Blackberry Curve FINALLY receives 4.5 software update!


Well for all your Blackberry Curve fans who have been eagerly awaiting this release and haven’t taken the leap into the wilderness that is the many unofficial releases floating around this comes as great news. Starting today you can download the 4.5 maintenance release from

One of the few complaints that has befallen Blackberry especially of late has been the lack of HTML email integration. For a device that sells itself as the best email device on the planet it has been a sorely missing feature. Today, at least for T-mobile USA users that all changes and it is b-e-a-utiful!

Software update 4.5 includes some of the following wildly anticipated and sorely missing features:

  • Video recording and HTML e-mail formatting
  • Attachment download and editing
  • myFaves 1.5 (NO idea what this is, anyone, anyone, Bueller?)
  • Enhancements and stability improvements to Wireless Network interaction, UMA, Messaging, Media Player, Web Browser, Phone application, Bluetooth Technology, and more.
  • GSM/Edge Toggle


  • steven

    What version of 4.5 is it?

  • Gil

    Think they’ll release 4.5 for the Pearl 8100?

  • Brook Harty

    MyFaves 1.5 now supports custom icons via the iconmaker.

  • Snake

    I am happy that the upgrade is finally here, but it’s not available for the 8820…so not right….

  • mike

  • Hardknock

    Sounds like Blackberry is trying to get people to not switch from the Curve to the G1. lol

  • angelo

    that is a good news but it’s a bit too late for that upgrade cause I am with adroid now. Sorry curve, I need more internet experience :)

  • L4NGL3Y

    I’m still seeing!

  • Hardknock

    It’s there. I just downloaded it.

  • Seriously the DAY BEFORE my G1 gets here is when they do this?? C’mon man!

  • timmyjoe42

    Why wouldn’t this be available for the Pearl 8120?

  • Mr. Moon

    About time!!! So now I won’t have to sell my Curve. I’ll just keep it as a back up for my G1.

  • J

    If you guys have been having your Curves lose data, this will probably fix the issue. I was told a software update would fix the issue, but was not sure if this was a handheld update or a BES update. So far, my Curve has kept data all day for the first time in a month.

  • timmydale

    @del Muerte I totally agree I will update mine still for the next day but I get my G1 tomorrow.

  • rob

    is it over the air, or do you have to download to PC then sync?

  • soultruth

    hey how long did the update take? mines has had this hour glass on it for about 30 min and its kinda buggin me….

  • timmydale

    Rob over a pc

  • Ty

    Does anyone know when this update will be out for Mac users?

  • Yaniv

    tooooo funny! ONE DAY before I get my G1 my curve finally gets email with HTML. Hysterical. All my friends on Verizon and Sprint have had the new OS for so long. Whatever, At least this way my curve is worth more when I sell it tomorrow MU HA HA HA!!!!

  • Gill

    anyone know if it came out for the 8120 or just the Curve?

  • Yep, backup Curve it is, haha…

  • Christian

    J – the issue you’re describing is a semi-known issue. Go to Options > Status > File Free and if you see a surprisingly low number take your battery out for 10 seconds, put it back in and power up your phone. Check the File Free again and I bet it’ll jump up significantly. The reason your info gets erased is because your Blackberry is getting fooled into thinking your memory is running low and it’s deleting old info in order to let new messages (etc) come in. And by the way, you’re welcome =)

  • Alex

    wen r they gonna release 4.5 for the 8100?

  • ken

    When will it come out for the 8100 folks?

  • Juan

    I was actually bold enough to get the Vodaphone Australia update and enjoyed it for an entire month before G1…keeping my Curve as a backup!

  • wow you guys even used the exact same silly clip art as boygeniusreport…

  • Andy, Inc.

    when i downloaded it, the information screen said “Music and Video Streaming video capabilities.” under the new features information.

  • David

    @Mrwindupbird, I have talked with the author at boygenius and he understood my concern for not sourcing Tmonews. As far as I am concerned the issue is done.

  • J


    The issue I am referring to is a seperate issue than the one you speak of. This is an issue regarding blackberries on ipaccess microcells.

  • Autumn

    If you decide to apply this update, be patient: it can take an hour or so. After you start updating don’t mess with the process or unplug anything until 2 or 3 hours and ignore the 507/510 errors during update, they go away.

  • calsbigpoppi

    dang this update is awesome was just streammiing youtube was pretty kool the update deleted my old yahoo messanger so i went to the bb site on my cell and dl the new yahoo messanger and it loads it up super fast now

  • Julian

    Where is documents to go on this new upgrade of the os. I’ve read in other blogs that this os would come with documents to go . Does anybody know anything about this?

  • MyFaves 1.5 is mainly improved UI for myfaves….its really nothing that’s too big of deal, I think there’s a little more to it but I can’t remember….I worked for tmo customer care until august and we had a knowlagent on that (knowlagents are basically how they tell everyone about new products/services and big policy changes)….I believe the Blast was the first phone to have it….but I remember hearing about myfaves 2.0 before I left lol, never did get full info on it

  • CJ

    Glad to see T-Mobile offer the updated OS. I’ve also had the Vodaphone Australian one for about a month and love it. Installing it on mine took about 45 minutes from start to finish and I had no problems at all. I followed all the recommendations on crackberry and everything came back just fine, only better! LOVE having HTML mail without paying for Empower or SmartView add ons.

    Sad to see it go with my G1 coming later today but looking forward to much better things….and it will be nicer to sell if I don’t keep it as an extra phone. I have a spare line that I switched SIM cards with and already had my BB plan switched to that line…leaving my G1 line without a data plan until the G1 plan gets activated.

