News flash! Sidekicks get stolen!


Ah yes, the slow news cycle, a bloggers least favorite happening. So we searched and thankfully msnbc gives us something to bring to the masses. Something so wonderful and engaging, we know it’ll be the subject of every conversation at water coolers across the nation!

According to the fine folks at msnbc and in their infinite wisdom, they are proud to announce, with some help from a few stats that the T-mobile sidekick is the most stolen phone in America. Most noticeable is for your Boston residents who seemingly live in the sidekick theft capital of the country. “Boston police reported more than 300 stolen Sidekicks in 2008, accounting for 14 percent of all robberies in the city.” So, if you’re a Boston resident, hold on to your kick!

Obviously the sidekicks size and general audience make them easy targets as kids usually hang them out in front of them typing away, easily identifying the device in question. Combined with the obvious ease with which sim cards can be swapped and voila, you’ve got a sidekick crime spree! 

Just remember, msnbc reported this…I was just looking for something light to report.


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  • Zach

    really crazy, its a shame, I had two people ATTEMPT to steal my d-wade sidekick from me, but the idiots didnt think me being 6’4″ would not matter, well I showed them. Nowadays I worry about my G1

  • Rell

    I could have told you that back when I was in high school I knew tons of people who would steal them and sell them or just steal them. Whats ironic is that now I don’t hear about people stealing g1’s I guess because the aim is different thats why. I mean if it was me I would steal higher end phones but hey I don’t steal.

  • face

    typical. i had a feeling that the sidekick would be the most stolen phone out on the market. i mean come on now they are everywhere. it just goes to show how pitiful some people can be

  • rashaun

    only poor ppl who cant afford a cell phone goes nd steal dat jus shows how pathetic they are but i got my sidekick 08 stolen nd i only had it for a month but if o knew were they lived i would go after them but hey dats just me smart thing u should do if ur phone is stolen check every1 nd the 1 with a high heartbeat go for them frist ignore what ur friends say nd go for the 1 who had it last