Extra, extra free smartphones!!


How do the words “free” and “smartphone” make you feel? In this business, that’s almost the pot at the end of the rainbow and all of the current phone manufacturers, its a newcomer who may bring the best pricing to the table. Acer, better known for their computers/laptops and current line of netbooks recently unveiled their line of wireless devices at Mobile World Congress.

Sascha Segan over at PCmag has an interesting article up regarding the arrival of the Acer smartphone line. Of note is a paragraph regarding US availability: 

Acer’s phones will probably appear on either AT&T or T-Mobile…as they will use the GSM radio standard. Acer’s large size, firm financial backing, and highly desirable netbook and 3G notebook lineup have given the company an ‘in’ with U.S. mobile operators, he said.

Acer with their name, size and financial backing according to Segan have had no problems getting appointments with various service providers with whom they would like to arrange deals with. More important of course is the notion that according to  Acer’s Smartphone Unit President Aymar de Lencquesaing will see the phones retailing at ZERO…that’s right, the hope of Acer is to bring smartphones to US shores retailing at zero, cero, null etc etc.

Expect to see a bevy of phones appear on US shores sometime later this year and even perhaps, the unmistakable rumor of an Android phone. 

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  • FILA

    has anyone heard any more news of T-Mobile supposedly signing on the NOKIA 5800, Im really excited for that phone, I really want to play with it. Thou im looking at these Acers, I like the M900, but not sure if I want Windows mobile on my phone, I don’t know, I dont keep up much on WM, but how does everyone else like it

  • Ricky

    Hmm well I hope other companies do this. Because I saw the Acer phones, and they are very ugly.

  • mingkee

    I just wish more manufacturers will bring out phones with complete US3G bands (both ATT and T-Mobile), especially Sony Ericsson, they owe T-mobile a deal due to Xperia fiasco

  • SpanDee

    Good way to get a lot of smart phone market share if you give them away for free. Go Blackberry!!!!

  • Tex

    ACER makes quality laptops, but not phones. Go to youtube and type in any of these acer phones and you’ll see the quality that’s equal to the price. YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!!!!!!!!!

  • steven

    i dont think they look too bad but by the time it’s released, windows mobile 6.5 will be out while acer will be using 6.1

  • alt-mobile

    yeah I don’t know how I feel about these phones…I mean let’s be honest, Acer makes OKAY laptops…nowhere near Apple or Sony…they are more lower end laptops in my opinion/research/use…

    forget the free smartphones…let’s get crack-a-lackin’ on the Wing II, Dash II, and “G2” (but with a keyboard please…kthxbye)

  • Pythagoras

    If these come out reasonably soon they will generate a lot of new contracts. There are a lot of people who are waiting for a new Windows smartphone.

    They will even have a place in T-Mobile’s lineup along side the Wing II, Dash II, etc., since they will be different than those.

  • JesseCuster

    Acer will be the “my first smartphone!” brand. I dont even think these are 3G?

    Screw At&t, they got plenty of all the sweet, sticky, 3G handset goodness they could need. These manufacturers need to start showing T-mo some love and start including the T-mo radio band.

  • rudy

    sounds good to me, hopefully other phone manufactures will get the hint and reduce the prices.

    I’ve always wondered why cellphones cost so much?

    wonder if i’ll be able to use my tzones plan on these phones lol