More Webconnect Details


Having already confirmed the existence of the webconnect 3G T-mobile data card that is forthcoming later this month, we no longer need to rumor monger and can bring some solid pricing information to the table. First and foremost the $59.99 monthly pricing stands at a 5GB monthly allowance including unlimited hotspot access. Usage above and beyond the 5GB monthly allowance will be allocated at $.20MB and voice usage will be totally barred. Sticking the sim-card from the webconnect data stick into a phone will not allow voice calls. Domestic roaming will be blocked but international roaming will be allowed based on currently available roaming rates. Postpaid customers will be able to take advantage of this offer right from the get-go with flexplay subscribers to follow.

Now, given the comments following the last post regarding the 5GB cap and the small uproar over T-mobile’s desire not to undercut the competition with either more data or lower pricing or a combination of both we take a look at what exactly 5GB of data can look like.

At 5GB of usage, you can do over 1,700,000 emails at 1 page no attachments OR look at close to 35,000 webpages OR do 1700 20 page powerpoint presentations OR download close to 1300 3 minute songs. Each one of those independently would take you to the magic 5GB cap number and anything above and beyond would it that $0.20 per 1MB overage charge.

To give you a better look at what overages could look like, it would take 341 emails to hit the 1MB overage cap,  OR 6 web pages, OR .025 of a 3 minute song, OR 0.3 of a powerpoint presentation and a patridge in a pear tree.




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  • Jorge

    Your information is deceitful? Pardon my

    So many emails? Of what size?

    Everyone does youtube that can take a big hit on data. How about
    Watching a movie on the go? Thats typical and would take 3 to 500
    Mb each. Podcast. Video upload. Photo upload. Those new cams
    Have high megabyte pictures

  • Jay

    eh i say keep it at 5gb if u wanna do hardcore online, youtube, movies and all that than go get a real highspeed internet service… this is just for mobile use… not to use as ur home connection to do everything under the sun

  • I thought this post was supposed to be about pricing? Its only about the data cap????? Did I miss something

  • Tariq

    What about getting this USB device and putting in my regular SIM card from my phone? Would that work if I have a data plan?

  • Tariq no you will not be able to use it with ur sim from ur phone it will be for 3g data lines only

  • g1fanatic it is 59.99 per month

  • I think I’ll stick with my G1 and WiFi tether. Much cheaper.

  • you have a G1 tether?

  • mingkee

    there’s NO WAY to sell as the price and limit is EXACTLY SAME as other 3
    where is the advantage of it?
    ATT and VZW have more coverage you need
    Sprint has better data infrastructure
    well, T-Mobile is no longer same as we know, which used “Get More from Life” once
    maybe 1-2 years later, when they realize there’s no sales at all, and they have no choice but to change, like Total Internet in 2005-2007

  • nick

    Now if only they had a large 3G network to take advantage of this. Let’s hope the announcement from earlier means it.

  • from what has been said lately in the center its gonna get bigger and better this year. already great here in dallas!!

  • mingkee

    they may miss some truth
    this data stick is used with laptop, right?
    then NOBODY would load WAP/XHTML on IE or FireFox
    a normal version engadgetmobile and BGR can take up to 2MB just home page
    if the user has to cut left and right to reduce the usage, it would use phone or PDA to browse WAP or XHTML instead
    btw, tmonews blog doesn’t have mobile version, it even loads up “normal” version even on my 6263 or TM506

  • Domestic roaming disabled? Useless for me! At least my sprint data card lets me roam!

  • Patrick

    Question…is it $.020/mb or $.20/mb….cause the post has both figures listed. Cause 2 pennies is different from 2 dimes lol(and that applies to women too LOLOL!!! J/k….just a lil bit of “too early to b e at work” humor. no offense to anyone.)

  • JB

    Keep working on a better deal or don’t even offer it.

    With the footprint and pricing, don’t waste your time or ours.

  • mingkee

    I miss the good ‘ol T-Mobile
    Get More from Life
    and much nicer company

    now, they’re simply getting greedy…..
    again, if they want to get money, they need to sell more, NOT to sell in higher price, and getting stingy

  • Phil

    Will they apply a corporate discount to this rate? I know At&t will, but Verizon won’t.

  • ThatSux

    So there’s no way to use this if you’re already paying for a data plan? I would have to pay another $60 on top of what I’m paying already?
    For no roaming and a 5gb cap. Wow. I just got a new laptop and was really looking forward to getting online w/ 3G, but hell no, not if this is what it’ll cost. $60 my ass.

  • ok so all you whiners here is the competitors pricing
    as you can see tmobile is no more expensive as the other guys!!
    ATT Data Connect $60.00 5 GB cap
    Verizon wireless broadband $59.99 5 GB cap
    sprint broadband connect $59.99 5GB cap

  • mingkee

    what advantage T-Mobile does have over other 3, other than CS?
    coverage/reception does matter, the other 3 have it
    if T-Mobile wants to sell it, they have to show why the customer should choose T-Mobile over other 3
    very simple

  • some dude

    Ill stick with my rooted G1 and a tether app running, works on my Mac with mac address filtering enabled too. no dongle to worry about, and and i get a 10 gig cap. Oh and i can make calls at the same time.

  • bob

    AH, I’m kind of bummed to see them with the same price and same 5GB cap as all the other providers. I was hoping that T-Mobile would at least give us a cheaper price or a higher data cap. At least something to offset the fact that they really do have a tiny 3G footprint compared to AT&T.

    Oh well. I can tether my BlackBerry. It’s much slower, but I don’t have a cap. And actually, it’s cheaper. :)

  • wow only if i had t-mobile 3G coverage in my area tsk tsk …. i guess im gunna have to with verizon AGAIN……..

  • some dude

    i feel for you Maria, maybe one day you can get with tmobile and stop being ripped off, and have your phone crippled by Verizon. goodluck.

  • Cyberpyr8

    When is this slated for release? I am ok with the price and cap but I want 3G speeds for my remote users in the areas where it is available now!

  • byounngg

    HAHA i sighned up last year with a sprint data card when they had no cap its unlimited for me only . but would be nice to have everything on 1 bill with t-mobile

  • So that’s $200 for each gigabyte over the cap. That’s insane.

  • there is no competitive advantage, mediocre sales expected. thanks for nothing.

  • JG

    So, I guess I’ll stick with Verizon for my data card. Nothing here that entices me over. Same price.
    Maybe if I got a pricebreak for having 2 TMo lines + this new data card, that could entice me.
    For now, I’ll stick with the same. TMo for phone, Verizon for data.

  • Floyd

    Maybe this was just something put out to stop all the damn wining about “when is T-Mobile gonna finally get a 3g data card” blah blah blah…

    If you don’t want it then I have a solution, don’t buy it.

    It always amazes me how some people can call a company greedy when they don’t get a lower price they feel they deserve for no apparent reason lol