Open Comment Friday


Its that time again, open comment time, when all the readers come together and feel free to talk about anything, everything tech. Its been a fairly busy week with the regular Cupcake rumors floating around, all of which of course, turn out to be false. Staying on the topic of possibles however, we got what is believed to be the first glimpse of a branded Nokia 5330 destined for T-mobile. Definitely some skepticism as to the validity of the picture but we’re rolling with it since we know the phone itself will come in a AWS 3G variant. Speaking of possible releases again, Mr. Blurrycam came by this week to visit with a glance at what is hopefully the very first Samsung Android phone destined to hit store shelves sometime in the 3rd quarter this year. No word on what carrier will be the lucky recipient of this particular model, but we know T-mobile will be on the receiving end of Samsung Android eventually. One highly anticipated device we do know is coming to T-mobile in just a matter of days is the very first 3G data card, dubbed “webconnect.” Expectations run high for this first entrance into the world of broadband web speeds for T-mobile laptop users, of course with that is also the monthly price tag. Make sure you watch this T-mobile commercial for a good laugh! Of course, on the topic of humor is the rumored debut of the HTC Maple at CTIA, the rumored successor to the T-mobile Dash. I say “on the topic of humor” because looking at that thing, just makes me laugh. Last but not least are two stories regarding the “most profitable” phone in T-mobile’s arsenal, the G1. According to a recent news story, G1 users download 40+ apps for the device and we here at Tmonews decided to take a poll to see if that was steeped in reality. Turns out, it was. So my question is, what are you all doing downloading 40+ apps? Go outside! 

Seriously though, that was a pretty long paragraph and any English teacher would faint from reading it. Either way, the comments are now open for you to discuss whatever you like, the above topics or anything else on your mind! Discuss!


  • Godbolt

    anyone heard anything about the htc touch pro2 heading for T-mobile?

    will it have 3g if it comes.

    Also, why do they take the front facing camera off american versions of phones?

  • WXman

    Still like my G1…but getting tired of waiting on cupcake. This phone needs an overhaul for email, on-screen keyboard, etc. And, the market needs overhaul too…when things were all free there was trash and there was a little goodness in there. Now, the market has MORE trash, and now you have to pay for it. How about somebody actually develop a GOOD app. before trying to charge money?

  • TomCruise

    does anyone know if htc touch pro2 is going to sport a sexy design or will it be a black shiny rectangular brick like Wing was/is?

  • @WXman The aHome app has been getting rave reviews for a paid app… The G1 is a good phone. Yes, it could get better but I’m fine with patiently waiting.

  • Anyone try the tethering software PdaNet for the G1? I tried it last night and had couple problems, but it’s pretty good even on the slow Edge.

  • Anyone know when we will get 3G in southern Colorado?

  • Godbolt


    check it out at its beautiful phone with a big screen.


    Here’s something we should all take note of. In order for a phone to operate on T-Mobile’s 3G network the phone needs to have the 1700Mhz band. The phone will obvious work for voice with no issues but the 3G data performance will not possible. If you look at HSPA/UTMS specs on most 3G phones you will notice that they all lack the magical 1700 number and you will only have the joy of using the much closer and hopefully soon deceased EDGE network. Blame this blunder on T-Mobile for not being aggressive in getting the phone manufacturers on the 1700 train. Doubt what I say? Here’s some proof:
    Notice the US version requires the 1700/2100 band for 3G? You can reference that site and find that all the 3G phone don’t have it.

    Take a look at other sites that report on tech/phones and see how many phones AT&T customers get to enjoy.
    The highlight of the week for T-Mobile was the ‘possible branding’ of a low end Nokia handset. May Cupcake….maybe Donut? Oh wait… we got WebConnect too! Big Whoop!
    Don’t misunderstand me…I like many of you enjoy T-Mobile but I’m an upward mobility type person that would like to have a mobile device to accent my life. So far T-Mobile’s answer to that is the G1. I’m at IT guy (I work in network security) but clearly you can see the G1’s design was conjured up by some pale faced engineers (ie. Google) who don’t have a clue about the aesthetic appeal a device should have. They thought that I phone should resemble a widget….a door widget at that.

    Seems to me that TMo would rather be the #4 guy in the sandbox instead of #1. Number one in customer service but the bottom dweller when it comes to phone offerings. Our carrier’s best handset (the G1) looks like it was crapped out by Bender. If you don’t know how that is just wiki Futurama.

  • Matthew

    I would like to know when the Touch Rpo2 is coming to T-Mobile as well. I believe they take the cameras off because they are primarily used for video calling and we dont have the capability here yet.

