Webconnect Launch News


Actually its not so much news as it is just a simple update. I think by now we’ve already covered enough of the webconnect details that can possibly be said. So here is what we are looking at, $49.99 for the webconnect data card on a 2 year agreement and $99.99 on a 1 year. Unfortunately, I can’t verify if its before/after rebate but I’d be betting on the latter. Still, its not a bad price…what is bad however is that it looks to be PC only. No word on when or if Mac connectivity is going to be available in the future but I think its a safe bet to say that Mac users won’t be ignored for long. Either way, two days remain before T-mobile finally joins the ranks of the big boys with their very own 3G data card and its about time.

  • smubound

    It’s not going to currently work on a Mac…sorry guys…

  • rhiannon

    Mac connectivity coming, but not at launch, that is my understanding.

  • bob smith

    now if Tmo would only lower the monthly price!

  • alt-mobile

    PC sucks…I’m a mac!

  • does anyone think thats its going to be faster than the at&Ts and verizon and sprint laptop cards??? cause i currently have at&T and the 3G is soooo slow. i been planning to cancel at&t and move to verizon or sprint cause i had it with at&t’s crappy 3G network… so does any body knows how fast this t-mobile laptop thingy is going to be because i care about speed.. and price and it looks like t-mobile has a average price to use this thing. cause with at&T i pay like about $100.00 bucks a month and its totally not worth it cause its soooo god dang slow.. so could anyone help me out.. i would not mind switching to t-mobile because i live in cali were the t-mobile 3G network is brand new.. please help a sista in need of some serious help…… thankx

  • Deb

    So when will the card be available?

  • confused

    I don’t get it… Why would I pay extra for this? I already pay ~60 a month for my tmobile cell service that includes unlimited data.

    For the amount of time an average user spends tethered, I don’t see the value in the extra cost…. It is not like this could replace your home connection, yeah? I am perfectly comfortable on the train with my EDGE connection running the netbook…

  • imkindacool

    i can guarantee it will work on mac. according to the training material it works perfectly on mac, its just that the software that’s preloaded on the dongle wont work. the software will “choose the most optimal connection to use whether it be wifi, or 3g” as well as monitor usage.

  • TRobshi

    It’s not gonna sell well unless they lower it to $50 a month at least… and maybe give it a higher GB cap too.

  • byounngg

    Ill stick with my sprint. With no cap. I sighned up with them a few months ago when they had the unlimeted plan going on .

  • Lisa

    Why leave out MACS? I’m sure they’ve had plenty of time to test operability with both MACS and PC’s.

    T-Mobile appears to be really discouraging the service by keeping the price up and high with their much larger rivals and further restricing service to those who mainly use PC’s.

    Perhaps they are really afraid of overwhelming the network and what better way to do this than to not make it available to everyone or at a price that everyone is willing to pay?

  • A-Rod

    Completely absurd to leave out Mac support. Mac now owns 12 percent of the computer market, and the vast majority of their users are the same demographic as T-Mobile targets. When will we get our act together? I spent an entire week getting my Blackberry to tether to the Mac for data, a service which neither T-Mobile or Mac offer troubleshooting or support. T-Mobile needs to realize that it is alienating a pretty large group of people here, and considering our target customers, reaaaaaally needs to get their act together on the Mac front. Anyways, how hard would it actually be to make it supported? Another day or two on the software front? Christ, this is borderline inexcusable.

  • Frank Castle

    “I already pay ~60 a month for my tmobile cell service that includes unlimited data”
    Agree, but we’re talking about an online connected LAPTOP anywhere you go. We have smartphones w/ data plans, but that isn’t a replacement for a PC or laptop by any means.

    However, I agree with you in that I ALREADY pay for a data plan, they should have a plan for those of us who are already are on a data plan and want to use a 3G card using the same SIM.

    “It is not like this could replace your home connection, yeah?”
    All the cellphone companies don’t want you to realize that. Honestly, they really don’t. They want people to believe that 3G networks are just as good as DSL or cable and make you switch… under contract of course. I know a girl who went to T-mobile and the guy was spouting all kinds of BS, trying to get her to sign up for a data plan and that she could cancel her Roadrunner, that T-mobile 3G would be just as fast and she would have an all-in-one bill, blah blah blah. After she told me, I was so pissed I wanted to track that salesman down and beat him. The average person doesn’t understand, so how many people has he conned into this? Ridiculous.

  • daryl

    To Monique

    Currently AT&T is running HSPA 3.6 and T-Mobile has HSPA 7.2 so T-Mobile should be faster. However AT&T is currently upgrading to 7.2.

    Difference in speeds between the two could vary on based on location. Factors that can affect speed.
    1. Distance between you and the tower
    2. Number of people using the network
    3. Base station backhaul

  • Rotten Core

    Apple fanboys say “blah blah blah, blah blah, Mac, blah blah blah”

    Ohhh… so you mean the nearly 30 years of Apple’s existence, none of you realized that they have less support for software/hardware until now? No, no, this must just be T-mobile. Its definitely a conspiracy and you should most certainly take it personally.
    Dumb. That’s why you bought Apple, cause it was different, remember? (Unless of course you’re a graphic designer/ animator /photographer/ filmmaker/ music artist or producer, then you get a free pass out of the “I bought Apple just to be different” club).

