Possible Dash Successor in the Midst?!


So this is another one of those, off on a limb kind of posts but the boys at Engadget just posted what is believed to be the possible successor to the HTC Excalibur, otherwise known as the Dash to T-mobile USA customers. Not to be confused with the Dash 2.0 currently on store shelves, this device looks eerily similar to a prototype shot we caught wind of some time ago. I wouldn’t bet the farm on this being a final T-mobile USA variant, but I can only hope that something very similar makes it way to magenta soon, soon.



  • I love my Dash but this thing is ugggly. All I’m looking for is a Dash form factor + 3G + Android. Is that too much to ask for? http://www.russellheimlich.com/blog/t-mobile-dash-android-3g-dream-phone/

  • J

    This looks more like a predecessor rather than a successor. Its a very odd looking photo. Almost like it was taking while it was under a heat lamp at Burger King or something.

  • freeQwnC

    that looks like a fugly device :p HTC magic for T-mobile USA anyone?

  • B

    I don’t even have the first Dash, but I really hope this isn’t the next one. It looks like one of those gargantuan keypad calculators.

  • lancelot

    It looks alright, I just hope it won’t come with WM 6.1 like in the picture

  • SebasC

    Man that thing is like a ugly stepchild… Lock it up in a tower and have it clean your floors!

  • Dom

    Looks like a 1980’s Texas instrument calculator…

  • FILA

    phone just walked out of the 80’s

  • SneakerFiend

    It reminds me of the blackberry bold.


    Please. what I want is a 3g, windows based (got TOOOO many numbers in outlook to even think about switching OS platforms), qwerty keyboard, TOUCHSCREEN phone