Sidekick 2009 in the wild, sort of


While we’re definitely chalking this up in the “totally unconfirmed” reports category, our friends at hiptop3 look to have a super inside source who has had some hands on time with the Sidekick 2009, aka Blade, aka Montreal. We’ve been using the “Blade” moniker for a while now at Tmonews, along with “LX” 2009. Turns out according the hiptop3 tipster, this sidekick will be sold under the Sidekick 2009 name to the T-mobile faithful. Read on for details regarding possible specs and info regarding this exciting addition to the Sidekick family. 

* It looks pretty much like the mock-ups we’ve seen so far, stripe along the back and all
* It’s lighter and “has a more grown up feel to it”
* The keys are more flush with the device and are “flat not round like the lx”
* The USB and headphone jacks are indeed on the bottom of the device
* There is a flash for the camera
* There’s an app for your “My T-Mobile info” that lets you pull up your info (minutes used, sms sent, account info, etc)
* There are lights running along the top of the screen part. Mood-lights anyone?
* It’s being called “Montreal” as an internal codename for T-Mobile. “Blade” is the internal name at MSDanger. It will be sold as the Sidekick 2009.
* It will be running DangerOS 5.0


  • Mr. Moon

    This looks really nice! Is the screen gonna “swivel” or slide up? Wonder what the price on this is gonna be. $250-$350? Any thoughts anyone? If this is really what its gonna looks like and have all the specs on previous posts this is gonna be the best phone out there. IMO!

  • Tony

    I like what I’m hearing so far.

  • Mez

    When is it suppose to come out?

  • Pythagoras

    does this phone also use a third party server to process data (like blackberry)?

    the blackberry outage today was a bummer most people could live without

  • Dave

    YAY!! Cause around the time it releases, i’ll be up for my full upgrade discount, and i’ve already got most of the money saved up for it.

  • Armo

    this phone really NEEDS to have a touch screen in order to have any chance of being one of the super “IN” phones. if it doesn’t, the public wont want it as much.

  • TRobshi

    the cat looks like its having a stroke…..

  • math

    TRobshi LOL now that you mention it .. sure does.

  • Swagganaut

    3g, GPS, smaller screen, not bad. Finnaly one of T-Mobiles landmark phones is upgraded.

  • JesseCuster

    This is not an anti-Sidekick tirade, but not many people are going to take it seriously with the Sidekick name attached. Sidekick fans will like it, people who are in the know about gadgets may consider it… but the iPhone-yearning dumbed-down average consumer is going to sit there and say, “oh… another Sidekick”.

    DangerOS… hmm… wonder if that will include Zune marktet, seeing as MS is trying to push that out to their devices and the acquisition of Danger was part of that iniative. At least they’re giving Sidekick fans what they are used to and not replacing it w/ WinMo 6.5

  • Michael

    Swagganaut, the LX 2009 is rumored to have a 3.2″ 854×480-resolution screen, while the current LX has a 3.0″ 400×240-resolution screen.

  • TRobshi

    That would be a disaster if they put windows mobile on a sidekick….. sidekicks would totally lose their meaning for existing with a complicated (and crappy) OS like WinMo.

  • nickandhiskick

    Im so tired of hearing “It absolutly needs a touch screen to compete.” Man F*ck a touch screen, they really aren’t that great. What they need to focus on is staying true to the sidekick, and making sure that the keyboard isn’t crap. I fear that if the keyboard is flat that it will be like the g1 or the slide, and the screen will probably slide instead of swivel.

  • The_Wizard

    It swivels and the keyboard is nice. I have never been a fan of the SK myself, though I will admit that after seeing this one I was impressed. Finally, a sidekick your friends won’t mistake for a child’s toy. The interface is still the same for the most part so no fear of WinMo. And as mentioned previously, it for sure has 3G, GPS, and camera with flash. I still don’t think it’s for me personally but a big step in the right direction.

  • SupTJ

    Sorry Armo, but that’s a pretty misinformed thing to say.
    Myself, and many other people are not big fans of a touch screen.
    Personally I HATE touch screens. I like the satisfaction of a button, and maybe not having the screen get filthy every three seconds.
    Touchscreen might be the new IT thing but that doesn’t make it the best thing.

