More 3G on the way!


Just in time for the G1 launch next week T-mobile is greenlighting Memphis and Tampa for 3G love. That’s official from T-mobile, though specific days were not mentioned in the report via Phonescoop. I know Tampa residents have been clamoring for a long time especially since late September when Orlando pointed and laughed. So congratulations Memphis and Tampa, welcome to the club.

Now for the unofficial 3G rumors that have come into our email boxes this week. Unofficially we are hearing that Denver will begin to see faster speeds on November 7th with a follow up in Detroit on the 15th. These days are still open to speculation but they have been tossed around so we’re sticking with them as general (hopeful) time frames.

So there have it, it’s ramping up to be an exciting end of the year for T-mobile with the launch next week and as they greenlight more and more markets for 3G love T-mobile is turning up the heat on a strong march into the holiday season.

Recapping some upcoming events:

  • October 22nd really needs no comment but if you just came back to Earth from space travel the G1 launches today.
  • November 3rd is the scheduled Motozine launch
  • November 10th is the scheduled Samsung Behold launch
  • November 17th is the scheduled Samsung Gravity launch

Picture courtesy of Engadget

Update: ACCIDENTALLY wrote the 23rd on the first draft of this story and I published the story, obviously we all know the G1 launches on the 22nd! My bad!


  • Macho


  • PorkChopSandwhiches

    LMAO. You must know the Cental FL area to know that Orlando-ans would rub it in the Tampa peeps’ faces.

  • Macho
  • Galen20K

    Finally D Town!!! WHOot whoot!!! – D

  • T1 Connect

    i read this article and it said tmoible has 92 markets with 3g thats gotta be a typo

  • Armo

    im wondering why david didnt put down that moto zine is coming out on nov 3 like he put the behold and gravity dates. either he forgot or its not coming out. please let him have forgotten. lol

  • J


    It really depends on what you call a “market”. If you ask T-Mobile, they call market it would be a larger definition than what AT&T uses. AT&T claims to have like 275 markets with full 3G. With T-Mobile’s definition, we don’t even have that many markets. For my market, Jacksonville, we cover Jacksonville, Savannah, Hilton Head, Statesboro, Panama City, Gainesville, and Talahassee. That is considered 1 market to T-Mobile. For another company, they might consider that 3 or 5 markets.

  • J


    I just checked and the MotoZine is coming out on the 3rd.

  • David

    @armo, sorry I’ll go back and add it in!

  • Pythagoras

    any WM phones coming out this year?

  • Rafiki

    I really wanted the turn by turn directions.. I guess it does not come with it out the box… DEVELOPERS: your next task is to build an application for turn-by-turn GPS directions!

  • BlurMagic

    I feel bad for people in Tampa… Yeah, you got 3G… But that loss to the Red Sox last night…

  • J

    The WM devices are not coming until next year.

  • Tmobile2lyfe

    Woot woot! Finally Detroit. Thats whats up!

  • Kevman420

    This is what they are doing…
    Still Getting the 3G Network up!!!

    I am AMAZED at 3G speeds!!!

    Who would have thought a few years ago we would have these download speeds…

    What a great time to be alive!!!

  • Armo

    @ J
    i knew that but sometimes they dont update that right away since they have a bunch to do.

    @ David
    haha thanks. i was just checking.

  • Jim

    Anyone know of any SE Louisiana 3G love coming? I’m in Baton Rouge and all we have is EDGE :-(

  • kazii

    Finally D-tOWN is Getting some 3G love!! =D

  • Kevman420

    @ T1


    THE G1’s WITH 3G HAVE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  • Bark252

    Finally Tampa. Yay I can have a G1 on 3G!

  • 713 STUNNA

    My 2 G1’s just arrived in the H.

  • Gizmalien

    More 3G Phones!!!!

  • Matt773

    A T-Mobile sales rep in a store in Virginia told me yesterday that 3G is launching in DC the first week of November. I was skeptical but he was adamant. I’m still skeptical.

  • Bigg

    So what day will we get 3g in Tampa?

  • danska

    Once i have my g1 and 3g in tampa, i will not have anything to look forward to!

  • Casey

    How about Birmingham, AL? come on… just because we’re last in education (and everything else for that matter), we have to be last to get 3G? Fitting.

  • benny

    Yay, Memphis! I don’t like the G1, to me its a ugly ugly phone and it look so fat, I would keep my lovely BlackBerry for now. I hope T-Mobile will come out with more 3G phone, because all the 3G phones and up coming 3G phones T-Mobile have does not interest me. I would buy the “Behold” if it run on Windows Mobile, but sadly it doesn’t.
    T-Mobile should really look at AT&T lineup, and come up with something like that. As for the T-Mobile 3G, I glad they’re coming and hopefully it will be fast as Verizon and AT&T.

  • blackthought

    To all of you guys that are in the washington dc area 3G will be landing down in that area around the end of november chech it out.

  • Jay

    In all your reports, there’s no mention of the Gravity having UMA for HotSpot@home support. Does this new phone really not have wifi?

  • doug

    When is 3g coming to Panama City