Telenav GPS coming to the T-mobile G1


While I normally stay away from individual application reviews for the G1, I believe the prospect and announcement of full on turn by turn navigation for the G1 is absolutely post worthy. 

This morning Telenav announced that starting February 24th they would begin offering their turn by turn GPS services for the T-mobile based G1. With full color graphics, one-click rerouting, and more than 10 million points of interest, you’ll also get speech recognition, weather updates, traffic alerts and more! What is more you ask? Try business finder, gas by price, preplanned trips through the telenav site and sent directly to your phone, and restaurant reviews!

With a 30 day free trial, the telenav service will cost $9.99 a month after the trial period. Very not bad if you consider the overall cost of a gps unit offering similiar features could run $150 plus! Not to mention how much I would love to do away with the crappy suction cup Garmin provided for me and just carry and use one device. 

For the moment you’ll be able to take advantage of this awesome new service only through the Telenav website with an Android market launch expected later this year. 


Telenav website, sign up now for your free trial!