Trouble with the Memoir browser??


So its a little bit of good news mixed in with a little bit of bad news. Noah @ Phonedog got wind of some apparent trouble brewing on the Memoir browser front. It appears the same “full html” problem that plagued the browsing experience of the Samsung Behold has yet to be rectified with the release of the Samsung Memoir. Word from Noah’s tipster is that websites are sent through T-mobile’s web2go service giving you sort of an ugly middle ground between wap and html. The good news is, the very same hack that worked for enabling “full html” browsing on the Samsung Behold seems to be working for the Samsung Memoir giving you the type of browsing experience you would expect from this feature rich device. 

Hit the Phonedog link for before and after pictures!

Little extra help from the forums

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  • Oof sucks to hear that. I can’t believe they’re turning such a great phone into a dumbphone :(

  • David

    If this was a smartphone I would be totally over it. My N85 will have to do until the Wing2 or G2 comes out.

  • so this means your are spending about $100 to $150 more to get the memoir than the behold just for 3 more megapixels? I think i will pass

  • mmaestro

    Damn. One of the big reasons I went with Magenta is that generally, they’re less evil than the other carriers, but more and more it seems they’re starting to follow the same playbook. Shame. You keep my custom by treating me well, not borking the equipment I pay good money for.

  • angel

    I’m looking foward to buy this phone. I’ve been looking for a camera lately but it seems ill end up getting a phone along…plus I think the geo-tag is a nice feature.

  • David

    I hate the fact that they use TelaNav. I hate TelaNav. I had a Behold and I live in a 3G area but I couldn’t get a GPS lock for the life of me. I was literally standing in the middle of the street on a sunny, cloudless day and it still said the GPS signal was too weak. ONE TIME and one time only did I get a gps lock in two weeks and the signal strength was so crappy that it only refreshed my position like every 20 seconds. I use an N85 now and with EDGE and GPRS I get a GPS lock in literally 15 seconds and its dead on.

  • alt-mobile

    This has nothing to do with anything…

    but how gangsta is that damn penguin? Super gangsta…that’s how gangsta…

  • David I’m sad to hear that. I’m using N95 on nokia and usually get signal on EDGE. If the Behold can’t get it on 3G I may be passing on this guy as well…

  • Sorry I meant google maps on Nokia ^^;

  • David

    Hinano, what web browser are you using on your N95. Use Opera Mini and even on high quaility mode, the browser is faster than the Behold using 3G.

  • MR. G

    I was really looking forward to purchasing this phone, but since no wifi… ILL PASS!!! Hopefully the touchscreen blackberry is released.