Buy a Memoir, Get a Cameo


With the release of the Samsung Memoir and its 8 megapixel camera, cross promotion was inevitable among products in the T-mobile lineup. Lets take a trip back in time and remember the Cameo, the T-mobile digital picture frame capable of wirelessly receiving pics from your mobile device. Turns out this thing is still around and with the release of the Memoir, currently the highest megapixel offering available in the states, T-mobile is looking to bring the Cameo back into the mix with a little promotion. 
Starting today, with the purchase of a Samsung Memoir via new activation or qualified upgrade, the Cameo, priced at $39.99 will have a $40.00 mail in rebate making the final price…free! Well 1 cent in your favor, but you really don’t expect anyone to mail you a penny do you? The real kicker of this deal, the $9.99 monthly rate once necessary for this picture displayer thingamajig, is now priced at $1.99! Wooohooo, I love me some savings!

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