T-mobile Releases MyAccount to Android Market, World Peace is at Hand


G1 users can now easily access remaining minutes, messages, billing details and more right from the comfort of their very own Android app. T-mobile has released their very first Android market application in the form of a “My Account” app which while not different from the My Account internet page still offers up: current activity, bill summary, plan information, online payment, help guides, forums, battery info, storage info, and more. 

I think its safe to say that this download belongs on every G1 user’s handset as tracking minutes and other usage details is probably standard monthly practice anyway, this app just makes it that much easier. Bravo for T-mobile for releasing their very own application especially with regards to Android and showing a level of commitment to a platform few carriers ever demonstrate. 

Have you tried this yet? Sound off in the comments!

Thanks Taylor, Androidandme


  • BigBear550

    Great App. make sure Wi-Fi is off before launching, i dont know why but it doesnt work on Wi-Fi

  • It doesn’t work, just like web2go ( won’t unless you’re using EDGE/3G.
    At first, I was ok, seeing the small footprint from downloading it (128 kb).
    After installing, the foot print doubled. Memory space is a precious commodity on the G1 – unless you store your db or apps on the sd card.
    It is an improvement over going to web2go, more information based on our phone.
    Over all, not bad.

  • I mean, it needs wifi off to work, like web2go, in order to access our IMEI information and account information.

  • Yeah I saw it yesterday on http://www.tmobileg1fans.com and download it after that. So far I like it.

  • rickb928

    Um, actually, it won’t work if WiFi is *enabled*.

    I’m at my work site, and right now the Wifi AP isn’t answering. I’m on EDGE, and it complained that I had to turn WiFi off even though I’m not connected to a WiFi AP.

    Kinda unfortunate, since I *do* leave my WiFi on all the time. I use WiFi at home until TMO fixes 3G in my little 12 sq mi corner of Mesa, AZ (or admits it isn’t covering that area).

    It would be nicer to recognize WiFi isn’t connected, or even to encrypt the data, but that’s out of scope for this app.

    Still, as cooler than SelfHelp. I’ll use it.

  • tato22


  • Jonathan

    Though simple, it’s very useful. It would be great if Tmo did a lot more app making. None the less, thanks Tmo!!

  • monkey13

    definitely worth it. you not only get the plan usage but also your phone storage status, sd storage status and battery life in %. overall, pretty useful app.

  • byounngg

    i like so far had it for like a day or 2

  • Chris

    I have about 1/2 of my 8 GBSD card full, and the text says 4000 MB used and 4000 MB available, but the green ‘progress bar’ shows only about 5% full (should be 50%). Hmmm… Anyone else have this problem?

  • InfidelCastro

    I guess that kills SelfHelp which did the minutes and billing part of MyAccount great App. Where’s the number of text messages stored anyway since it’s not metered out onto my.t-mobile.com?

  • Matt

    What is it labeled as in The Market? I can’t find it.

  • Matt

    Nevermind. :)

  • Paul Brannan

    Nice little app. Installed it yesterday.

    Doesn’t work if wifi is enabled (why can’t it just disable wifi when I run it?)

    Doesn’t track data transferred.

  • Mr. Hi-Definition

    I installed the app and I like it but ever since I installed it, I can’t log into mytmobile online… It’s a little odd, but I haven’t heard anyone with this problem so far.

  • zombo

    i keep getting unable to retrieve you account status, please try again late error. ideas?