Webconnect Pops up in the Wild


Absolutely, positively nothing new to report on the T-mobile webconnect but since some in the wild pictures turned up, why not post, especially since its a slow news day. We got our hands on two pics from our tipster who really wanted some focus on the T-mobile logo on the back. We already had a pretty good idea of what this anticipated device would look like, but I guess one more glance before the release date can’t hurt. 

Recapping the important details,  $59.99 for 5GB of data which represents almost zero price difference from T-mobile’s big competitors we know how po’ed some of you were the last time we posted this (and the time before that.) Also of note is that the required sim card is only good for data usage, no voice. Anything above and beyond 5GB of data incurs a $0.20 per MB charge. That will rack up quickly!!

One more pic follows the jump. 


  • Well, as much as I did want this, I can’t afford to drop another $60 a month. Thank goodness for G1 wifi tether application. Plus, I don’t have to swap the sim card.


  • Flyers1

    Total Rip-Off IMO. Pricing should have been set at $49.99, 10GB per month and this would have been a major success before it even got released.
    I’m perfectly fine doing the very same thing with my G1 connected to my laptop.

    One question if I may ask. Would this be any quicker as far as bandwidth goes then Tethering (Wifi via G1 ad-hoc)?

  • Puv

    I cant see this being faster than tethering.

    Question is, for those of us with the grandfathered Total Internet plan, how much would JUST the USB modem cost without a contract?

    I’d imagine swapping my SIM into this would work.

  • Moi

    The pricing is $49.99 on a 2 year, (the usual $50 more for the 1 year), but it hasn’t been clear whether they’ll do it with a mail in rebate. Expected without contract cost will probably be $159.99 or $199.99. And there’s been a lot of talk about the device not working with anything but the new webConnect plan, so I’m not sure you could play the game of using an old plan with it. We will see.

  • Arthur V

    I don’t see where TMO is going with this. To be quiet honest at that price I might as well go with AT&T for my wireless connect card, no? I mean 40 bucks a month plus a tethering device or simply either one of the NEW internet bundles (25 and 35) for any tether capable device is so much better than paying 60 for 5 GB cap? TMO COME ON ALL READY!

  • mingkee

    there’s no way to get sales, while price and usage limit is EXACTLY SAME as other 3
    if you’re dealer, and sell similar service from all 4 carriers, with same price and 5GB limit
    if you’re customer, which one you want to sign?
    definitely NOT T-Mobile, period!

  • Ryan

    T-Mobile is insane. They can’t possibly think that ANYONE would be stupid enough to actually purchase this at 59.99 a month? WHY? I could go out and get an AT&T/Sprint/Verizon data card with probably twice the coverage of T-Mobile for the SAME price. They definitely need to be more competitive or this will be just another paperweight.

  • Matthew

    I agree. I actually already use Sprint for their mobile broadband service. I was hoping I could switch to T-Mobile, but it looks like there is no point!

  • 2 year contract – $49.99
    1 year contract – $99.99

  • Moe

    This shit sucks,I would rather go with Cricket 3G, Unlimited for 45 Dollars…….. It makes more sense, and less cents. Tmobile is starting to be worth Bull…

  • some dude

    now with the unlimited plan of $49, why dont they just give you the option to tether our G1’s for like an extra 10, 15, 20.

    Then again you can root your G1 and Tether for free, like i did.