T-mobile Looking To Prove Best Value


Look, we really don’t have to discuss the current state of the economy so I won’t even pre-empt this post with the reasons why you might want to consider saving a buck or two these days. Thankfully, T-mobile fanboy’s who consistently promote T-mobile’s cost saving service have another reason to celebrate. Starting March 16th, T-mobile retail stores in select cities will begin “promoting” Billshrink.com, “a third party Web application that quickly and easily analyzes wireless usage for customers and recommends the best plan for them.” 

BillShrink.com allows customers to enter their usage requirements, monthly payments, carrier, and contract and line options. The Web site then analyzes this information and provides the following:

  • Up to 20 recommendations sorted by value and coverage
  • Details on suggested rate plans and features
  • Initial costs, monthly costs, yearly costs, and yearly savings
  • Coverage maps
  • Ability to compare rate plans among the top 4 wireless carriers (T-Mobile, Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint)

Why is T-mobile promoting this service you might ask? Well…70% of the time, T-mobile is returned as the best value for customers with my-faves shown as a better promotional offering than in networking calling. With things currently as they are in the economy, I don’t think anyone will fault T-mobile for leveraging a website whose sole purpose is to save people money and since T-mobile more often than not is the better value, why not showcase your value using any promotional tool at your disposal. Bravo to T-mobile for thinking outside the box and linking up with a third party website to showcase some savings!

Regardless, details on what exactly will be entailed with this “pilot” program are still coming forward and while we are certain of its existence for post-paid customers only, we don’t know just how much emphasis T-mobile will place on a third party website…so we’ll wait till March 16th and hopefully know more.



  • robots

    That’s pretty cool. Hopefully people enter their info correctly so they can’t blame overages on a website

  • Betito

    I tried it out. Great service. The best part of the serivce is that it asks you for your online account login and gives a more detailed view of your bill, like who you call the most, how many minutes you spend calling them, and what provider they are on.

  • Josh

    I tried it out it’s a cool little site. But it turns out that I already have the cheapest plan available, which is I guess good for my wallet but I didn’t really get to test it out very well.

  • mingkee

    voice: yes
    data: maybe (yes if you manage to keep your GF’d stuffs)

    but 3G works well

  • Beantown77

    Did everyone know that when you give up your password and login to a robot or PC to login to your accounts…it BREACHES your contract. Keep your head up TMO…