Nokia 5330 Reappears with T-mobile Branding


Not a week after Nokia announced the Nokia 5330 to the world we’re getting what could be the first glimpse at a T-mobile branded edition of this handset. Thanks to the guys over at Mobileburn, we caught the possibility of a T-mobile USA variant due the announcement of an AWS 3G edition of the handset. While I have to agree with the boys over at engadgetmobile and say while this wouldn’t be the hardest photoshop job in the world (and what is with that color) we’re comfortable calling this one a definite possible for a summer/Q3 lunch. 




  • FILA

    damnit, T come on please sign the 5800. NOKIA please release a T-Mobile 3G capable 5800 for us!!!!!

  • mingkee

    I’d see both branded and generic versions on this variation (WCDMA I/IV/VIII)
    I probably would get Hong Kong version instead (if it has AWS)
    branding phone always suck, no exception

  • eh its probably for t-mobile uk.. like always they always get da good phones in europe… we will probably never see this hot phone hitting the states ;-(

  • Alex

    5800 will remain an open phone. You can get one…

  • True but FILA wants it with tmo 3g.

    This 5330 is looking nice, wish the camera was AF though.

  • MagentaGlasses

    Looks pretty nice, I might check it out for my wife, she is big on Nokias

  • Paul

    T-mo picks up another low-end Nokia, this is news?

  • mingkee

    I don’t think 5330 is low-end
    it appears on several nokia sites, except US
    Asian version will have 900/1700/2100, will work with T-Mobile 3G, and it’s slated for July/August release, by source from Hong Kong