More Cupcake News, Maybe…



Ok, so I caught this rumor earlier in the day and I just hate posting more speculation regarding Cupcake updates, release dates and just anything generally regarding T-mobile and cupcake that isn’t 100% completely solid information. However, it seems as though the blogosphere is taking serious this article from Pocket-Lint who source an unnamed T-mobile spokesperson claiming cupcake will hit T-mobile in April. I just hate more speculation regarding this update, but I guess we’ll know if this is fact or fiction sometime next month. For now we’re skeptical until further notice but for what its worth, we’ll gladly take cupcake and its on screen keyboard anytime!


  • yeah i will believe it when i see it.

  • Ricky

    Wasn’t it confirmed that Cupcake is only a dev tool and nothing more?
    That we can’t expect to get all these updates at a time because there wasn’t a such thing as Cupcake..
    Why are we churning this rumor again?!

  • mario2k7

    If they release it I will get the G1 if not than I will still wait for something better. What ever happened with that battery problem for the G1 any one knows ?

  • nick

    I like everything in this update, other than the fact that there is an on screen keyboard. Could care less about that.

  • Jon

    It’s definitely not a “dev only tool”. If it were, it’d be available on the ADP Phone – the Dev 1.

  • I don’t come here for hard facts, I come for semi-true rumors and speculation. Keep it coming.

    As for an update, I’ve had some BS issues with RC33 so bring it on!!

  • silk7

    I don’t see it coming yet. (well not april)
    For most of the people that are useing the updated one state it’s buggie as hack.(video,market,mms, not working well)
    It works on the g2 but on the g1 there are problems!!!!

  • Looks like CNET is reporting this as fact, that T-Mobile told them an update is coming in April.

  • Well, if you want the Virtual Keyboard, and a few other upgrades sooner, check out the ‘Steel’ browser. Has the V-Keyboard, auto rotation screen, and other stuff. AND the best part, it seems to be stable!