How Many Apps?


I came across an article from Fiercewireless this morning regarding the android application market and I got a little intrigued by a quote from T-mobile CTO Cole Brodman:

T-Mobile CTO Cole Brodman said the average user of a T-Mobile G1, the first and (only, for now) phone in North America running on Google’s Android platform, has downloaded about 40 applications onto their phone.

According to the article, 2300 applications currently exist on the Android market so I’m curious, how many apps have you REALLY downloaded??


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  • I’m at 43 right now. And that surprises me. I would have guessed 20ish. I’m not a big downloader. Guess I just have more than I thought. :-)

  • I don’t have more than 40 on my phone but I’ve downloaded way more than 40 to try out. if it sucks then i delete it.

    from my G1

  • Jon

    57 apps, to be exact.

    Root + Apps on SDcard helps a lot.

  • Flyyphone

    Eyyy 15 when I had the g1…how about some news on the Blackberry App World, its suppose to be out this month…what gives

  • 155. Just counted. I like to test out a lot of apps

  • Nish

    28 here.
    Didn’t know phone was capable of holding 40+ apps. Used to get “low memory” notification a lot.

  • Jared

    About 5 or so.. any reccemndations?

  • James

    I’m really disappointed with the apps on the G1. They straight up suck! I check almost every night for some decent new apps and they are garbage. Whether it be Games or Applications, free or paid, they freakin suck! Even if I keep one for a few days, the next time I go thru my phone, I end up deleting them. I like the Solitaire App, and one Flashlight App, and a fart app. The rest just aren’t good. Like I said, I’m very very disappointed with the quality of the application offerings. Makes me want an iPhone!

  • Tito

    I currently have 96 apps installed. How many I downloaded to try out? No clue but if I had to guess I’d say around 150-200. I have 17MB left on my phone, so if I see something new I’ll more or less have to axe something to make room.

    Oh yeah, and I don’t have root/apps on SD card, either :-)

    It all depends on the size of the apps as to how much you can store. I’m more of a download-small-tools-that-make-my-life-easier type of person instead of a let’s-download-that-kewl-5MB-game type of person. One of my friends is the opposite and has around 40 apps with 19MB free, so as always YMMV.

  • justinhub2003

    I have recently gotten a hold of an unlocked/ jailbroken 2.2.1 iphone 2g 4gb for really cheap (I bought it make moneu off and am still selling it latrr in the week) and am a current g1 owner now… I had an iphone 2g before but never used it and won it at work and it was before the app store and such… i

    That being said, the iphone apps are way better than the apps on the g1 as far and looks and graphics go. Like for example the sim city app for the g1 is very old school nintendo-ish and the iphones version is much like the one on your PC. I dunno what the deal is but the iphone apps look awesom.. that beinf said, the apps on my g1 are more functional as they can run in the background and stuff like that.. who wants an internet radio app that can’t run in the back ground…

    I’m gonna write a big long comparison on the 2 phones, and so far the app award goes to the iphone… hopefully this changes because I believe in android and I love what its all about. The iphones beauty is tempting but I’m not gonna lose faith in android just yet and but an iphone, even though the 3.0 update solves a lot of my gripes it still doesn’t solve multi tasking and the app store approval process

  • I have 44 so far and I plan to get more.

  • I have 15 that I honestly use daily.
    I used to have Pacman, Dictionary, Imeem, but I really didn’t use them so I took them off.
    I think there’s a lot of people who just download stuff to just have them.

  • rzm61

    I have about 142 apps right now on my G1.

  • kiladubz

    about 18 right now, but i would have a hell of a lot more if HTC decided to let me store them on my FREAKIN SD CARD!

  • Alex

    I have 40+ and there would be more if I had more space..
    I could Root it and all that ish but I don’t have the time.

  • g_willi

    I have 57 currently. That includes the ones that came with the phone and 2 apps that I wrote myself that aren’t in the Android Market… yet. That doesn’t include all the ones I downloaded and didn’t like, though. I would probably have more if I could install them to the SD card.

    BTW, @James, no one’s making you own a G1. If you’re one of those form over function sheeple, then go get yourself an iPhone.

  • Frank Castle

    @James, I respect what you’re saying, but my issue with those kind of comments always is… compared to what???? The G1 apps suck compared to……..?? The last 2 phones I had were WinMo phones and I barely had any apps for them (and I would be all over Handango looking for some new ones)… so even the ‘garbage’ on Android seems like step-up for me. Before my WinMo phones, I had a Nokia w/ Symbian OS and had maybe 2 apps for that. The mere fact that Android has it’s own App store directly on the phone, to me, is a huge step up.

    That’s what I want to hear (or read I should say)… when people whine about crappy apps, they just come off as spoiled brats (really… complain about how bad G1 apps are to someone still using a Razr. See if they care). Let us know when you finish that blog, I look forward to it.

  • Eric Thelin

    The poll needs more options on the high end. I have 109 and I am curious how many of the currently 33% that have over 40 have A LOT over 40.

  • Flyers1

    I’ll mention 2 apps in the Android Market that far exceed whatever the I-phone store has and will ever have

    Touchdown – Exchange Server program far better then the stock I-Phones
    Wifi Tether – Laptop Connect

    No app. in the entire I-Phone market comes close to those 2 apps.

    Remember Android is OPEN SOURCE and the more the developers learn the operating system the better it will get as it’s starting to show.

  • MagentaGlasses

    89 apps on SD. Have 1gb allocated for apps and it’s not even quarter full.
    Yeah, I think that apps are not too bad, Iphone def. has edge at the moment but I see a lot of good stuf in the works and xda is all over improving Gphone’s interface and usability everyday. Cupcake is just about ready (believe it or not, hehe) so let’s just be patient and watch good things come to us.

  • Y0 M4mmy Sr.

    How do you save market stuff on your SD card, or are you downloading from the devs. site directly? Can’t let your phone’s drive go below 12 megs, or Bluetooth seems to break i.e. it won’t turn on at all (unless it’s cached space then the prior statement is not applicable). 42 apps and 25 megs left with a clean cache

  • justinhub2003

    i have 81 apps from the market on my phone and no i dont just have tip cal calculators (i actually have none and one flashlight app) and i regularly check my apps and delete the ones that i dont really use and i can honeslty say that i either use or have a use for every app i have downloaded.. I have 101 apps total i believe and i have 14mbs left and tho i am rooted i dont have apps on the SD card becuase I still feel its kinda wonky and not a real solution… I also keep apps that i dont use every day saved on my SD card with Astro, so that even tho i dont need them now, i can call them up from the SD card at any given moment even if i dont have a Data connection..