    I buy a Saab and guess what? there’s no after-market body kits for Saabs! Oh, the conspiracy! Why they always making that junk for Hondas and not Saabs?? Wah wah wah

  • Cunningham

    I could be incorrect, but my understanding is that the SOFTWARE won’t work for the mac, the card itself can still plug right in and go. I can check when I get back to work tomorrow though, I”m bringing my laptop in to show it off.

  • Joe

    I’ve never used a 3G laptop data card before. I’m sure it’s substantually slower than broadband, but, is it really slower than DSL? If so, by how much? Is it even worth paying for? Or, am I better off just keeping my $10/mo. Hotspot service for usage away from home? Any informative feedback will be appreciated…thanks!

  • rctennis3811


    T-Mobile US actually has a 1.8mbps cap right now. Their next step is to upgrade to 3.6, which is what AT&T has.

    ^^info per the GSM Association

  • JQUINN73


  • alt-mobile

    Man there’s a lot of hate and anger in these postings…

    I think there needs to be a posting with the famous quote from the Office –> hug it out bitch… (Michael Scott)

  • Jon

    You’re right on the money Rotten Core!

    You can never be surprised by the number of Apple users who think they’re buying their overpriced macbooks to be unique, and then they and their “unique” friends can’t play games or do anything with their overpriced laptops because no one cares to support apple’s closed systems.

  • mingkee

    I think the problem is on Huawei
    if they don’t offer Mac support, T-Mobile can’t do anything

  • SpanDizzle

    According to the retail box/packing, MACos coming soon! And dang, it looks super clean and very small!

  • A-Rod

    I bought a Macintosh after 3 consecutive PC’s crashed within a week outside their warranty. So, you could say that I buy overpriced computers, but I would say I invest my money wisely. And for your information I had the AT&T 3G card tethered to my iBook which lasted 3 and a half years without a problem. I love how people love to shout FANBOY though. Christ…

  • A-Rod

    HAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA, you drive a Saab…ROFL…

  • Rotten Core

    Holy crap A-rod (wait, did you name yourself after the same steroid chugging self centered piece of crap Yankee A-rod? I hope not!).

    You’ve missed the point entirely.

    I don’t own a Saab you non-allegory getting fool. I’m saying Apple is to PC what Saab is to Honda. If you buy a Saab, don’t expect easy-to-find aftermarket parts. Mind you, Saab is actually a good car (except for their crappy GM-built SUV) and its a small company known for quality and uniqueness. Gee… really? Maybe I WASN’T insulting Apple with that comparison? Holy crap, reading IS fundamental!
    However, the money you spend on a Saab CAN be spent a lot of other more powerful or stylish cars. Saabs ARE overpriced.
    And so then I’m saying PC = Honda. Mass produced. Some are rock solid, some are pieces of junk. But no matter what, you can always find that gaudy spoiler or cold air intake for ANY model Honda.

    That you couldn’t even GET that comparison means you ARE a fanboy.

    So the WHOLE POINT is… don’t complain about T-mobile because they didn’t come out with Mac specific software. “wah wah wah they’ve alienated Mac peoples”. Buying a Mac means you’ve fully accepted the possibility that a lot of software and hardware is NOT going to be compatible. You’ve fully accepted that you may have to purchase a lot of proprietary software and hardware at higher cost. Youve accepted this the moment you put money into a Mac. To complain about it after the fact and after admitting that Mac is only 12% of the PC market is ridiculous, self-serving and unnecessary.

    At&t blah blah… then why are you here? Why are you even complaining about a 3G card if you are savvy enough to tether your Mac anyway? You’re here to complain for the sake of complaining and other than me calling you out on it, no one cares. If T-mobile doesn’t give you what you need, then DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT instead of whining on a blog site about your Mac.

    Leave it to a Mac fan to make every article read on a blog site somehow an Apple issue.

    I apologize to tmonews and everyone for the rant. If you are a Mac user, more power to you. Just don’t let me hear you whine about things that are obvious.

  • J

    The difference between 1.8 and 7.6 may not even be noticeable in the real world experience. AT&T is currently dealing with a larger customer base than T-Mobile. This means they have more strain on their system than T-Mobile. The average AT&T customer on 7.6Mbps could very easily be getting slower data rates than T-Mobile on 1.8Mbps.

    It all really just depends on how many T1s you want to pay for every month to serve X number of people. You can pay $1,000 a month for 1 T1 to cover an area or 4 T1s at $4,000 a month. For a given market, maybe you have 400 3G cell sites. So to go from 1.8 to 7.2 market-wide you are looking at an additional 1.2 million per month for transport cost. What you are actually likely to see happen is for a cell to be brought up initially at 1.8 and if the demand warrants it, more bandwidth will be added. There will be a certain data rate that T-Mobile will set as a quality of service throughput number, and they will likely add or remove T1s based on that.

  • mingkee

    it’s good that $40 Total internet is still there
    then just grab unlocked phones, even 6263 or TM506 and tether away
    nokia 5330 unlocked is due July

  • RobertS

    Don’t use a TM506. It is not supported.