Webconnect Pops up in the Wild


Absolutely, positively nothing new to report on the T-mobile webconnect but since some in the wild pictures turned up, why not post, especially since its a slow news day. We got our hands on two pics from our tipster who really wanted some focus on the T-mobile logo on the back. We already had a pretty good idea of what this anticipated device would look like, but I guess one more glance before the release date can’t hurt. 

Recapping the important details,  $59.99 for 5GB of data which represents almost zero price difference from T-mobile’s big competitors we know how po’ed some of you were the last time we posted this (and the time before that.) Also of note is that the required sim card is only good for data usage, no voice. Anything above and beyond 5GB of data incurs a $0.20 per MB charge. That will rack up quickly!!

One more pic follows the jump.