HTC Leaks Confirm Upcoming T-mobile Device


While this isn’t the first time we’ve gotten a glimpse of this slide out touchscreen bad boy, its now completely safe to call it for T-mobile USA. The fine folks over at wmpoweruser have received a tip giving them some confirmed details on a small number of devices from the previously leaked HTC lineup. The above pictured phone, known as the HTC Rhodium is now “confirmed” to be headed to our dear magenta. We’ve believed this to be the case for a while now, but every confirmation, every tip help our hopes for T-mobile giving us the very best devices on the market. The specs regarding this device are still best guess, but we’re hoping for some horsepower under the hood to run this thing smoothly and quickly.

Further confirmed out to today’s info, is the confirmed release of the HTC Maple to T-mobile, though we already figured that out a few days ago. Not really sure how I feel about the looks of this one, the bubbly looking keys definitely need an up close inspection because right now, it looks like a childs today running windows mobile. 

So to all you Wing fans, who have been quietly and patiently (ridiculously long I might add) it looks like you finally have a glimpse of what the replacement to your beloved is. Both phones are expected to drop around May of 2009, so start saving that money!



  • Mark

    Finally! I’m still using my MDA. Looking forward to getting a newer device!



  • Michael

    The graphic says “Tungsten” but the text says “The above pictured phone, known as the HTC Rhodium”. The Rhodium from the previously leaked lineup seems to be the same as the Touch Pro 2 now listed on HTC’s Web site. The Tungsten looks similar but not exactly the same – e.g. the back in particular looks different. Anyone know more about how what T-Mobile is getting compares to the Touch Pro 2 / Rhodium?

  • blur(p)s

    Should this have a good, LARGE screen on it alongside actualy power, I’m getting it. If not, I’m leaving Tmo and chasing down either the Pre, Touch Pro2, or whatever else is better. Waiting for Tmobile to push something out is hecka lame.

  • blur(p)s

    but then again, this does look like the touch pro2

  • T1 connect


  • if this doesn’t have 3g i’ll flip… haha. i’m so so so sick of my damn MDA (recently replaced via equipment protection with the Wing).

  • J

    This is just a guess, but I would assume that the Tungsten and Rhodium are basicly the same phone. The Tungsten likely has some features that T-Moblie asked for specificly. This is probably something like @home capability or could just be a simple cosmetic thing. This is an extremely nice phone. As far as nice looking winmobile devices, this will compete with all the other devices.

    Back to the ugly, possible Dash 2 replacement…. Oh my God surely they didn’t take this phone as is. It is just a horrible, horrible looking phone. I get my two free phones a year and would not even consider this to be one of them. As it is now, the Wing II or G2 will be my next gadget to play with.

  • Alex

    I am hearing that this will be the new G2?

  • Jay

    If only it ran Android…

  • alt-mobile

    Wow it does look pretty slick…can’t wait for it…hopefully this one comes fully loaded a la 3G, Wifi, etc…

    Please don’t disappoint us Tmo…please…I had to downgrade from my Wing to a Dash (because I broke my Wing on accident) and am patiently waiting for this new phone…

  • SneakerFiend

    Finally! I can’t wait for this to come out. And if its in May then i’ll have it by my birthday HOPEFULLY {-birthday = May 23rd-)

  • steven

    “Good news for T-Mobile USA subscribers is that, besides the Maple which is heading their way in May 2009, they are also getting the HTC Touch Pro, code-named Rhodium, around the same time.”

    What OS?

  • rudy

    Looks nice, boo to windows mobile.

  • Edmund

    will this run windows mobile 6.5 like the touch pro 2?? =D
    it better!

  • FILA


    pleasssse run android but you kno damn well its not, to soon for a G2 so fuck it, damnit and i really wanted a QWERTY for android something new rather then the G1 so its not outdated. damnit, one can only hope thou

  • Anthony

    This looks like my tmobile Wing, except updated. Is this is the tmobile Wing II?

  • jonathan847

    yesssssss!!!!!! these phones look great. i am defenetly getting one of them

  • Luke

    Why does our dear magenta do this to us!?!?


    OUU NEW BLACKBERRY!!…oh…no 3g?

    OUU G1..oh…crappy desig.


  • StevenG

    I worked for T-Mo back when it was Aerial (Per-Second Billing!!!), and I have had the same phone number continuously since April 1997. Up until the last two years, I have always had the hottest phone of any of my friends. I currently carry a Wing. A slow-a$@-always-locking-up-needing-to-be-reset-battery-always-dying-forever-pocket-calling-everybody-memory-is-almost-full-please-delete-some-files-url-not-found-losing-contact-with-the-network-omigod-you-don’t-have-3G?!-stupid Wing.
    I am giving T-mobile until September (the end of this two-year to offer me a HTC Touch Pro. They can call it a t-phone, a Rhodium, or a tulip. I don’t care. Give me a good, sexy-looking 3g phone with touchscreen and full-qwerty, or I’m gone like the dinosaur. Stupid Wing.

  • rs

    I agree everything steven said. I have the blackberry curve, its freezes, -url not found, not 3g, clunky, dropped calls, and sucks with myfaves gui- phone. If I dont see anything good and worthwhile come out with tmobile by summertime, I’m switching. SO PLEASE TMOBILE put me out of my misery and get phones like htc touch pro, htc rodium/wing2 whatever you wanna call it.

