More Webconnect Details


Having already confirmed the existence of the webconnect 3G T-mobile data card that is forthcoming later this month, we no longer need to rumor monger and can bring some solid pricing information to the table. First and foremost the $59.99 monthly pricing stands at a 5GB monthly allowance including unlimited hotspot access. Usage above and beyond the 5GB monthly allowance will be allocated at $.20MB and voice usage will be totally barred. Sticking the sim-card from the webconnect data stick into a phone will not allow voice calls. Domestic roaming will be blocked but international roaming will be allowed based on currently available roaming rates. Postpaid customers will be able to take advantage of this offer right from the get-go with flexplay subscribers to follow.

Now, given the comments following the last post regarding the 5GB cap and the small uproar over T-mobile’s desire not to undercut the competition with either more data or lower pricing or a combination of both we take a look at what exactly 5GB of data can look like.

At 5GB of usage, you can do over 1,700,000 emails at 1 page no attachments OR look at close to 35,000 webpages OR do 1700 20 page powerpoint presentations OR download close to 1300 3 minute songs. Each one of those independently would take you to the magic 5GB cap number and anything above and beyond would it that $0.20 per 1MB overage charge.

To give you a better look at what overages could look like, it would take 341 emails to hit the 1MB overage cap,  OR 6 web pages, OR .025 of a 3 minute song, OR 0.3 of a powerpoint presentation and a patridge in a pear tree.




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