Samsung Blurrycam Reveals Android?


The above image which can only be described as quite possibly the most blurrycam pic ever to hit the inter-webs allegedly gives us the very first glimpse at the first Samsung Android device. Not to be drowned out by todays other news, the above pic came to pass via a Samsung dealer show in Amsterdam and while details remain “blurry” at best, we do know via the engadget guys that the phone will have “capacitive touchscreen, rock a 528MHz processor, have some beefy (but as-yet-undefined) internal storage and microSD expansion.” Obviously the above image leaves much to the imagination so nobody in the blog world would call this a definitive sighting but we’re sure hoping Samsung is ready to announce this heavily anticipated entrance to the Android game sooner rather than later. 


Of course not to be outdone by the competition, the CEO of HTC dropped a little hint as to his companies plans for Android this year announcing that they expect to launch “at least 3” handsets this year. Obviously we know one and given the notion that HTC’s 2009 roadmap has been around for a while now, one has to ask, what exactly could the other two be?? Guesses?? Shoot them off in the comments!