And We Are Back


After a looong relaxing and tiring weekend with some friends, the birthday extravaganza is over and its time to return back to the business of Tmonews! So thank you all who wished me a happy birthday, glad to know I’m loved! 

Unfortunately, in the world of magenta, this weekend wasn’t very news filled so thankfully I don’t have much to catch up on. Though I’d wish for the alternative and had hoped to bring you guys something so very very exciting, however we get stuck with color refreshes of the Nokia 5310. 


Coming in with White Aqua and White with Silver these color refreshes are sure to draw those music lovers who don’t need all the bells and whistles of a more expensive device. Looking for a mid range phone with decent music capabilities, look no further and now in white with silver and white with aqua! Hooray for color refreshes!


  • Galen20K

    Welcome Back!!!

    Hope it was Nice, and Yeah you didn’t miss much while you were gone lol.


    Maybe a WM/Android Dual Boot System!!!

  • FILA

    I got my black and red 5310 and love it, but looking at that 5800 hopefully T-mobile signs by july. But they probably won’t :-(

  • alt-mobile

    what a crappy way to come back from vacation…

    oh well…let’s get some good news about the Wing 2…and G2

  • SneakerFiend

    WELCOME BACK!!!! {-Mase song plays in the background-)

    Color refreshes are a good way to come back from a long needed vacation.
    Now what we need is some more wing 2 info and specs. solid specs though because even though i saw specs on the wing 2 i doubt t-mobile will release their own version with the same innards. HOPEFULLY! T-mobile does the smart thing and puts in a 1GB internal memory in the Wing 2 or who knows maybe 2GB to be a smartphone alternative for those who have that motorola phone with 2GB i think its the rokr