Samsung Memoir meta-review!


So today begins the Samsung Memoir journey into the T-mobile marketplace. The Memoir really needs no introduction, having been previewed on more than one occassion. So as day breaks and the retail stores open, we take a look at the word on the web, as the Memoir has found itself in the hands of a lucky few. 
  • PhonedogMemoir can rightfully claim the title of “Best Cameraphone on a US Carrier” in my book, at least for now.  I’m no photographer, but the images I snapped with the device this week came out looking great, and many a point-and-shoot Ansel Adams would do just fine using Memoir as their daily shooter.  Still, Memoir the phone leaves something to be desired when pitted head-to-head with the iPhones, BlackBerries, G1s, and Touch Pros (and, soon, Pres) that occupy the same $199 and up price category.
  • EngadgetUltimately, we’re thinking T-Mobile may have painted itself into a corner here. The Behold is a more attractive phone from the same manufacturer featuring the same form factor, the same UI, and the same 3G support; granted, you do lose 3 megapixels, but you’re still left with a totally commendable 5 — and the Memoir’s extra resolution isn’t doing you much good in the way of picture quality anyway.
  • GizmodoA pretty damn good cameraphone. The TouchWiz UI is pretty much the same as the version on the Samsung Behold. In short, it’s more usable as a touchscreen phone (keyboard is fairly decent) than Windows Mobile phones, but not quite as good as say, Android or the iPhone.
  • BoygeniusFor $249.99 on a 2-year agreement, we’d have trouble not slapping you if you didn’t pick up the BlackBerry Curve 8900 over this. Didn’t you hear? T-Mobile can’t keep them on the shelves. We highly doubt stockrooms won’t be cozying up the Samsung Memoir, though. It’s not horrible, it just isn’t worth the hassle or the price. At least in our photo scrapbook.
  • Mobiletechreview:The Samsung Memoir should be one of the hottest phones of 2009. It has a wonderful touch screen interface courtesy of Samsung’s TouchWiz user interface and the large haptic display. The camera is superb and it’s the fastest autofocus we’ve seen on a high resolution camera phone. The Memoir has a very good web browser by touch screen standards, an excellent on-screen keyboard, an accelerometer and proximity sensor– all the right features to combat iPhoneitus. 
  • ZDNet: I have only had a few hours to use the device so far, but am pretty impressed with the hardware and find it to be rock solid. The TouchWiz interface is easy to use and I like the customizable widgets. The haptic feedback is helpful and confirms screen presses on the Memoir.

So the general notion here is that opinions are mixed, with reviews of the 8 megapixel camera ranging from impressive to downright disappointment in low light shooting. The touchwiz interface definitely has formed a love hate relationship with the blogging world and the inevitable comparisons to the iPhone, Pre and WM managing to crawl themselves into some of the reviews. The truly disappointing aspect is that a number of bloggers find themselves recommending the Behold still, due to form factor, price and mostly that the only true difference is a 3 megapixel camera bump. Still, we’ll let the end user, the readers decide whether or not this is truly worth picking up and replacing a real point and shoot camera.


  • Anthony

    I don’t know about replacing a digital camera with a camera phone, regardless of the megapixels. I think the Memoir will be one of the best camera phones out there, but still not good enough to throw out the digitals. I am holding off on upgrading until I read some personal reviews of this phone, otherwise, the Blackberry Curve 8900 is the way to go for me.

  • yeah i was anxious for the release of this phone… but after reading the blog of the same browser problems as the behold… I backed out at the last minute and went with the behold… which by the way if you go to<electronice<cell phones…. is who they partner with and i placed my order yesterday… i paid $0.00 upfront and is coming with a $100.00 mail in rebate… so instead of paying $300 for memoir i am getting paid $100 to get the behold… for a $400 difference i will sacrifice 3 megapixels… (sigh) what a big letdown…. =(

  • soviet

    bring in n series tmo

  • nanosp

    I agree with soviet. The N95 or N82 would be much closer to a replacement/backup camera imo. And they both go for slightly less than the Memoir. Not knocking it but just saying.

  • Pythagoras

    this phone rocks.

    different users have different needs but i just played with one and it is hot.

  • J

    Cell phones are like presidents. You will never have a 100% approval rating. You are doing well to have 60%, but are usually closer to 50%. You just hope the 50% that like you are louder than the 50% than don’t.

  • Ron

    Lol, that same $300 could get you 16GB worth of memory, awesome applications with great graphics, a FULL web browser that acctually works, and a 2 megapixel camera that has the same quality of that 8 megapixel camera on the memoir. Doesn’t the iPhone sound soooo much better for your money?

  • alt-mobile

    Just as I was getting excited about the Wing 2 with WM 6.5 I read this…

  • ha ha.. well that same $300 can get you two blackberry storms… doesnt that sound like a better bang for your buck?

  • daryl

    Sad thing at MWC the Samsung reps weren’t too sold on this device. When they went through the handset lineup they were quick to jump over this one to go to the ones with the newer 3D touch wiz. Side-by-side the newer UI looks much better than the one used on Memoir.

  • alcoholicaust

    so…when are you guys going to become part of the “in-crowd” and get these testers to review?

  • amala

    THE MEMOIR IS FRIGGIN AMAZING!!!!! This is by FAR in my opinion THE BEST PHONE / Camera / TOUCH SCREEN ON THE MARKET – There are ways around the internet if you look to make it faster and I have had no issues – My one complaint would be not being able to hear the phone ring in my headset. WOW MAJOR DRAG!! LOL

    This phone BLOWS the I PHONE OUT OF THE WATER, THE G1 is ok but its cheaply built. WHen you hold the Memoir in your hand you can tell Samsung took time to make a sturdy and High quality phone. I was nervous about buying it before because of REVIEWS but When i read the PEOPLES reviews on C NET – I RAN TO THE STORE TO GET IT and I AM ONE HAPPY CAMPER. THE PICS ARE AMAZING BETTER THAN A 9. CANNON OR PIXON – THE USERFACE IS FANTASTIC and im looking forward to the apps that are going to be coming out. You can upload OPERA on it if you don’t like the browser. You don’t even need WIFI which was a concern of mine. I live in Seattle (home of t mobile headquarters) the most wired and wireless city in the country- TRUST ME THIS PHONE KICKS ASS – I was able to go lay on the bed and have the same experience on the net as i did on my PC in fact it was faster that COMCAST> YOu can’t tell me thats slow. SORRY PEOPLE but this is my opinion. If you want a SOLID PHONE NOT CHEAPLY BUILT LIKE THE G1 where the slider keybord can break so easy go for it BUT ILL TAKE THE STURDY, QUALITY and the AMAZING TOUCH SCREEN that doesnt jump all over like the i phone because its too damn sensitive. This phone has it all and more.

    It all depends on what you are looking for in a phone TEXT a perfect 10, pic quality a overly perfect 20 touch screen a 10 and as far as the 3G that depends on where you live. So don’t buy 3g phones if you can’t use them in yur area. overal this phone does more than I even imagine. I had more fun just texting and sending pics and things to people. YOU CAN EVEN SEND the 8 mp pic to an email address so when the person opens it they have the same quality.


  • Memoir is a phone for people who are very passionate about clicking pictures.
    Well I have been using memoir for a while now sending photographs via e-mail or picture messaging is now very easy for me. Just click your picture & upload it to various photo sharing sites e.g. Photobucket, Flicker, KodakGallery & many more.
    Not every phone can fulfill all your needs, it also comes with few flaws sometimes the shutter won’t open and you have to blow air at it with your mouth.
    Battery life is poor but I bought an extended battery and desktop battery charger