Loyalty Unlimited Plan goes National


As promised, albeit 24 laters than originally thought, T-mobile’s super value meal of a plan, the $49.99 unlimited loyalty plan has now gone nationwide. Remember, you have to be an existing customer for 22 months and have reliable payment history, thought we’re not really sure what exactly qualifies as reliable. So if you skipped one payment because you just HAD to take that trip to Las Vegas, we hope you aren’t disqualified from this great offer. The peeps over at howardforums are posting aplenty from around the country about this offering popping up upon login to my.t-mobile so be sure to check yours out if you meet the above conditions. Good luck!


  • I just read this on boygeniusreport hours ago, But, yay!!! Good job you guys. *Signs up for it immediately*

  • Jose

    “have reliable payment history, thought we’re not really sure what exactly qualifies as reliable. So if you skipped one payment because you just HAD to take that trip to Las Vegas, we hope you aren’t disqualified from this great offer.”

    I qualified and immediately changed my plan for this one. But I’m commenting because at times I have struggled to make a few payments and have had to make them on the following bills. For having missed a few payments (I would say about 5 or so) I still qualified for this offer. So anyone who has been with T-Mobile for the length of time required and have not screwed up really badly I’m sure you’ll be okay. Thank You T-Mobile!!!

  • Pulse

    Just signed up for it this morning woo :-)

  • Ahmed

    Me too me too i have unlimited mins now :D … lets see if i go over my mins now ;)

  • TomCruise

    wow, you guys are lucky. no such offer shown to me when i logged on. and i’ve been with them quite a long time, paid all my bills on time.

  • What happened to the new data plan that was mentioned last week? Are they changing the way the data plan works for the G1? I wish they would just combine unlimited data with the txt msg package instead of charging us extra for both.

  • Will this plan work w/ the G1? If that’s not the burning question, let me give you a light…

  • Jose

    If you have a family plan like me with three lines the new unlimited loyalty minutes for 89.99 only works for two of my line the third line have to pay an addition of 39.99 which I don’t see any of that on their website I find out about that when I call t-mobile so becarful.

  • Dave

    @tomcruise I didn’t get mine at first since I had a corporate discount. I had to take off the discount to get this deal, but it was well worth it.

  • Oh well, I well I woulda got the info 1st anyways, i had the people’s twitter account, lol

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    I didn’t have to remove my discount or my T-Zones plan; although I also didn’t get the flashy invite, I invited myself to the party…I guess when your a customer from the OmniPoint days you can pretty much get what you want.

  • Will this be a permanent plan, or a promotional plan?

  • efjay

    Is this unlimited calling to ALL carriers like Verizon’s F&F or just t-mobile calls and landlines?

  • Dan Forsee

    Well this sucks! Why are the Germans nto gining it to all American Account holders. This sucks just like thier service. Here Hitler.

  • Dan Forsee

    Well this sucks! Why are the Germans not giving it to all American Account holders. This sucks just like thier service. Here Hitler.

  • ShotWithAnSLR

    Unlimited to Everyone in the country. The plan is being offered for a “limited-time” as a promotion, but you will retain the plan as long as you are a well qualified customer (you better make your payments on time) I don’t think they would actually remove the plan, but I wouldn’t want to test this.

  • Queen4111

    I got it. It’s GREAT! :)

    If you did not get the invite when you logged onto “My T-Mobile”, just call 611 on your T-Mobile phone!

    I also kept my discount!

  • It didn’t show up when I logged in, but when I called them, they said I was eligible. SCORE!!


    GUYS, DID ANYBODY HAVE TO SIGN A 2 YEAR CONTRACT? they told me that i had to take off my corp. discount and had to sign a contract even though ive never had a late payment and been a customer since 2006. I had to threaten to cancel and was then transfered to customer loyalty to get this offer. Im in the orlando florida area. PLEASE TELL ME IF ANYBODY HAD TO SIGN A 2 YR CONTRACT TOO. Thanks

  • shotwithanslr

    ^nope. in fact I was told point blank that I did not have to enter into a new contract and that I am the best customer that they have ever had and that I smell really nice.

  • zelda

    @bobby. They have a combined data and msg plan for 34.99.I know cuz i work at a store.

  • Erck

    I had to sign a 12 month contract… which is not a problem with me, I’ve been with t-mobile from before they were t-mobile going 10 years now and I am not going anywhere. I did make sure that it didnt affect my elegibility to get an upgrade device with the big discount soon…

  • pentafive

    Called TMO to get on the new unlimited family plan. I have 2 blackberrys and 1 TalkForever line (home phone). Turns out if I want the plan I have to pay 39.99 for the Talkforever line or disconnect it.