  • timmydale

    I did the update and got error 523 Tmobile sent me to RIM support which is having me install the software again this is annoying. I used to be a Blackberry tech at verizon I know how to load stupid software.

  • I been using 4.5 on 8100 for 2 months I could not wait on Tmobile. I love the html email and youtube

  • macUSER

    Is this update mac compatible? I ask because mac users don’t have the regular BB desktop. I don’t know if that would affect things at all.

  • pfff the version everybody already has… nice going shiT-mobile.

  • tmoguy

    just updated by curve to 4.5 and all is well, so far!
    * Video camera and playback works well
    * HTML email is awesome!
    * MP3 playlist, can’t wait to get one going
    * Calendar has nice new interface…
    * Voice Notes is nice

  • taffarel

    yo i did the update when it was reformating it … it got an error so now i have a brick curve i called tmobile and they are going to send me a brand new one>>>i am used to getting the iphone bricked hehehehehe

  • manolodf

    Beyond my fonts and theme getting completely messed up on the upgrade I found one major flaw, I now get the silly help page when visiting which is where you get free themes etc, and that should not be. Other things I noticed were browser emulation modes were not there.

  • Eduardo

    Weird, I tried to download, and when I click the Hanheld Software and the Download button, it takes me to So i opened each link in a new window and i worked.

    Im using Firefox 3.

  • jdslim

    This update will support 16g media card.

  • Bob

    Yeah, you have to use a Windows PC for this, unfortunately. Otherwise, it’s pretty cool. I installed 4.5 from some carrier in India a month or so ago and it’s been nice.

    Tethering finally works! I can tether my MacBook to my Curve via Bluetooth and it works great. Solid, but still slow EDGE speeds.

  • Queen4111

    I used download guides.
    This is so great! :)

  • tmoguy

    @Bob can you tell me more about ‘tethering’…

  • Wil

    Wow, this update takes forever… I never updated my BB Desktop Manager and it gave me options to check off. Docs to Go was one of the options. Not sure if it gave that on the new BBDM…

  • pceee

    Can someone point me to where I can download the new OS?
    I can d

  • So, I’ve been using it almost 24 hours and here’s some info that hopefully will help some;

    •My updater crashed with the aforementioned error code twice. After the 2nd time, I unplugged it from the USB, pulled the battery, & when it booted back up, it was installed so I just ran the backup app and it restored everything but for some reason I had to reformat my micro-sd card.
    •My Faves now has options for birthdays & anneversaries. (I don’t know if this is new or not, I was on a six-month hiatus from My Faves.)
    •The video feature is pretty cool. Not the greatest but better than nothing. I really like the option to turn on the camera LED continuously so you can film in the dark…or use it for a little flashlight. (Watch that battery!)
    •The Media Player has an equalizer and the streaming video works at (Finally, You Tube Mobile on my Curve!) and the video actually works really well on EDGE here in Western Oregon.
    •The Browser is WAY better than it used to be. It still has issues with some pages when it comes to java and some css styles and I still prefer Opera, but if the Curve had this browser a year ago when I bought it, I may not have ever gotten Opera.
    •I swear the internet is faster on both WiFi and EDGE using either Browser or any of the Google Applications.The Street View in the new Google Maps for Mobile runs better I think but it may just be me.
    •The Documents To Go app wants me to pay for it to edit so I probably won’t be checking that out anytime soon. If I need to edit a .docx file, I’ll do it on my laptop.
    @pceee: Go To and then select the Curve from the list and follow the instructions. I used Google Chrome but FF or Explorer should work fine.
    Hope this helps some people, this will hold me over until my wife will let me get the G-1, especially with You Tube Mobile! Woot!

  • G1 Lover

    I downloadedwhat they said to and now I cannot get into the desktop software to download the update. Oh well I guess. Too little too late for me. Love my G1. I want to get an andriod tattoo. You think google would pay for it?

  • Updated the 8320 on my Mac using VMware Fusion. 1st time is crashed, but no harm done to the BB. 2nd time it clicked in.

    It did take about 2 hours from start of backup to fully operational device with the latest OS.

    The browser is taking a bit getting used to. Wish they had a L and R to navigate like they do for Top and Bottom navigation.

    Kewl with the cursor in the browser.

    Upgrade does not affect Opera Mini (or seems like it isn’t).

    It erases all the preset backgrounds.

    Spellcheck and the cleaner interface on email is great!

    I removed the dumb apps: Tmobile, facebook, and handango.

    Thanks for the info about upgrading Yahoo…

    Should you upgrade? If you’re into it, yes. Otherwise, maybe not. If

  • Enigmatic

    Thinking I was doing her a favor, I downloaded 4.5 for my fiancee’ yesterday and she’s not happy with the new version. Any suggestions on where I can find the last version (sans all the 4.5 goodness)? Thanks in advance.

  • Mb1906

    I love 4.5…. Now I can wait in peace for the 8900 to make its way on out. This really is a nice improvement for the OS. And my UMA is much more stable.

  • markg

    I have the 8320! I have an iMac! I cannot download 4.5 to my Curve because RIM will not deal with Macs!

    Thanks RIM, you have given me the final reason to get rid of your lousy phone and move to the far superior iPhone.

    Good job, idiots!

  • jdomgom01

    Will someone tell me if they are going to release this for the frikin’ Pearl or not? WTF T-Mobile? I have heard rumors it will not be released for the Pearl and I want to know for sure. If they are not I’m going to switch to another carrier as that is beyond lame. At my work people have begun upgrading using other carriers 4.5 and I refuse to do that.