More 3G on the way!


Just in time for the G1 launch next week T-mobile is greenlighting Memphis and Tampa for 3G love. That’s official from T-mobile, though specific days were not mentioned in the report via Phonescoop. I know Tampa residents have been clamoring for a long time especially since late September when Orlando pointed and laughed. So congratulations Memphis and Tampa, welcome to the club.

Now for the unofficial 3G rumors that have come into our email boxes this week. Unofficially we are hearing that Denver will begin to see faster speeds on November 7th with a follow up in Detroit on the 15th. These days are still open to speculation but they have been tossed around so we’re sticking with them as general (hopeful) time frames.

So there have it, it’s ramping up to be an exciting end of the year for T-mobile with the launch next week and as they greenlight more and more markets for 3G love T-mobile is turning up the heat on a strong march into the holiday season.

Recapping some upcoming events:

  • October 22nd really needs no comment but if you just came back to Earth from space travel the G1 launches today.
  • November 3rd is the scheduled Motozine launch
  • November 10th is the scheduled Samsung Behold launch
  • November 17th is the scheduled Samsung Gravity launch

Picture courtesy of Engadget

Update: ACCIDENTALLY wrote the 23rd on the first draft of this story and I published the story, obviously we all know the G1 launches on the 22nd! My bad!