Still Want to Pick Up that G1??


Still wanting to pick up that black G1, head on over to Amazon for some serious savings! 82 dollars to be exact! For that kind of savings, you might have to think that desire to own a white G1 and head over to the dark side! Two-year contract required! 

Amazon via Intomobile

  • Coco B.

    You can go to wirefly and get the G1 for $97.99 & it comes with a car charger, body glove screen protector & 8GB SD Card/Adapter included. That’s where I’m going…Yay!

  • Unkle Grouch

    Looks like the White and Bronze are now $97.99 also on Amazon.

  • atmilk

    Anyone know of a good deal for a G1 without contract? I don’t have an upgrade right now and can’t pay $350 right now…

  • Btweezy414

    Anyone know if existing members of t-mobile can get this phone without switchign their current plans?

  • Tito

    You’re never going to see deals without contract. The only reason they offer discounts is because they’re banking on the income for the next 2 years to make up for it, and if you cancel early they still get their money back.

    The reason that places like Amazon and Wirefly can offer phones cheaper is because they get commission on the sales and data plans, so they essentially split that commission with you to try and entice you to go with them instead of with the carrier directly. The downside is that it only “works” for new activations, and there is usually some ADDITIONAL contract from Wirefly/Amazon/etc. that stipulates you must keep the data package on or you get some type of early cancellation fee from them which is often steep (read the fine print).

    I knew someone once who got a blackberry $50 cheaper than through the carrier, then ditched the blackberry plan, and was charged $250 by the retailer she got it from for breach of contract. That was MORE than the $20/month if she would have kept it on! She thought the charge was from T-Mobile, got upset, and cancelled her service…and got another $200 ETF for cancelling early. I tried explaining it to her but she was too stubborn to see reason. Here’s the funny/sad part: she goes and does the same thing (through the retailer) with AT&T with the same results. After getting burned twice she finally listened to me and went back to T-Mobile, who credited the $200 fee that they charged since she resumed service.

  • joe

    Once Again, the grammar used on tmonews by the administrators is horrendous. If you guys want to be taken seriuosly, and ultimately end up being a mainstream blog, please invest in grammar lessons. Please.

  • I had to pay $359.00 + taxes to upgrade my current phone because I didn’t qualified for the full discount, only partial discount was applied to my account.

    Now I’m preparing for the biggest T-Mobile bill I ever had.

  • Paul

    Anyway to get the wife one at this price, and take advantage of the $135 loyalty deal at the same time?

  • David

    If you get the G1 you must add the data feature to your plan or the G1 will not work. It is after all a data device. There is also no way to get one cheap without new activation or full upgrade discount.

  • Alex

    Just went over to Wirefly and they have an upgrade pricing for 329.99 for the G1 with a contract extension.

  • atmilk

    speculation abound that this fire sale is to clear “room” for the imminent US G2/Magic launch…Makes sense that T-Mobile/HTC would contact top retailers (amazon) about a launch? Could The US be getting the G2/Magic in April along with Europe Vodaphone launch?

  • freeQwnC

    @ atmilk
    Yeahh I really hope The Magic comes here…
    But T-Mobile USA should supply both the G1 and the magic (G2) .. even after the magics release!

  • steven

    because of this, i have a feeling that we will get g2 the same time vodafone gets it (sometime in april)

  • atmilk


    Good idea. There will be 2 sides to the G1/G2 Android camp. Those that want a physical QWERTY and those that don’t. Both are great. I just want slim and sleek. I don’t do belt clips!

  • tato22

    bring me the g2 i have 3 g1z dont need anymore

  • I bought the LG Dare about a year and a half ago and it’s basically a cheap wannabe iPhone. You just can’t compare the touchscreen with that of the iPhone, though I will say it’s camera and video recorder are very good. I’m just waiting for the iphone to be sold through Verizon, and I hope it’s soon because my Dare is falling apart.. Hurry up Apple, stop being so “exclusive”!