HTC Maple to Debut at CTIA?


Having gotten a preview earlier this month of the above device, the HTC Maple, the believable successor to the HTC Excalibur, better known to T-mobile users as the Dash. Now the guys at BoyGenius are calling for a CTIA uneveiling of the device, with the expected release date of May, as we previously thought. There is alot of expectation for this blackberry-esque shaped device complete with trackbell to make its way to our dear magenta. I don’t expect it to be an 8900 killer especially because I think the bubble like keys are awful but don’t let my impression stop you. 

Quick recap from BGR on specs: 

  • 2.4? QVGA display
  • Qualcomm 7228 at 528MHz
  • 156MB RAM / 256MB ROM
  • 2 megapixel camera
  • Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard