Open Comment Friday


Its that time again, open comment time, when all the readers come together and feel free to talk about anything, everything tech. Its been a fairly busy week with the regular Cupcake rumors floating around, all of which of course, turn out to be false. Staying on the topic of possibles however, we got what is believed to be the first glimpse of a branded Nokia 5330 destined for T-mobile. Definitely some skepticism as to the validity of the picture but we’re rolling with it since we know the phone itself will come in a AWS 3G variant. Speaking of possible releases again, Mr. Blurrycam came by this week to visit with a glance at what is hopefully the very first Samsung Android phone destined to hit store shelves sometime in the 3rd quarter this year. No word on what carrier will be the lucky recipient of this particular model, but we know T-mobile will be on the receiving end of Samsung Android eventually. One highly anticipated device we do know is coming to T-mobile in just a matter of days is the very first 3G data card, dubbed “webconnect.” Expectations run high for this first entrance into the world of broadband web speeds for T-mobile laptop users, of course with that is also the monthly price tag. Make sure you watch this T-mobile commercial for a good laugh! Of course, on the topic of humor is the rumored debut of the HTC Maple at CTIA, the rumored successor to the T-mobile Dash. I say “on the topic of humor” because looking at that thing, just makes me laugh. Last but not least are two stories regarding the “most profitable” phone in T-mobile’s arsenal, the G1. According to a recent news story, G1 users download 40+ apps for the device and we here at Tmonews decided to take a poll to see if that was steeped in reality. Turns out, it was. So my question is, what are you all doing downloading 40+ apps? Go outside! 

Seriously though, that was a pretty long paragraph and any English teacher would faint from reading it. Either way, the comments are now open for you to discuss whatever you like, the above topics or anything else on your mind! Discuss!