More Android Please


While its appearance could easily be mistaken for that “other” phone, the Huawei Android prototype pictured above made a non-working debut at Mobile World Congress. Reports coming out of Spain had an expectation for a release of the pictured device around Q3 2009. According the guys over at SlashGear, it just might be making its way over to the big magenta. 

SlashGear is reporting that Huawei has signed an agreement to bring its line of Android based devices to T-mobile beginning in Q3 of this year. According to the reports, the phones will be sold under “another companies brand name” but what that means exactly or who the companies are remain anyone’s guess. We’re holding this one in the rumor category for the moment as SlashGear has yet to positively confirm that T-mobile USA is indeed one of the recipients of the new line of phones, or if our European brethern get all the glory. Stay tuned!


Picture courtesy of AndroidCentral

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