Cupcake Release Date Rumor Game


Sadly it looks as if the waiting game for the G1 Cupcake Update will continue. Last weeks report spawned rumors of an April release date and while unverified publicly, there was some thought that with CTIA just around the corner, we might actually see something released. Unfortunately, according to the folks over at Betanews the April release date is unconfirmed which makes this latest rumor just another in a long list of cupcake promises that have yet to come to fruition. 

According to T-mobile USA spokesperson Erica Gordon, the recent “talk” which originated from Pocket-lint is not true. Betanews points out that while Gordon didn’t flat out deny April as a timeframe, there is nothing concrete that points to any particular time next month. 

Bottom line, the waiting game for Cupcake continues…annoyingly so.