HTC Maple to Debut at CTIA?


Having gotten a preview earlier this month of the above device, the HTC Maple, the believable successor to the HTC Excalibur, better known to T-mobile users as the Dash. Now the guys at BoyGenius are calling for a CTIA uneveiling of the device, with the expected release date of May, as we previously thought. There is alot of expectation for this blackberry-esque shaped device complete with trackbell to make its way to our dear magenta. I don’t expect it to be an 8900 killer especially because I think the bubble like keys are awful but don’t let my impression stop you. 

Quick recap from BGR on specs: 

  • 2.4? QVGA display
  • Qualcomm 7228 at 528MHz
  • 156MB RAM / 256MB ROM
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard



  • J-Hop2o6

    Will the TP2 (Wing2) debut at CTIA also??

  • J-Hop2o6

    oh yea, what else is expected to debut (for TMO)@ CTIA??

  • Monster Mike

    Ew, that phone looks like a kids toy.

  • CallawayBomber

    Butt Fugly….

    Hope this one is free because Lincoln is calling for his penny back.

  • TDogg!

    Sticking with QVGA huh? BOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  • GlockBuster

    Crappy resolution, small display, ugly keys, and that matte paint job… Yuck

  • math

    i truly doubt this report is correct. based o my info (which is limited) it thankfully won’t happen at cita anyway. i would look for a new sidekick to be the tmo feature of the convention.

  • freeQwnC

    eww, its dam ugly. like i said before. T-mobile why not release the Wing II is April and this fugly device in May?..or just dont even bother releasing the Maple.. Just release the sexi HTC Magic!! :D

  • alt-mobile

    wow this is extremely ugly…

    okay and a 2MP camera and WM 6.1 combined with one of the fugliest phones i have ever seen does NOT really equate to a much better Dash…

  • mingkee

    how about if it has hybrid UMA+3G?
    can this combo offset all shortcomings?

  • Galen20K


    yeah God Awful comes to mind……

    *shakes head****

    Is it Possible the more I see it the UGLIER it Gets?!!!

    My G1 is a “DREAM” compared to this FUGNUTSUGLY THang.
    excuse my pun.

  • B

    *Additional generic FUGLY comment*

    But really though..

  • dave

    yea,this device is truly ugly.
    like really, i cant even bare to look @ it for a long period of time.

  • mykenyc a.k.a thatbronxboy

    omggggg i never comment on tmo blogs mostly on the forum but this comment is just to say omg how uggggggly this phone is. I’m ashamed to work for a company to allow this in there portfolio ugh ugh ew

  • Holy MoLy

    Why is tmobile letting so many ugly a$$ phones into their lineup. First the g1 now this??? It is like having a bmw engine in the body of a geo metro. =(

  • roberto

    I hope this is a prototype and the production model looks better. That said, the specs I’ve read for this thing include UMTS on 850/1900 MHz, not T-Mobile’s AWS, so I doubt this thin will come to T-Mobile.

    Oh and by the way, the successor to the Excalibur was the Cavalier. The Maple will be the successor to the Cavalier.

  • MagentaGlasses

    Ummmm… yeah…. can we keep the original “Dash”? Cuz this thing is just ugly.

  • looks like a dash with bubble buttons.

    Doesnt look that good.

  • Bryanska

    Some people don’t care how their phone looks… If this thing has the right stuff, I’ll buy it in a heartbeat. TMo’s windows QWERTY offerings are slim to none. If you want TMobile first and foremost, this could be a no-brainer.

  • abcyesn

    The Maple is the follower of the Cavalier and that’s about all that we officially know. The handset is said to sport a user-friendlier keyboard, a trackball and an “Inner Circle” feature which will improve the way you communicate with your closest friends depending on the time of day and day of the week. We’ll be back to check this phone when official details will be available. Until then you have time to figure out if you want an HTC Windows Mobile QWERTY handset like the Maple or you’re more of a Berry kind of person.

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