    The rep opened up a ticket for me to *try* and get the system fixed. The problem is once they add the new rate it removed the home phone plan and they can’t reverse it.

    The rep said the more people that call in and ask to have it the higher chance it will be fixed.

    So to recap – If you want Unlimited Family – you can’t have a TalkForever home phone. Or you can have it but pay for it twice (9.99 + 39.99)

    Ohh – yes i called back more then once – spoke a manager more then once.

  • t1 connect

    Got mine this morning now I have unlimited everything on everything. Kinda makes me feel free

  • Ore

    Yay Me!

    I just upgraded online. As soon as I logged in, the offer came up.

    Unlimited everything for $80, that is awsom!

  • Nick

    I got it too, but passed. I’m good with my 1500 minutes, I never go over. I would switch but with all my lines, it would be a $60 jack-up. I already spend $350 per month on them, so I know I am their best customer lol Shot

  • Anthony in Utah

    Can anyone clarify the Unlimited Loyalty plan for me? As of right now I pay $49.99 for the Individual Plus plan that includes 1000 anytime minutes. Does this new plan have free roaming or what? Because its the same price as the plan I currently have except unlimited minutes? I’m a little confused.

  • petethepeanut

    @pentafive to kept your @home calling you just have to split the two lines into the individual unlimited plan for $50 each a month then on one of them you can have the @home feature. This may change also how much your features cost since you wouldn’t be able to have family text messaging. But that is the way you can keep your @home.

  • CED

    I signed up as well! I have a G1 (I can’t wait to get rid of) and it works with it just fine.

    @ danerooni: yep!

    @ dave: I asked the same thing, and even if they drop this promotional plan, the plan is permanent until you change it.

  • InfidelCastro

    Does two way communication mean you’ll have to pay for extras during a 3 way call? Maybe I’m just stupid, but it’s one of those sounds too god to be true deals. Pay your bill before the deadline and don’t be delinquent more then once and they offer this to you. So what’s the catch are they gonna take my 400 free text messages away too (G1)?

  • InfidelCastro

    The part yo mammy wanted you to read before you did anything foolish:
    Limited-time offer; subject to change; non-transferrable. Unlimited Loyalty Plan Terms: Unlimited features are only for direct communications between 2 people. Domestic only. Plan does not include messaging. General Terms: Offers available only to current customers who have been on qualifying post-paid plans for at least the last 22 continuous months. $35 per line activation fee applies to new lines. Regulatory Programs Fee (not a tax or government-mandated charge) of $.86/line/month apply, taxes, fees, and other upfront and monthly charges may apply. Taxes approx. 6-28% of your monthly bill. Bill Credit: Subject to credit approval. New 2-year service agreement required. Number must be ported to new qualifying line from another U.S. wireless carrier; allow up to two billing cycles for credit. Abnormal call patterns: Call duration and/or your continued eligibility for service or any rate plan may be limited or terminated for (a) consumer protection purposes, (b) abusive conduct or abnormal call pattern(s), or (c) significant roaming. Your primary use must be within T-Mobile’s owned network coverage area.


    WOOOOOOHOOOOO!!!! T-Mo loves them some ME!

    So after I see the reports all over the web about the doors being opened on the nationwide Loyalty promotion. I log into the site of Lady Magneta and I find out that I’m one of the ‘Lucky Ones’ I switch over all 3 account and I’m saving about $16/month now on each account. Unlimited yapping!!! Gotta love it!!! Now T-Mo show your loyal customers some love and bring us some killer phones this year!!! I’d love to see a T-Mobile branded version of the BB Storm (less the click screen….eeeew!!!) and the G2.
    We need more 3G phones. Quality ones…ones we can be proud of.
    I think they’re on the right track!!!!!

  • MadProfessor

    I got the offer, turned it down.
    I used less than 200 minutes last month.
    The free My Faves add-on is all I need.
    This is a sweet friggin’ deal for those of you out there who do talk a lot though.

  • Mike

    Was anyone able to keep their corporate discount when they switched to this plan? If so, who did you talk to, what did you say, what did they say…etc…

  • MagentaGlasses

    Meh, not worth it for me. I have 4 lines and we used up less then 500 min last month. I pay $135/month with G1 data right now for all lines, woould be $200 with this plan. Made sure to let all my friend know though….

