Samsung Android delayed, no preview next week



Well, we know its coming, we just had some hopes we might actually see what’s coming next week. As it turns out, the negotiations according to the head of Samsung’s mobile division are still ongoing and we can interpret that as, nothing is actually available yet to show off. 

“…Younghee Lee, head of marketing at Samsung’s mobile device division, said there will be no Android phone at the show, but they are “planning internally” for a release in the second half of the year. She said the company is in negotiations with a number of operators about taking a Samsung-designed Android phone.”

We know the anticipation of the T-mobile faithful for future Android devices and judging by the emails, comments on the blog and forum, the “G2” design isn’t exactly winning everyone over. Hopefully, Samsung will take this extra time to really give customers what they want, be it a beautifully crafted touchscreen device with Android or a slimmer, sexier variant of the G1. Either way, we will be eagerly anticipating a Samsung Android edition to the T-mobile line up as promised and can’t wait to see what they unveil…whenever they actually do so.

The Guardian via Mobilecrunch

  • ChampagneDreams

    Come on I cant wait that long!lol i really want to see what this phone looks like.and it better be good since we’re waiting so long for it.

  • achilles

    How long will it take for Samsung and Nokia to realize that they will sell a huge number of phones by simply doing 3 things:
    1. Make a phone with all the connectivity and abilities of the nokia n96, but also with built in fm transmitter and 120 fps video recording.
    2. Add All 3G bands, not just 850/1900/2100, but also 1700!
    3. Put Android on it.
    Bam! Money would rain from the skies when they realize that 1. Not everyone has ATT 3G
    2. Android + good hardware = Happiness!

  • Pythagoras

    Agreed achilles. Will Samsung Android collect people’s personal info the same as the G1, or is that unique to Google?

  • mfabela

    preach achilles… ditto what achilles said!! maybe u should go work for t-mo achilles!

  • soviet
  • The Kid

    I had a samsung rep come in last week and he showed the 2009 line up to us and its going to be legen….wait for it…DARY! Everything samsung is coming out with this year is nice. The “Houdini” is the code name for the android. They also have a sidekick esk phone also. and a low tier touch screen also.