  • efjay

    So funny to see all the cries for Android, still an unfinished OS. WM is a far better mobile OS functionally, though arguably not aesthetically. With all Android’s so-called openness there is yet to be a really game-changing application or demonstration of how this OS is superior to anything else available at the moment, having a nice home screen is not really enough. The Palm Pre’s WebOS is an example of an OS which really changes the way you use your smartphone and goes beyond just looking pretty.

    As for these devices, they will probably be running WM 6.1 on release and if T-Mo gets their finger out will be upgraded to WM 6.5 which may still not look as cool as Android but will certainly be more functional with native Exchange support, A2DP, thousands of apps, SkyMarket, My Phone, IE6 with flash.

  • Anthony

    My Wing is EXACTLY as StevenG described! I am constantly having to take out the battery for about 5 minutes, put it back in and turn it on… then hit the little reset button on the side of the phone, and then it works fine (for like a few hours) I want a sexy, good looking, hip 3G phone with touchscreen & full-qwerty!

  • J

    The old Wing I thought was a big turdbomb on release. This is much more promising.

  • freeQwnC

    Okay. Now Where is HTC Magic or Sapphire? Fot T-Mobile USA.

  • mingkee

    I’d still prefer Pharos 137 over this, because…..
    I want non-branded phone
    after fully de-branded TM506, I never realize how good they are (I de-branded all 3 of them)
    carrier branding always ruins the phone, no exception at all

  • Big-S

    WOW this phone does look very nice and im gonna get it… i dont know why your having so many issus with your BB I have had mine for over 2yr. know with one problem it droped call over my WIFI. since the exchange not one problem. my wife has the gold BB for the same amount of it and no problems not even an exchange. you might be a little hard on your phone….on thing you all have to remember Tmobile doesnt make the phone they get what the companies are offering only because our bank isnt big enough to get the good contract for the Iphone,BB storm etc. just look at tmo UK and Germany now they have enough bank to get the products that you all are looking for. I think they have over 100 million cst to our 30 to 40 million….

  • TMobileATL


  • TMobileATL

    THIS IS GREAT!!! T-mobile has finally gotten a REAL smart phone for their 3G network!!! Thank goodness, it is about time!!! I have been waiting for T-mobile to catch up with the rest of the mobile world. Sorry…but the G1, just doesn’t cut it!!! Now, let’s hope they don’t do something stupid like disable most of the features (wifi, tethering, etc.)

  • J-Hop2o6

    SO will it look like THAT, or like a regular Touch Pro2 that we’ve seen at the MWC??

  • John

    I agree with the “if only it ran android” comments. I’d definitely buy it, if it did.

    As for efjay: even if your unfinished comment was true, I’d rather run a half-baked android than a poorly baked winmo.

  • Jose Achmed Gomez Martinez Wilson

    I’ve been with TMO since Aerial (Can you say Mitsubishi G100, Nokia 8210, Nokia 2190, Nokia 6190, Dash, MDA, couple of Samsungs in there which pretty much blew, but, been there, owned ’em).

    Currently carry 2 Wings and a Curve. Don’t have any issues with either phones (no lock ups, no freezes, no loss of signal, or bad call quality as described above). Not sure what’s installed on their devices, but, mine run fine. Perhaps it’s the market their in? Minneapolis has a heck of a great network, always has.

    I’ll admit the Wings…I mean….MDA in disguise…umm….err…Wing is very slow (CPU) and lacks program memory. Other than that, pretty sweet devices for their day a couple years ago.

    Anxiously awaiting Wing 2!

  • B

    Jose, you’re the single, only person I’ve seen defending the Wing these days. It was outdated when it released, and today, it’s just trash. I have to reset mine at least twice a day just to use it, the battery leaves much to be desired, and I had to tweak the hell out of it, just to get some useful apps. It has nothing to do with the market, the hardware itself is not up to par, especially running the memoryhog that is Windows Mobile. The allocations on the device are horrible, and because it goes beyond software, there is nothing you can do about it except get a new phone, only we don’t have much to choose from in the smart phone market on T-Mobile.

    This Tungsten LOOKS very nice, but hopefully the specs will be right there with high-end phones on the other networks. T-Mobile has been showing promise in this area in more recent times, so they need to continue down that path, or I’m outta here. I’ve defended the T long enough. My contract is up in May, so if this phone comes through with the goods, then I’ll be happy. I’d rather it run Android, but like I said, if the specs are updated enough to run WM smoothly, with no memory hiccups, I’ll be straight.

  • NS

    Definitely a Touch Pro2 variant. If you look at the back, it even has the Straight Talk button that HTC showed off at MWC 09.

    It better have graphics acceleration…My Touch Diamond doesn’t without unofficial XDA update.

  • Steve B

    Count me as another Tmobber that is still rocking an MDA. I’d was days from going for a Fuze/ATT when news of this broke.

    I’m gone if it’s not out by Q3. As for the version….it better be the TP2, not a non-tilting crapulastic substitute.

  • Nathan

    Peace out piece of crap G1 hellow Windows Mobile, I have missed you since my Shadow.

  • Nathan

    what I can’t say cr*p?

  • Junia

    I called Tmo CSR dpt and was told that there’re supposed to have a “HUGE” press release this upcoming Tuesday! Maybe we will get more 411 about device releases? Let’s hope :)

  • This is the new Wing II. It’ll be running Windows Mobile 6.1 as the ROM is already being hacked over @ XDA-Developers. They will also make an android for it, it’s only time before they get it working. As for complaining about using a Wing still, should of bought a unlocked cell from ebay. I’ve been using an AT&T Tilt aka HTC Kaiser on T-Mobile for months now, even have my T-Mobile MyFaves app installed on a custom Windows Mobile 6.5 ROM.