Telenav GPS coming to the T-mobile G1


While I normally stay away from individual application reviews for the G1, I believe the prospect and announcement of full on turn by turn navigation for the G1 is absolutely post worthy. 

This morning Telenav announced that starting February 24th they would begin offering their turn by turn GPS services for the T-mobile based G1. With full color graphics, one-click rerouting, and more than 10 million points of interest, you’ll also get speech recognition, weather updates, traffic alerts and more! What is more you ask? Try business finder, gas by price, preplanned trips through the telenav site and sent directly to your phone, and restaurant reviews!

With a 30 day free trial, the telenav service will cost $9.99 a month after the trial period. Very not bad if you consider the overall cost of a gps unit offering similiar features could run $150 plus! Not to mention how much I would love to do away with the crappy suction cup Garmin provided for me and just carry and use one device. 

For the moment you’ll be able to take advantage of this awesome new service only through the Telenav website with an Android market launch expected later this year. 


Telenav website, sign up now for your free trial!

  • Ran

    $120/year is ok if you’re using the service all the time, otherwise it’s a rip….in my humble, yet correct opinion. :)

  • Paul

    “With a 30 day free trial, the telenav service will cost $9.99 a month after the trial period. Very not bad if you consider the overall cost of a gps unit offering similiar features could run $150 plus!”

    Do you think your readers are stupid? A stand-alone GPS nav is not going to cost me $150 the second year, if it even cost that much at the time of purchase. And a Garmin XT software pack for some smartphones is only going to cost $80 ( at time of purchase.

    Report the news, leave the sales pitch.

  • Jon

    That’s par for the course for GPS nav pricing. More importantly though, those features are usually had for more than $150. Traffic on many GPS units still costs a monthly subscription. The continuously updated maps saves some $90/yr in map updates. Gas pricing along the route (instead of in a x-mile radius) may save substantial money on gas depending on how much you travel.

    Hopefully other map software will come out for android which only requires an up front fee for the software and maps, without the monthly fee. But until then, this is a VERY welcome update for Android and T-Mobile in general (which doesn’t have many phones with turn-by-turn capabilities)

  • david

    I too agree…”…I think most people will realize a monthly pay-for-play navigation service doesn’t make sense…”

    I do enjoy my TomTom on all my previous phones and would JUMP at putting it on all my G1’s, if it was <=$99 and I own it!

    One is born every min, a fool and their $ are soon parted…

    Wise ones are few and far between it seems….

    The Entitlement that companies/folks feel is due them for one job and keep getting paid for it day-in-day out, week-in-week out, month-in-month out, year-in year out…Music-movies-etc…get paid once, and stop the running away costs the world has spiraled into…it seems…Fine line balance between progress and run-away costs, lower standard of living for the many so a few can get more than is needed seems to be the model…

  • Jay

    stop hatin I think this is awesome now if only there were some sort of holder for the G1 on the dashboard

  • J

    Yeah, you can get a GPS and only pay about $200 with some of those features. However, some of the features that are included in that $9.99 a month you also have to pay monthly to have on your GPS unit. Personally, I would only activate it for the months I am acutally travelling. If I travel only during the summer, then its really only costing me $30 a year to have. I would have to use a GPS unit for 5-6 years to actually save anything in that scenario.

  • craig

    hey! I’m still waiting on the Flash for the G1 and also the touch keyboard love the phone, but all the stuff that they say were to happen did’nt that’s why the Iphone stands alone :-(

  • Alcheese

    The gps has a hard time finding me now. How will this help? By the time I got someplace my battery would be dead.

  • FILA

    Is this actually running off of satellite or cell towers?

  • Tremendo Slap

    “In two hundred yards turn left, then turn right.

    Turn left. Your battery is now dead.”

  • JT

    I have been using Tomtom on my smart phones since 2005 starting with HP pocket PC and blue tooth GPS adopter and most recently HTC touch. I tried Telenav on Sony Ericsson TM506 for $9.99 for a month. Telenav sucks and it does not worth more than $0.99 a month. It looses GPS connection whenever it feels like which was never a problem even indoors near windows with HTC P3300 and HTC Touch Cruise. I waited for G1 but could not buy it is tooooooo ugly.

  • Jon

    @craig – who said that the G1 was getting a touch keyboard and Flash?
    T-Mobile NEVER said that nor advertised it.
    The iPhone doesn’t have Flash either. Hell it doesn’t even have MMS. Or copy-paste. Or a real keyboard.

    And I can just use chompsms and Steel to get a touch keyboard on my G1.

    @FILA – why wouldn’t it use satellite?

    @Tremendo – That’s why you get a dock and use a car charger. I have yet to find a standalone GPS unit that lasts longer than 3 hours when it’s not plugged in.

    @JT – If we could get TomTom maps on Android, no one would use Telenav. But unfortunately, we’ve only got 1 option right now: Google Maps. And that’s not turn-by-turn. Which means that as of Feb 24, Telenav is the only game in town for turn-by-turn.

  • craig

    @Jon – how long you”ve been viewing go to Youtube and check flash video for the G1 and also the Virtual keyboard. be nice Big Jon :-)

  • Tremendo Slap

    I think he means those are features that were not advertised as selling points for the G1. T-Mobile and Google do NOT have to update the G1 with those features; they are add-ons that we will benefit from.

  • craig

    @ Tremendo Slap – I gotcha, thanks any tips on the G1 phone anyone?

  • Have a look at Andnav a free sat nav for android. Its far from perfect but then its only in beta right now and its free!

    It does not have my postcode in it or some others ive tried and it also tells me to turn right where i know you have not been able to for at least 30 years. I just hope things like this will get better in future releases.

  • T

    That Garmin XT software looks cool, but what sucks is you have to take your other micro SD car out and put in the Garmin micro SD card. Not worth that. Not worth is, especially if you want to listen to music from your phone on a road trip. Guess you could copy the software over to a 8 gig or 16 gig micro SD card though.

    Also, for the one asking about a dash mount for the phone. Just do a search on eBay. I found a couple there.

  • conbbosh

    hey i dont get what u r saying one qustion can i put tomtom nevagation system in my G1

  • If you want to save money and get the best GPS there is out there then you have to understand that a GPS is a GPS. What I mean by this is what makes one brand better than another is features, and features appeal differently for various people. Garmin, Tom Tom, and other brands you see around work decently, but there are other brands out there that can perform the same features and have the same quality.

  • Roger

    Don’t botther with TeleNav. Its hardly worth the price of $10 per month. It would be much more cost effective to purchase a Tom Tom, Garmin or other reasonable piece of equipment. I unwittingly turned on GPS on my Motorola Cliq (T-Mobile) and suddenly had a $9.95 charge on my phone bill. Talk about a sneaky underhanded way of doing business. Please steer clear of them.