Cnet shows off the Samsung Memoir

So tomorrow is the big day, the Samsung Memoir drops to the T-mobile USA world and while there have been a few hiccups, all signs point to an exciting launch! Check out the Cnet hands on below and sound off in the comments if you’ll be picking this one up in the near future!

  • Andrewjc

    Yeah, I got some hands on with the memoir today and it is very nice. I did notice some hiccups in the UI, like mentioned in the video, but overall it runs well. The camera is very good for a phone, but I haven’t seen the pictures blown up onto a computer screen yet. I will be heading out sometime tomorrow or Thursday to pick this up and I can’t wait.

  • PHug

    “Wow. Bonnie Cha got huge!”
    Was my first thought.
    Then I saw that it isn’t Bonnie, so I apologized to Bonnie in my mind.

  • alt-mobile

    @PHug LMAO! I thought the EXACT same thing man…

  • angel

    Yeah I will be getting it! I wonder if they start taking orders today at 11:59PM

  • David1054

    hmm well I just WANT IT NOW D:!

  • FILA

    somebody kill this bitch already, fuckin christ, would of been more interesting watching a illiterate tryin to do this, lol that would of just been funny

  • timmyjoe42

    “Wow. Bonnie Cha got huge!”
    Was my first thought.

    Me too!
    Other than the UI problems, it looks a little awesome.

  • Anthony

    How easy is it to text on a phone like this without the keypad? Its all touch screen!

  • Rommel

    Doesnt look like an n-series to me.

  • can somebody explain to me the difference between the memoir and behold. besides the name, 3 megapixels, & $100 more ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  • ahenke22

    There are some things in the interface that have been updated over the behold.. for ex. in the behold when you go to the address box there is no way to search for a name, you have to scroll might be a issue if you have a lot of contacts, on the memoir there is a text search box..

  • James T. Kirk

    I agree with you Rommel,… Lets see what she can do! . . .

  • rommel


  • James T. Kirk

    hahahaha! Classic

  • Ran

    Engrish…it’s good ting.

  • so i am going to spend another $100 for a search box in my address book?????? Get out of here!!!!!