  • MR. G


  • t-mobile suckz period get verizon is da way 2 go.. t-mobile has ugly phones and a crappy 3G network. i read all da comments above me and everyone is complaining about how t-mobile doesnt have any decent phones. so why do they have t-mobile in the first place?? and if u guys are cheap which i guess u guys are. and are with t-mobile only cause they have the cheapest plans. well good luck. u get what u pay for. u pay a little bit u get a crappy network with crappy phones….. so stop being so cheap and get and change carriers. yes verizon is the most expensive cellphone company out there but u get what u pay for. U PAY ALOT U HAVE A GOOD NETWORK AND A GOOD SELECTION OF PHONES. **** peace***

  • MR. G

    whoa… why the hell are u on a tmobile forum? “anne” WE DONT FUX WIT VERIZON!!!

  • alt-mobile

    anne = retarded

  • Godbolt

    I have tmobile because with the customer loyalty plan I virtually have an unlimited everything plan for $65. Talk+text+web2go on unlocked iPhone. Oh yeah and you can use phones from other gsm carriers (AT&T, rogers, etc.. Can you do that with your precious verizon? Didn’t think so

  • FILA

    you kno what? On second note, I dont need T-Mobile’s 3G on that 5800, Im perfectly fine not changing my plan and sticking with WiFi on the phone, I mean almost every public place you go to, you can pick up a WiFi signal right?

  • henry

    Asides from the webconnect modem and that nokia 5330, does tmobile even have any phones coming out before Q3 this year? this is getting ridiculous. 3G was supposed to usher in this new era for tmobile, now we’re getting even fewer phones than we were to begin with. pathetic.

    AT&T: we’ve got the bold! we’ve got the Fuze! we’ve got the iPhone!
    Verizon: we’ve got the storm! we’re getting the 9630!
    Sprint: Please continue to hold for the next available representative.
    T-Mobile. we got the 8900! and the nokia 1680! And the Motorola ACTV! And a pointless 8MP cameraphone with a shit lens! wøøt wøøt! we rock!
    CINCINATTI FRICKIN BELL: We’ve got the Nokia E71!


  • mingkee

    we need to use the logic…
    how long the customers at Cingular side to get unlocked 3G phone with 850/1900?
    Cingular started to deploy 3G right after acquired old ATTWS, I remember the very first unlocked 3G phone with 850/1900 was original HTC TyTN, released in later 2006, almost 2 years
    the first 2 unlocked 3G phones with band IV will be
    Pharos 137, it’s said delayed till May
    nokia 5330, it’s slated for July/August this year in Asia (it has band IV 3G)
    it’s barely more than a year after initial launch in NYC
    I’d see T-Mobile will become the most affordable 3G carrier, if they want to boost 3G sales to get more money, they have to offer more affordable data options, including data card/tethering, even it’s $10 lower and/or 10GB limit (plus bulk rate $2/GB overage)
    even 3G has up to 1MB (or close to 400kbps with basic UMTS), the performance is consistent
    hopefully T-Mobile won’t mess with my grandfathered VPN total internet, then I’m gonna be a happy camper for time being

  • Kimalito Almonte

    What are the upcomming phones for tmobile ??

  • Burt

    Ok I work for radioshack and I sell tmobile, att, and sprint.
    I am getting tired of waiting for the update for the g1. I bought the g1 and loved it but got bored on the apps and the low space built on the phone, so right now im using the iphone 2g unlocked.
    I heard this past week about the new update for the iphone!!!! WOW it pretty much makes the iphone the PERFECT PHONE EVER!!.
    I Love Tmobile and believe they are the best. Tmobile needs to improve on its phones, i was kinda disappointed in the memior and the behold.

    I have another question real quick… will the new wing 2 have 3g? i know the g2 will but its the same exact phone just w/o the keyboard.


  • rommel

    anne,you know you have boost mobile.,do your home work about tmobile.-fuckin idiot!

  • f**ck every one that is talking shyt bout me… t-mobile o i mean lame-mobile suckzzzzz

  • drivethruboy168

    @ anne,

    What do you know about speeds?? Like apple and at&t are getting sued for false advertising or 3G speeds on the iPhone, before you decide to open yor mouth in a t-mobile forum, do your homework. T-mobile is the most reliable network I have ever had! They have the only “true” 3G network out of anyone, they just haven’t unleashed it all out. Go stick your your verizon phone, “network” and money up that little ass of yours and continue getting ripped off. The only 2 phones verizon has going for them is the storm and the omnia! Kiss our ass and go complain about your own horrible service! We are more then happy here! We’ll see you back here by years end!

  • mingkee

    do you know VZW has a nick: Sir Charge?

