Cupcake Release Date Rumor Game


Sadly it looks as if the waiting game for the G1 Cupcake Update will continue. Last weeks report spawned rumors of an April release date and while unverified publicly, there was some thought that with CTIA just around the corner, we might actually see something released. Unfortunately, according to the folks over at Betanews the April release date is unconfirmed which makes this latest rumor just another in a long list of cupcake promises that have yet to come to fruition. 

According to T-mobile USA spokesperson Erica Gordon, the recent “talk” which originated from Pocket-lint is not true. Betanews points out that while Gordon didn’t flat out deny April as a timeframe, there is nothing concrete that points to any particular time next month. 

Bottom line, the waiting game for Cupcake continues…annoyingly so. 



  • enrgy52

    Ok sounds stupid… what exactly is the cupcake update? what does it give the G1 owners? thx

  • mmaestro

    What’s turning into something of a debacle with cupcake really shows that Apple’s model, where the carrier gets no say in system updates, is the way to go. With the snail like pace that carriers get these updates out (the BB Pearl 8120 4.5 update comes out this week? That’s a system update that was available last May some places!!), and the speed at which technology moves in society, it’s going to become untenable soon, especially when mobile platforms begin to be targeted by viruses and the like. Waiting months for an update is just going to be unacceptable from a security standpoint, forget the frustration it causes consumers. We expect a steady stream of updates, without carrier interference, and the first carrier who begins to offer device manufacturers the chance to do that is, IMO, going to see a huge upswing in subscriber loyalty.

  • Juan

    Is anyone surprised?

    I don’t have any faith that “cupcake” will ever happen. The G1 has been fun but I am going back to BlackBerry soon. They’ve already done everything I can expect them or want them to do; and touchscreen is losing it’s novelty with me. Just my opinion though. This update game they’re playing is ridiculous, and that’s no opinion, it’s just a truth.

  • Jon


    T-Mobile isn’t who is choking this update. They’re not the ones coding anything. They’re not the ones making drivers, or anything else. That’s all HTC. And my guess is that HTC is holding Android cupcake so it can release those “features” with the Magic in April. They’re the ones who control the device drivers, and they’re the ones who can get an Android build to be fully-functional on our G1’s.

    And frankly, once the Magic comes out, it’ll be irrelevant what HTC does for the G1, since the code with the right drivers can easily be used on the G1 – which shares virtually identical specs as the Magic.

  • jmts80

    I am so over Android! Going back to Blackberry!

  • mmaestro

    John, you say that, but there’s no way to be sure. And given the absolutely atrocious rate at which T-Mobile release the updates to things like Blackberry, I have to admit I’m extremely dubious the holdup is with HTC.

  • henry

    T-Mob really needs to get on top of this and pronto. They are quickly losing even among their subscribers that “street cred” they came into when they released the G1. this debacle does not bode well in the slightest for Android’s acceptance in the marketplace. Especially now with the Pre on the verge of release, pretty soon the G1 is going to become another footnote in the Also-Ran Hall of Fame.

  • Tmo Android


    Yeah because T-mobile is the ones making the software. RIM makes the software and because each company has its own needs its hard to release updates. And I would have to disagree with you and say that T-mobile has been very proactive with releasing updates for the Blackberry. They release one every few months, just because you don’t know about all of them doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.

    As far as cupcake is concerned Google has said most likely cupcake won’t be one big update but released in smaller updates when they become available.

  • Sun.NY

    Truthfully “Cupcake” is NOT as big a Deal as u guys Make it out to be.

    What does cupcake potentially Hold

    Video recording? Ive had my g1 since Realese and Never been like, ” Dang i wish i could have recorded that with my phone”

    Stereo bluetooth? Honestly how much do u really use ur blue tooth
    i Never use mine.

    Onscreen keyboard? I honestly like the stability of an actual Keyboard.

    The cupcake update only seems to Concern us Techies and Bloggers.
    Most people i know that have no clue what Cupcake is , Our extremly happy with there Phone

  • me

    there is no “Erica Gordon” in the GAL
    She isn’t a TMO emp.

  • I personally like my G1 soo convinient in my life with my lifestyle. With all the apps and stuff my friends who got an iphone are usually jealous and want it. The cupcake update can come whenever it needs

  • Nemo

    I work for T-Mobile, and it’s known that they are the ones that are unwilling to put out the updates, for it would not make any sense to launch a new android device with the same functionality as the older one. Instead of cupcake you guys should be more focused on the release date for Adobe Flash on the android platform. Now that’s a real update you will want.

  • frios

    I hope cupcake fixes the G1’s GPS. “My Location” is always off by miles! (yes I know you can point it out your car window while driving for better results). I would trade an onscreen keyboard for a working GPS any day.

  • aimkeeeto

    hey frios,

    did you even goto:

    Menu>Settings>Security & Location

    and enable the GPS? Because the G1 can wirelessly use the towers to triangulate your location for stuff like GoogleMaps and GoogleLattitude. But if you turn on the GPS, the GPS will be accurate within a few meters.