Oh the weather outside is frightful…


Ok, so who can guess what those are??

Remember, just because store’s in your area may or may not have received inventory, the sell date is still the 22nd so don’t be the guy who walks into a store and demands to purchase tomorrow. Don’t be that guy! If you want to take a picture with the UPS man delivering your phone, that’s a different story.

  • mofoliar

    Looks like Christmas! Early Christmas anyways… Does anyone know if Chico,CA has 3G yet? Or comin anytime soon?

  • pecoy

    are those cases in the background carry pouches for the g1??..cause if they are…im getting one!

  • Mike

    I know I hope it comes to CHICO soon but I bet it will be months before it does… I go to Chico State…

  • mofoliar

    I will wait to see when and how long it takes to get some 3G in my area.. then put the Iphone to R.I.P.

  • Tmo Android

    Most stores are only getting about 80 or less in stock. After that stores won’t be replenished till Nov. 10th or so.

  • david


  • Tom

    Hi. I was thinking about pre-ordering but someone posted that release price would be the same so I decided to wait. Someone else posted that you should check your local grocery stores to see if they would give you an additional discount. Can someone explain to me why they would give you the phone for free or at a discounted price instead of doing the whole MSRP thing? It seems that they would lose money if they gave you the phone for free or discounted.

  • WXman

    I know this is off topic, but I need an answer please from somebody who knows. If I buy a Samsung F480 unlocked on Ebay, can I pop my T-Mobile USA SIM card into it and go? Will T-Zones and text messaging work? Thanks in advance…I just need to know.

  • rommel

    wxman,your good to go-to get tzones call tmo-or go to samsungs site,they have tmo usa mms and internet settings.

  • j brown

    i am sooooooooooo mad that t-mobile is not dropping the white phone!!!!!!! i waited all this time…ANSWERS PLEASE!!!!!!!

  • encoreorv

    wxman call 611 from your phone and ask for the pda dept and they should be able to give a concrete answer. now you may be on hold for a while cuz they will prob be flooded with g1 question for several days.

  • encoreorv

    pecoy those look like they maybe cases and car chagers. i seen a guy using a dash case and it was a perfect fit, if youre like me you have several cases lying around so check those first before dropping another 25 or 40 for your dream phone.

  • TeXan

    @Encoreory yah dash case works but it needs some streaching out thats what im using.

  • Ezra

    CHICO!!! I was gonna go to chico state but I need something close to the beach for surfing lol anyway if I could only get my hands on those boxes!

  • X

    i got myyyyyyyyyyyyy g11111111111111111111111
    :-DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD loving itttttttttttttttttttttt

  • rolltide

    Today was a GREAT DAY”””””

  • Chico is a nice town! I used to go to UC Davis and we would head up there for your mad halloween parties! I would wager it is not too high on the list for 3G, sadly. Not too close to anywhere…

  • WXman

    Thanks for the responses. Looks like the F480s are at least $300 on Ebay..and I could get a G1 for that much so I’m still undecided. I wonder how much they’ll sell the F480 for when it officially becomes the T919?

  • youngmiss156

    My G1 is in transit to my house.

    Those do look like some sort of case in those boxes, if the one I have laying around won’t fit I will purchase one.

  • AndrĂ©a

    I just got mine!!!!!! both of them and black….maybe I would have liked one to be bronze… NO CELL PHONE STRAP!!!! I have always based my phones off of the strap…now what do I do with my investments??? (we are talking $$$) http://www.strapya-world.com/index.html argh now to charge them and see what these babies can do

  • misscrys

    I can’t see tmo letting people purchase five a piece if there only going to have 80 in stock that’s a little silly if you ask me I think they’ll have more