  • hot lady

    WHEN IS THE Huawei Android phone COMEING TO TMOBILE

  • rommel

    anne,its time you re-up your minutes at wallmart,you know-prepaid.

  • rommel

    oh by the way anne,they cash welfare checks too.

  • typhusmorael

    I just have to say that No matter what carrier you have you will have problems, however with the exception of signal issues and phones if anyone has a billing problem with t-mobile it’s most likely because they didn’t take the time talk it over with any of the customer care reps and just assumed they were right all along. on another side of that I have a pretty expansive knowledge of how cell phone services are billed and when I had Verizon and cingular I on several occasions had very serious billing issues that involved charges that came out of nowhere. as an example getting charged long distance fees to Arizona from Idaho when I was on a Nation wide plan or when Verizon decided that my unlimited texting plan didn’t include texting anymore. I had to literally fight tooth and nail to get a credit for the overage costs in both situations and both times i was treated like I was some kindergardener that just didn’t understand. with TMO, yeah things have come up, but always it has been fixed and always with a good attitude without making me or my family out to be morons. I love TMO and can’t wait to see what happens next….also Anne you suck

  • The Guy

    Leave Anne the 15 year old high school e-thug internet gangster alone. If you feed the mangy cat it will keep returning. This is a T-mobile forum no one cares about why anyone else thinks Verizon or AT&T is better.

  • The Guy

    Man I wish the Mommys and Daddys of these kids would monitor their internet usage.. Go back to your Hannah Montana forum where you belong lil girl.

  • David is past your bed time..go to bed and quit trying to get attention on this site. You have crappy Verizon..go on one of their blog sites and whine all you want about your overpriced, over rated service! I think Anne is like 9 or 10…based on how she acts.

  • Anne_Sucks

    You all should have understood Anne, She/he is just a little kid who wants to get on T-Mobile to get the sidekick. Who goes to every store that carries a sidekick and yells WOW all the time but cant get one coz of underage and her parents just wont switch service.Now she is so pissed for not been able to get the sidekick she started to act like she hates T-Mobile. Poor Anne stuck with Verizon for 9 more years.

    Anne is that you playing with the computer?????? its your bed time go to bed else dads gonna come and spank you.

  • all of u guys are dum azzes im 29

  • mingkee

    even a 29 can act like a 12 years

  • rommel

    anne dont you have to go to the free clinic tomorrow?

  • Colin Small

    Is this what open commenting is all about? What a waste.

    Does anyone know if T-Mobile is getting the HTC Magic(G2)? If they are any time frame?

    My guess as to why there hs been no cupcake update is because of the G2. It runs cupcake. T-Mobile is most likely waiting for that phone to release so it can boast the additional features to get more sales before they give it to G1 owners.

  • freeQwnC

    I was just about to ask that.. Im deciding between G1 or Magic? but I wanna know if magic will come here! I hope it does, cuz its such a sexy device!

  • freeQwnC

    I cant wait till CTIA April 1st – 3rd . i wanna know what T-mobile reveals. and if it mentions The Magic in US, in a reasonable time frame. then i might hold off on buying a G1. And ive waited a Looooonnnnggg time for a Good T-Mobile Phone. and ive decided I wanna go Android. so T-Mobile PLZ Bring SOME MORE ANDROID LOVE TO US!! SPECIFICALLY Some MAGIC LOVE..

  • Confused…

    Cant wait to see Tmobs version of the Touch Pro 2.

  • Rommel

    Is the mall closed anne?

  • mando

    @ anne
    have you been eating shit cause your mouth is full of it bitch. little ass girl


    Message to Anne: Shove your Verizon phone up you stinkin’s a** and get a life. If you claim that your service is so much better go to one of those ‘Can Ya Hear Me Now’ fan b*tch sites and show you love.

  • mingkee

    where is anne now?
    did she get too many clients that she can’t post, or her beloved carrier cut her off?!

  • JT

    I can’t believe that you all let Anne get to you the way she has and many of you handled it well and stooped to her level. On some levels she is right and many of you will agree. I have been with TMobile for many years and I just like many of you are getting tired of waiting for tmobile to catch up with the other carriers. As far as coverage I am mostly pleased with call quality. I have some dropped calls, but not many. As far as the choice of phones and technology they are way behind and there is no comparison to the big 3 and this is the area that makes me consider leaving, but customer service is great with T-Mobile and that is mostly why I stay. I considered going to Sprint, but good luck understanding their customer service reps (India)and Verizon and AT&T are way too expensive so I am staying. If Verizon and AT&T had an unlimited calling and text plan for around $100 I probably would change, but they don’t, so I like most of you will wait.