  • dont tase me bro

    I knew sticking with a sidekick through thick and thin would pay off

  • april


  • kma

    So… capability? I just got the G1 and I hate it I want my sidekick its an awesome phone. I thought this would be an upgrade not so much. If sidekick had video it would be the best thing since sliced bread.

  • angelsz

    I heard dhat it wasz gonna be a touch screen . smh im soo disappointed . I soo hope itsz flipsz . can’t wait for it ta come out . how much isz it anyway ?

  • Whatever

    @ kma:
    “I thought this would be an upgrade not so much.”
    Which is so confusing seeing as you’re saavy to T-mo News and assumingly other gadget news.

    The absolute worst thing is all these people that thought the G-series phones were going to be iPhones or Sidekicks. Nothing makes my stomach twist more than hearing someone compare the G1 to a Sidekick. Heck, I would have AVOIDED the G1 had I thought it was the next Sidekick.

    If you’re a Sidekick fanatic, then the ONLY “upgrade” for you is another Sidekick.

    kma, if I had the ability or power, I would make T-mo refund you the money for your G1 and get you back a Sidekick. The less mis-informed G1 haters there are, the better.

  • bs87

    Does anyone know when it is comming out?

  • I’m just saying if u add a touch screen to tha fone it **** up tha fone…….like wen ur try to touch that screen if u do it to hard tha screen might break off……..I mean like they wud have to make a very sterdy screen to have a touch screen but that wudnt be cool wud it so **** a touch screen

  • sidekicksaregay

    Oh whooopty doo. The 15th sidekick. And it looks exactly like the 14 before it. Wow. How original. Yo the sidekick should be discontinued. Its the crappiest phone tmobile offers. Its got a crappy browser,crappy camera,crappy music player,crappy games,crappy reception,crappy design and the concept of a sidekick is waaaaaay overplayed and waaaayyyy outdated. Why even bother making these sub-par teenybopper phones? And don t gimme that crap about sidekicks being for deaf people cuz we all know noone wants to communicate with deafies anyway. That’d be like having a chat with a brick wall. Yes the sidekick is the biggest piece of turd to come with a pricetag. I guess if you’re 13 they might be cool. But who gives a crap what teenagers like? They’re useless. Tmobile:get rid of the sidekick. You’re being laughed at for still trying to sell something as retarded as that. No third party downloads. You HAVE to download only from sidekick catalog which has the crappiest ringtones and themes in it. What a piece of crap the sidekick is. If I see people using a prehistoric sidekick I beat them down.smash their sidekick and leave a pamphlet all about the G1. Get with the times. Sidekicks were cool 10 years ago. Now its all about the g1

  • sidekicksaregay

    And iif u didn’t like the G1 its prob cuz ur not smart enuff to figure it out. BEST PHONE EVER. Not crappy like sidekick. Not gay like sidekick. And it actually has a real web browser not that joke broswer the retarded sidekick has. Yes the sidekick is GAYEST GIRL PHONE EVER. Don’t bother responding or arguing with this post. I won’t be back to check ur comments. Anyone who likes sidekicks is a moron who should commit suicide anyway. G1= What sidekick wishes it could be but never will. G1= iphone killer in EVERY way. G1 4 life. Sidekicks suck pp

  • siricon

    i have to admit, i would actually but this phone . im not a big fan of the sidekick because of the fact that most people only buy it for easy text messaging . when the sidekick 2008 came out, i was dissapointed that it didn’t have a flash like the LX .
    the 2009 seems like an intergration of the 2008 and LX feature wise.
    and i really hope it doesn’t have a touchscreen . the sidekick isnt a touch screen phone . if you want a touch screen phone then get the G1 or iPhone . the touchscreen would defy the whole purpose and use of what the sidekick offers to it’s clients . also, if it didnt have a swivel screen . it would be honestly retarded . the main thing people recognize about SK’s are the swivel screen and the keyboard . without the swivel screen, can you still honestly call it a sidekick ?
    this phone would probably be on my top 5 phones to get definately ranging 1 or 2 against the blackberry storm .

    –they should put up the price and when it’s going to come out . i’d probably say around november or december, during the holiday rush hopefully[: