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Sidekick 2009 in the wild, sort of


While we’re definitely chalking this up in the “totally unconfirmed” reports category, our friends at hiptop3 look to have a super inside source who has had some hands on time with the Sidekick 2009, aka Blade, aka Montreal. We’ve been using the “Blade” moniker for a while now at Tmonews, along with “LX” 2009. Turns out according the hiptop3 tipster, this sidekick will be sold under the Sidekick 2009 name to the T-mobile faithful. Read on for details regarding possible specs and info regarding this exciting addition to the Sidekick family. 

* It looks pretty much like the mock-ups we’ve seen so far, stripe along the back and all
* It’s lighter and “has a more grown up feel to it”
* The keys are more flush with the device and are “flat not round like the lx”
* The USB and headphone jacks are indeed on the bottom of the device
* There is a flash for the camera
* There’s an app for your “My T-Mobile info” that lets you pull up your info (minutes used, sms sent, account info, etc)
* There are lights running along the top of the screen part. Mood-lights anyone?
* It’s being called “Montreal” as an internal codename for T-Mobile. “Blade” is the internal name at MSDanger. It will be sold as the Sidekick 2009.
* It will be running DangerOS 5.0


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