More Android Please


While its appearance could easily be mistaken for that “other” phone, the Huawei Android prototype pictured above made a non-working debut at Mobile World Congress. Reports coming out of Spain had an expectation for a release of the pictured device around Q3 2009. According the guys over at SlashGear, it just might be making its way over to the big magenta. 

SlashGear is reporting that Huawei has signed an agreement to bring its line of Android based devices to T-mobile beginning in Q3 of this year. According to the reports, the phones will be sold under “another companies brand name” but what that means exactly or who the companies are remain anyone’s guess. We’re holding this one in the rumor category for the moment as SlashGear has yet to positively confirm that T-mobile USA is indeed one of the recipients of the new line of phones, or if our European brethern get all the glory. Stay tuned!


Picture courtesy of AndroidCentral

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  • Dan

    I’m not one to say that a phone looks like the “other one” because it’s a full touchscreen…but that is seriously taking it too far. I wouldn’t mind ditching the iPhone for something like it on T-Mobile, but not a clone.

  • sam

    that would be glorious!

  • J

    How different can you really make a black, slim, full touchscreen phone?

  • bob

    i like it i want it!

  • alt-mobile

    ummm yeah it looks like the iPhone’s lovechild…

  • mfabela

    well…i hope the magenta picks this up, hopefully when my contract expires in ’10, i don’t want to jump ship to get the pre! by that time we should have some nice phones.

  • t1 connect

    we always get things first huh. sometimes i think companies use tmobile as a test pane for stuff and just disregaurds us after it gets popular. never the less bring on the fist huawei android phone im sure the size will make it a great hit along with a killer o.s. too bad its not the wing 2. im dying to back to windoze mobile.

  • Rey

    I’m ready for another Android Phone Period, most cell phone company’s saying they going to or want to make Android Phones and they cant even show up at MWC with a phone let alone a working phone, Android is GREAT ! and Another phone should come out SOON i mean how long do we have to wait ? Yes i know there’s the G1 and i like it, but its just not for me, the hardware is not me but Android is, SO come on Google and all the company’s that want to make Android Phones bring it on !

  • Ricky

    It looks good. Not sure I can ever get rid of my G1 to be honest, I can’t deal without a keyboard.

    But although it DOES look a bit..ok a lot like the iPhone, I don’t think that should matter.
    I personally don’t like the iPhone, but we all can admit it’s beautiful. So I don’t mind having a great looking phone, packing my favorite OS.

  • Armo

    I KNEW IT! after finding out about the modem, the second i saw this on engadget during MWC week, i was like “this thing is soo gunna come to t-mobile!”. hopefully this is more than just a rumor.

  • Gerald

    Does noone else think it looks a little long

  • -ray

    It looks too nice to be going to T-Mobile…

  • Dominick

    Wow, Look like a clone of the iphone.
    But who cares I’ll still get it. and plus it look dark blue. cCOOl

  • edmund

    i kinda agree with ray =/
    dunno why
    but it would be really cool if it did come to tmobile =D

  • FILA

    it does resemble the iphone a little which I HATE, butt liek anything else I want to play with it, lol, oh and for branding it under another name this could very well be a T-Mobile phone like the wing is or the sidekick you kno. T-Mobiles own Android phone even thou its always gonna be made by a 3rd party

  • alt-mobile


    that’s what she said…

    sorry man I had to…you set it up perfectly…

  • barack

    that phone is so beautiul

  • f dog

    will the phone be released in june of 09 and in june

  • Artem85

    Cool phone. Like new Motorola Android. I find photo

  • edwin

    looks dope!!!

  • hot lady

    when will this phone be comeing out

  • NJ

    all this phone need is multitouch(android)….and its over. enough said.