyone else had problems installing Google Maps, GMAIL, or Yahoo Go! on their 8900? So far I have not been able too. I think T-Mobile is blocking these apps, which makes no damn sense. Why pay for 2, 3, $400 for a phone, only to have them block some of the most popular apps out there?

  • Mr Pibb

    FYI – Okay, spoke to soon….I was able to get Google Maps to load, via RIM website. They suggested going to That took me to a d/l page that installed the app normally. Works great! As for the other apps I’m still trying….

  • Mutz

    I called about my order way back on launch date (store had sold the 5 they had in 1 second once they opened the door) and was told they would not know anything about the status of my order till the 24th. I am getting the feeling that I will not have my phone until almost a full month after launch date.

  • Dougie

    My 8900 is waiting for me in bed when I get home to Florida for spring break tonight
    exciting =)

  • Lori

    It’s probably not your phone getting bad reception, it’s T-Mobile’s coverage. Call CS, threaten to switch service providers because of this and they’ll give you a Cel fi signal booster

  • Lori

    It’s probably not your phone getting bad reception, it’s T-Mobile’s coverage. Call CS, threaten to switch service providers because of this and they’ll give you a Cel fi signal booster