Data card cometh…


Yet again we find ourselves watching the natural evolution of a device launch in the modern blog world. We find information regarding the FCC approval, which starts the buzz. An executive drops a conspicuous albeit unsatisfying remark regarding the launch of the product. Then of course we have our favorite portion of the evolution of the device launch, the famed “in the wild” shots. Usually they are blurry and end up with some or many disbelievers but in this case, the shots are clear as a bell. 

So there you have it, we have watched, waited and hoped that T-mobile would bring to the masses a data card worthy of their 3G network. Well the good news is a little birdy gave us some information regarding the upcoming USB 3G stick T-mobile will be offering. Expected around March 25th, the webconnect USB will offer connectivity to T-mobile’s 3G, EDGE and Hotspot services. Loaded with the ability to automatically detect the best available network, this USB stick will also have 8 GB of space available for you to carry important documents and pictures of the family. Available at a pricing point of $59.99 T-mobile is throwing its hand into the USB competitive arena with 5 GB of data availability under that pricing.

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