Sidekick 2009 to launch at CTIA?


Noah from Phonedog is at it again, this time he is piecing together information regarding the possible launch of the Sidekick 2009 at CTIA in April and the alien landing at Roswell. Before we bring you the details of his little connect the dots game, we should give a little more detail on the *3.2 megapixel camera* direct from the boys at hiptop3 who are all over the details on this upcoming qwerty bad boy.

  • It will take photos up to a resolution of 2038 x 1536, meaning 3.2 megapixels.
  • There’s a flash, so those grainy shot-in-the-dark photos will be possible.
  • There is a new auto-focus feature, so you shouldn’t have to use the jewelry loupe/magnifying glass trick to get up close shots of things.
  • Video recording sounds like it’s set to 15 frames per second for now. But might be possible for 30fps.
  • You will be able to upload directly to MySpace, Photobucket, and YouTube
  • It will support geotagging

Source Hiptop3

Ok, on with the Noah from Phonedog theory!

T-mobile has officially begun hyping up a series of Concerts beginning in San Francisco celebrating the 2009 Grammy awards. What device sponsors this concert series, you guessed it…the T-mobile sidekick. Sidekick 2009 rumors have been heating up for the last month and with CTIA, the biggest mobile event in the US starting just two weeks before the concert series kickoff its handily a perfect time to launch and hype a trademark device.

So Noah, is connecting the dots, putting forth the belief that there is little chance that T-mobile would sponsor a concert series with last years models sidekicks. The only viable explanation is that sometime in that time-frame, we can expect to see a brand new sidekick. So Noah is asking to get your “hype suits” on, say a little prayer, do a little dance and hope that we will actually see the unveiling of a new sidekick in the beginning of April. 

What do you guys think? Sound off!


  • Of course it will be out before the grammys tour. Its perfect marketing!

    This kick better be good!!!

  • It is off. They wouldn’t release a Sidekick that early. Especially in April, that’s unheard of. Also, if they we’re they woulda had more leaked official information out. I say June-August, around that period.

  • jack

    If danger can finally get some decent apps in the catalog, I may jump ship from my g1. Its like they don’t allow anything worthwhile in there. That’s just throwing away money….

  • math
  • soviet

    sidekick has no future, whats the point? give me unlocked android phone or symbian with tmo 3g.

  • mrlarrygreen

    Nope June is the release month for the sidekick!

  • Ricky

    @Dave They wouldn’t release a Sidekick that early?? Have you ever had a Sidekick, not trying to argue or anything. But they are actually late as hell on this one. The 08 wasn’t an LX replacement, remember that. The 08 was nothing but an in-between model. So this would be the replacement for the LX which has been out for quite a while.

  • Well i’m just gonna tell you that they aren’t gonna release it in April. Believe me, and if they do it’s gonna be like out of the tin of air.

  • “Thin”*

  • Jay

    Does anyone know if the pricing for the Sidekick data plan is correct on T-Mobile’s website?

    $54.99 per month for unlimited data and text is absurd. These are for current Sidekicks that are running on Edge.

    In my experience the T-Mobile website has not been accurate when it comes to data pricing. I currently have the SK3 and way back in late 2007 when I purchased it, the website said that the Sidekick Unlimited Plan was $29.99 per month. When I purchased my phone I found out that the plan was only $19.99 per month.

    What is the correct pricing for the data plans?

  • Mark

    In the last 4 years, T-Mobile has never announced anything @ CTIA!

  • Frank Castle

    Memoir.. Sidekick… Android… blah blah blah.

    Isn’t there supposed to be a 3G card/USB adapter coming soon? Whatever happened to that? I think I read one story about it being sometime around Feb – March, then nothing.

  • Frank Castle

    Damn am I stupid. So I write my comment then see a link to the right that takes me to a story posted 02/21.

  • Queen4111

    I would go with the PREPAID plan for the Sidekick.
    $1.00 dollar a day for UNLIMITED text/email/IM/web browsing.

  • SpanDee

    @ Jay

    54.99 is for the SK data only, I believe there is still the Voice Barred plan for 29.99, I’ve seen it pop up in Watson still. If you add the SK to a voice plan, it’s 34.99 for unlimited.

    Somebody’s gotta pay for that 3G network and exclusive phones!

  • FILA

    this might just be worth a serious look at when it comes out

  • Jay

    @ SpanDee

    Sorry, but I don’t quite follow you. What do you mean by “Voice Barred plan?”

    In the past I have found T-Mobile’s website to be misleading when it comes to data pricing. Like I said when I signed up with them back in 07 the site said my Sidekick Unlimited data plan was $29.99 per month, but it was actually $19.99.

    What is the current price for the Sidekick Unlimited Data plan with unlimited text?

  • Michael

    @ Jay

    As I recall, the new Sidekick data plans are $24.99 with 400 text messages or $34.99 with unlimited text messages. Data (email, web browsing, IMs…) is unlimited for either.

    The previous data plan — which those who already had a Sidekick before the new plans were implemented still have — were $20.00 ($19.99 for the LX and newer) for unlimited data and texts.

  • G1 lover


  • Mila

    I still pay $20 for the Sidekick Unlimited Plan, if you’ve been a long time sidekick user they don’t change your data plan, although I suppose that’d change if you get the new Sidekick 2009 because of 3G. Also, I recently read the release is for May (13?) I read some where that they wanted to make this phone affordable, but I doubt it. Probably $399.