Buy a Memoir, Get a Cameo


With the release of the Samsung Memoir and its 8 megapixel camera, cross promotion was inevitable among products in the T-mobile lineup. Lets take a trip back in time and remember the Cameo, the T-mobile digital picture frame capable of wirelessly receiving pics from your mobile device. Turns out this thing is still around and with the release of the Memoir, currently the highest megapixel offering available in the states, T-mobile is looking to bring the Cameo back into the mix with a little promotion. 
Starting today, with the purchase of a Samsung Memoir via new activation or qualified upgrade, the Cameo, priced at $39.99 will have a $40.00 mail in rebate making the final price…free! Well 1 cent in your favor, but you really don’t expect anyone to mail you a penny do you? The real kicker of this deal, the $9.99 monthly rate once necessary for this picture displayer thingamajig, is now priced at $1.99! Wooohooo, I love me some savings!

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  • Nick

    OMG so the device is now only $39.99 versus $99 and the monthly fee dropped to $1.99? Amazing, this should be another entry.

  • ThatSux

    OMG! Even lower prices can’t make the Cameo any less lame!

    No, really… I don’t care if it’s $10, $2 or 2 cents a month… you’re paying a monthly fee to send pics to a picture frame. The price reduction is obviously because no one is buying. It was bound to fail from the day it was announced.

    And the concept is not awful… but it just seems like not a lot thought was put into this.. “let’s give it a phone number and slap a monthly fee on it”. And they thought that would sell? Really?

  • Nick

    Yes OMG! lol $10 per month was over priced, $1.99 per month is very competitively priced. Some wifi frames are more expensive. I love the idea of Cameo, I travel a lot and love sending my parents pix. However the screens are small, so with Cameo I can easily and instantly send pix right to the frame for them to enjoy. That’s $24 per year, well worth it to me. I’m going to try to pick one up today.

  • Howie

    Is it possible to get one of these and transfer photos via PC and cancel the monthly service?

  • Technology1

    Another eye candy mobile device with a 3.5/5.0 maga pixel camera, yeah right… This phone has NO TVOUT, cannot work with the Slingbox… It’s made exclusively for “DUMMIES”, just like the G1 and the iphone, a never ending story with T-Mobile, who’s 3g has gone from bad to worst, yeah…!

  • Bob

    Wow, it’s only $1.99/mo for the service now?

    That really does make it a lot more appealing. If it gets service in the hospital my wife works at, I might get her one. I snap photos of things and send them to her quite frequently as it is.

  • Can anyone else confirm if this is only $1.99/month now…at that price its really no longer a price stopper. $40 for a frame is also priced right as you can get nearly any 7″ frame for that price. Also with the option to load via pc and memory card, you pretty much can do whatever you want.

  • “you really don’t expect anyone to mail you a penny do you?”

    David, you obviously don’t know how mail in rebates work…

    You are not being taken for a penny because you pay $39.99 up front (not taking into consideration taxes/fees), then you mail/submit the rebate form + proof of purchase. Wait 4 -24 weeks depending on who actually processes the rebates, and then you receive a check in the mail for the full $40.00. So you are right, they are not going to mail you a penny. They are going to mail you $40.00 which in turn puts you a penny ahead if you exclude the price of postage for the rebate and the sales tax.

  • frogget76

    k, so if i’m in the usa, and i wanted to give the frame to mom in mexico, so i could take pics w/the phone and send the pics via e-mail and it will be on the frame?

  • douflag


    That’s what I’m pondering about also. Well, my question is whether sending an image while you’re outside the US would incur international charges.