Attention Blackberry 8120 Users


While almost six months its bigger brother, the 8320, the Blackberry 8120 is FINALLY set to receive an official release of the 4.5 software update bringing with it a whole swath of new features. Beginning March 13th, you’ll be able to download this software update straight from T-mobile, fix some bugs, add some new features and sing a song. 

New Features: 

  • Music/video streaming (e.g. YouTube)
  • Free/busy calendar lookup
  • Remote search for e-mails on server
  • Attachment download and document editing
  • Wireless software upgrades
  • myFaves 1.5
  • New browser start page
  • Updated UI
  • WAP 2.0 (Wireless Application Protocol) better downloading, games and applications
  • Voice IT policy controls on International Dialing and more.
  • BlackBerry Maps enhancements (points of interest, saving directions, graphical improvements)
  • GSM/EDGE toggle
  • HTML e-mail for BlackBerry Internet Solution (BIS) account

But thats not all!

Fixed bugs: 

  • UMA performance
  • myFaves icon sync
  • myFaves activity log
  • myFaves icon appearance
  • myFaves birthday/anniversary pop-up
  • Uncaught Java exception errors when downloading certain audio files
  • Device rebooting when on a Belkin Router or certain N type routers

Remember, this update will be available straight from!!

  • Armo

    i have an 8100. can i get the update for the 8120?

  • nope

  • alt-mobile


  • Roger

    The various BlackBerry OS versions are very confusing. I have the 8220 (flip) which has OS 4.6 (platform 4.1). I used the BlackBerry Desktop 4.7 to do the most recent update downloaded directly from BlackBerry. There is another part of the BlackBerry site where I can enter the phone serial number which then points me to Tmo’s site which then wants my phone number which then says there is an update and points me to download Desktop 4.6!

    The single most annoying “bug” on the phone is just how long it takes to boot. It seems to be around 7 minutes with the phone being sluggish or not responding to keys for another 10 minutes or so. I have no idea how you could possibly write code that is that slow. I almost rejected the phone at initial purchase because this was the initial experience on turning it on.

  • MexicanDragon

    It’s about time. I like to keep stock ROMs and tweak from there, but my 8120 is nigh upon insufferable these days. I’m looking forward to it.


  • Bdublz

    So 8100 users are just out of luck huh? been dying to update my phone and would rather do an official update thru T-Mo!

  • SneakerFiend

    Thats good to hear. It sounds like a pretty hefty update considering all of the improvements made to the phone.
    But then again does it mean that this phone got more than the Curve or is it just filling in the software gap between this one and the curve by all of the new additions.

    AND! for you guys with this phone. I have a little surprise. I can almost bet money that this thing will get the same homescreen as the curve, and newer blackberries.
    The description of the update says Updated UI which in my eyes means new menu, and homescreen.

  • Josh

    SneakerFiend-I was wondering about the updated UI. The article says updated UI so like you I would assume that it would have the updated home screen like the newer blackberries but I was searching online and the Vodaphone Netherlands 4.5 update didn’t seem like it included the updated UI? It was a fairly old article but still?

  • Danny

    I wonder what version they will go with? Every OS update after .69 have made the # and * keys basically unusable from the home screen sans profile changes.

    I’ve had issues with UMA handoffs too with the newest versions made available on the web.

  • MexicanDragon

    v is now available for the BB 8120. I’m downloading it right now.