Webconnect Launches Today


As originally thought, as originally detailed, T-mobile’s first entrance into the data broadband data card world launched this morning. Webconnect, starting at $99.99 for a 1 year contract and as show above, $49.99 for a 2 year contract will offer you up to 5GB of 3G speeds per month for $59.99. Priced right in line with the competition, this is T-mobile’s first data card release to  take advantage of their 3G network and first reports show that T-mobile is ready to roll with their young network. Check out Crunchgearand Gizmodo for quick rundowns on how this little USB stick performed during its first speed runs. Still no word on Mac connectivity, only that its expected in the “coming months,” so PC users, this is all yours for now. 

Pick up Webconnect @ T-mobile.com