Data card cometh…


Yet again we find ourselves watching the natural evolution of a device launch in the modern blog world. We find information regarding the FCC approval, which starts the buzz. An executive drops a conspicuous albeit unsatisfying remark regarding the launch of the product. Then of course we have our favorite portion of the evolution of the device launch, the famed “in the wild” shots. Usually they are blurry and end up with some or many disbelievers but in this case, the shots are clear as a bell. 

So there you have it, we have watched, waited and hoped that T-mobile would bring to the masses a data card worthy of their 3G network. Well the good news is a little birdy gave us some information regarding the upcoming USB 3G stick T-mobile will be offering. Expected around March 25th, the webconnect USB will offer connectivity to T-mobile’s 3G, EDGE and Hotspot services. Loaded with the ability to automatically detect the best available network, this USB stick will also have 8 GB of space available for you to carry important documents and pictures of the family. Available at a pricing point of $59.99 T-mobile is throwing its hand into the USB competitive arena with 5 GB of data availability under that pricing.

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  • brian-y

    cant wait so i can trop sprints data card . will only have 1 bill then

  • soviet

    i need 4g bitches or unlocked device that would have tmo 3g

  • USA

    What a surprise, someone complains and finds some way to become ungreatful. Stop being a communist andbe happy. Come on , I’m excited as well as everybody else. We’re finally getting a data card!

  • Puv

    But how much will the card cost, sans data plan? I already have a Total Internet plan – I should be able to swap my SIM and use this freely…….

  • Roger Stoffer

    Good news if their 3G was as large as Sprint in my area. They cover about 60% of Sprints area according to the T-Mobile coverage maps which have been accurate in the past.

  • mingkee

    $60 for 5GB is expensive, while other 3 provide similar price, but have more coverage
    $50 for 10GB is more affordable (current Total Internet Data Card plan is unlimited)
    if you want to make it a big seller, you have to show the better value, or customers will ignore you


  • alt-mobile

    good news…when will more info come out about pricing per month, etc…

  • Erica J

    We’re not only paying the same MRC as other carriers, but our HSDPA speeds are capped to 1 Mbps and our 3G coverage area is smaller.

    Give us something better than that T-Mo! Whack!

  • FILA

    wow a memory stick too, thats actually nice

  • SneakerFiend

    I’ve never had a data card before but PUV said that he can just swap his sim card.

    So basically you can just put your data card and keep one bill. We better not get a cap on our data usage because that would suck. T-Mobile. 50 dollars for Unlimited is the way to go. You need to offer a better price considering you have the weakest 3G coverage even though you’re aggressively expanding your 3G network which is a joy to see that you actually want your consumers happy and want more coming to you.

    This will be a good look when you upgrade to 4G. I just hope you’re not 4 years behind the rest like you was with 3G rollout.
    I’d like to see you 1 year behind atleast and 2 years at most. I wont mind though especially if you upgrade to HSDPA in the markets you’ve already rolled your 3G out after you’ve covered 200M americans.

  • John

    Wait a month for T-Mobile and pay $60 for 5GB on a 3G network that only covers where I live, and not where I work…


    Go to AT&T now and pay $60, minus a 15% discount through work, for 5GB on a 3G network that covers both where I live and where I work. And is known to work with Cradlepoint routers.

    It’s looking more and more, to me, like I’ll be going with AT&T for my data card…

  • coloradogray

    5gb for a data card, 10gb for my G1. Something seems a little off…

  • Dave

    Y do yall come on here, and complain, if you goin to AT&T for your data card, fine. But, y drag your comments on the post???

  • mingkee

    the problem is: the price, it has no difference from other 3, and T-Mobile doesn’t have any advantage on data part

  • I was gungho last September, but now that G1 has tetherWIFI app, I am just not convinced I need the hassle of it.

  • Notafan

    Who is T-Mobile kidding with these rate plans and weak 3g coverage. Granted data is a loss leader, but any way you slice it it does not make sense. Sounds like the people in the marketing department have their heads in the clouds. They are 2 years late to the game with 3g, and this is how they reward the wait.

  • jon

    Has anything been officially announced from T-Mobile???? Have they said a 5gb data cap??? have they put out monthly pricing on the service????

    Well all I see is rumors, so why doesn’t everyone just relax calm down and wait to see what the real pricing and data size are.

  • big_p

    I think everyone is misreading the link about the monthly price, it says that the Usb card is $59.99, not the monthly. I don’t see the current plan changing price, as it is only $10 less than the other carriers. And as for the cap, I would think that there would be one, as all of the carriers have one too as well as the G1. But 10gb is more reasonable, at&t, sprint and verizon all have 5gb caps

  • the 5gb cap is ridiculous, i’ll pass

  • mingkee
  • Danannafur

    Yeah, but what you don’t know is that T-mobile is going one whole step beyond the carriers very very soon. GSM will soo be the thing of the past

  • Danannafur

    By that I do mean UMTS and not the CDMA version

  • Dennis The Tiger

    Here’s the skinny.

    Article’s right, projected release date is 25Mar – this is more or less set in slow-setting wet cement, and it may vary a touch. If you saw the screencap from Engadget, you’ll know there’s no more info until next week.

    In short, film at eleven.