Open Comment Friday


Well my fine readers, its that time again, Open Comment Friday. Time to talk about anything and everything wireless, your Friday night plans or that girl you met on the train and chickened out when it came time to ask her number. Just kidding. Seriously though, I imagine one particular story which could easily be called one of the most anticipated stories/devices in some time for T-mobile fans would be the FCC approval of  a T-mobile branded HTC Magic/Dream/Sapphire. While I know not everyone supports the design of the hardware, the anticipation of another Android device to magenta easily outweighs any design flaws some might be disappointed in. Of course, if its more 3G device news you want, look no further than the introduction (finally, about time, hooray!) of webconnect, T-mobile’s first entry in the 3G data card broadband speed market. Of course, not everyone sees this card as the grand poomba it was meant to be, and we support parts of their argument and I suspect our readers do as well. However, T-mobile did right for its G1 customers by introducing via the Android Market an application giving customers direct access to My Account services and its been met with parades and parties. Hopefully, the possible introduction of the Touch Pro2 to T-mobile would be met with the same eagerness and party like atmosphere that the Android App has seen and judging by a ROM floating around the internets we might just see this device pop up on magenta sometime. Last but not least of course were the videos used to introduce the newsweek, they are funny and entertaining and clearly destined never to have “official” T-mobile sponsorship. Regardless, they do a much better job than the current G1 advertising and they are definitely worth a look if you haven’t already done so!
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