  • kimberly

    I qualify but not sure if it’s what I want. Don’t use a lot of minutes but text is going up since I got the G1. If my tax return shows up next week I’m adding another G1 to my acct for my husband so the $135 credit is sweet.

  • texasjr

    This worked GREAT! I originally went to the website, but as I went thru the selections, I got a message that my other options “were not compatible” with the new plan. I went to my local T-mobile store and explained my situation. I had 1500 minutes for $49.99 and I now have unlimited for the same price. T-Mobile even kept my “grandfathered” Unlimited T-mobile Web for $19.99 and 300 texts for $2.99. What a sweet deal!

  • D

    this sux.i’ve been a customer since 2001 and i’ve never missed a payment.I’ve restarted my contract to get discounts on phones or when i’ve raised my minutes and the rep said he can see i’ve been a since 2006 but i’ve been on this line since 2001.Even if 2006 then why dont i qualify?He said i had to be there for 3 to 4 years but im like dude look at my account history,i’ve been here since 2001.I always pay my bill on time.This sux.

  • D

    I just called tmobile back and they noticed i’ve been with them for a while.Now they say i’ve been there since 2004 which is still BS cuzz i’ve been there since 2001,but i was told the only reason i don’t qualitfy is because i have the coperate discount an so i can only have 1 discount/offer.They told me even if i remove it i still wouldnt qualify because the system has already determined that im not qualified and it wouldnt be able to backtrack.Only if it becomes a regular plan then i will qualify.

  • Mike

    D, you should be able to just request that they take off the corp discount. In general always request to get transferred to the “Customer Loyalty” department. (Also known as the Department you get transferred to if “I’m pissed off and I’m going to leave T-Mo unless you fix my problem”) They’re the only ones that actually has authority to make major deals and discounts. I don’t even talk to the tier one people anymore.

    Was anyone able to get this deal AND keep their corp discount? If so, how?

  • T-MobileGirl

    So as an employee for T-Mobile I will tell you how the unlimited plan works. For 49.99 you get unlimited minutes with NO CONTRACT on an idividual account. On a fmaily account it is 89.99 for 2 lines and an additional 39.99 for any additional lines w/ NO CONTRACT. You can’t be under a corporate discount. The customers who qualify were picked to be eligible for this plan on the evening of 02/28/09. If you weren’t picked that night you won’t be eligible now. And for those who “threaten to leave T-Mobile” and abuse the system and you aren’t eligible for the rate plan because you have the corporate discount, you can try and get the rate plan you might get lucky but you have to do a 2 year contract while the other customers who are eligible don’t have to sign a contract.

  • D

    Mike, thanks but i’d rather keep my 12% discount on my monthly bill because i have the G1 with full data plan and i don’t go over my 600 minutes.I rather choose less money than unlimited minutes.

  • I can’t get this promotion because I have a corporate discount on my account. I pay $250/mo for my 3 lines & optional services and have been doing so for the past 24 months, but I’ve been a customer since 2003. I was told I don’t qualify for this promotion. I even asked about removing the corp discount to qualify & rep said it wouldn’t help. So, I’ll keep calling in to t-mo until I reach someone who can help me. Anybody here have any other ideas for me?

  • ST

    I’ve been with T-Mo since 04. I upgraded since it was the same price as before. Unlimited is cool.

  • Don

    I wanted to upgrade my 8820 Blackberry to the new 8900, but I was inform about I still needed 4 months, and it would save me $150 if I just waited…So I decided I was going to wait but before she release the call she inform me since we been loyal customers since October 2003 we were eligible to get unlimited minutes for $89.99!! so I took the offer and ran off with it! but before that I remove hotspots($9.99 which I use to get free minutes over UMA, and remove family allowance $2.00 since it was place to prevent to go over our minutes. Point and case for $8.00 I get unlimited minutes and love it!

  • bill

    at paulie, they gave you correct information the first time, there is no reason to keep calling. any customer service rep will tell you the same thing. there are more plans on the way that will be for customers with corporate discounts. just be patient

  • Mike –you are the kind of customer that I used to hate when I worked in the cingular call center…threatening to cancel just because you cant get what you want….you were the ones that I used to say, ‘please hold,’ and instead of putting you on hold, I would just end the call…glad I dont work in customer service anymore–I dont have the patience!

  • Daniel

    I had this plan for about a month now. I have unlimited messages and unlimited texting which is great for me no going over minutes