Happy Birthday To Me!!!


Sooooo its that time of the year, the time when I celebrate another year…and given that I’m taking a brief but relaxing vacation far far away from the world of blogging. Its been a long time coming and every once in a while, stepping away from the computer for a day or two is just what the doctor ordered. So given that, pardon me if some news is missed or some news is delayed over the next few days as I will make my triumphant return with the start of the new week. 

In the meantime, this is open comment Friday and (while I expect hundreds of birthday wishes) you can feel free to discuss whatever it is that your heart desires. Perhaps you want to take a better look at the possible wing successor and decide for yourself if this is enough to keep your affections with windows mobile or begin looking to date another, Android perhaps? Don’t forget to take a look at this G1 commercial and get a short laugh from the last few seconds and the conspicuously blank quote from “Steve.” For all you picture fans, don’t forget about the Cameo and its charm for showing off pictures taken from your brand new 8 megapixel shiny Memoir. Craving more data? The webconnect data card is scheduled for release in the not so distant future and while its at a less than thrilling price point, its a big step for our beloved magenta to enter into 3G data connect realm. Standing in line for the windows mobile fans is the possible successor to the Dash, the HTC Maple is believed to be heading to T-mobile sometime around May of 2009 and while I think the design is just fugly, perhaps you will feel differently. 

Most important of course, is the shameless plug for my boys over at Phonedog and their One-Paw game. If you haven’t gone over there to check the game out, you’re missing out on quite possibly the easiest opportunity you’re ever going to have to win a free phone. So go there now…right now

Now I’m off, for a few days of R&R and hopefully you all have a great weekend and don’t forget to spread the word on your favorite T-mobile blog!!