News flash! Sidekicks get stolen!


Ah yes, the slow news cycle, a bloggers least favorite happening. So we searched and thankfully msnbc gives us something to bring to the masses. Something so wonderful and engaging, we know it’ll be the subject of every conversation at water coolers across the nation!

According to the fine folks at msnbc and in their infinite wisdom, they are proud to announce, with some help from a few stats that the T-mobile sidekick is the most stolen phone in America. Most noticeable is for your Boston residents who seemingly live in the sidekick theft capital of the country. “Boston police reported more than 300 stolen Sidekicks in 2008, accounting for 14 percent of all robberies in the city.” So, if you’re a Boston resident, hold on to your kick!

Obviously the sidekicks size and general audience make them easy targets as kids usually hang them out in front of them typing away, easily identifying the device in question. Combined with the obvious ease with which sim cards can be swapped and voila, you’ve got a sidekick crime spree! 

Just remember, msnbc reported this…I was just looking for something light to report.


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