T-mobile Poking a Little Fun

This little advertisement came to my attention via the guys over at AndroidCentral who like me, found some great humor in the last few seconds of the vid. Starting off with praises for the G1 from the usual gadget blog suspects, the video eneds with a “speechless” quote from a particular “Steve” whose last name is conspicuously left anonymously. Enjoy!



  • Nice!

  • tato22


  • brian_-y

    cool i saw this like a week in ahalf ago

  • Ricky

    Haha I honestly don’t read anything by it.
    And if it is meant to be a shot at a certain Steve, I’m pretty sure it’s at Ballmer. (sp?)

  • Don


    pretty sure “Steve” is a shot at Steve Jobs, since the G1 was pretty much a direct response to the iPhone.

  • anonymous

    I’d actually guess that this wasn’t a shot at Steve Jobs or Steve Ballmer. Does the average consumer know or care who those people are?

  • Annonymous

    How do you compare the iPhone and the G1 other than they both have a touch screen? It came out almost a year later. It includes a keyboard and trackball. It’s open source and is designed to allow customization from any party rather than needing a license to produce Apple applications? The only way it was a direct response was to show people the iPhone is just a hyped up touch screen device that is popular because of the iPod…

  • SpanDizzle

    You would have to hope the average person knows who Steve Jobs is. He is pretty famous these days….if they had put Bill there, you know it would have been a punk at MSFT and everyone would know who that was.