Open Comment Friday


Its that time again, open comment Friday time where you may talk amongst yourselves and discuss anything and everything your heart desires! After a brief but relaxing three day getaway I made my return to the T-mobile faithful with a brief *yawn* announcement of some 5310 color refreshes. Needless to say, I don’t expect any of you lined up waiting for those lookers. Staying on the idea of Nokia phones and T-mobile, we got a glimpse at the upcoming 5330 which as it turns out, will come in a variant that works with T-mobile 3G bands. That’s always good news! Even better news in today’s current economical state is value, and T-mobile is looking to make some moves with a “pilot” program in select cities to help assure customers who really offers the best value for the dollar. For current T-mobile blackberry 8120 users, this week brought some exciting news with the announcement of the 4.5 software update FINALLY arriving to bring you exciting new features, enhancements and the always welcome bug fixes. Sticking with the software update, this week brought yet another rumor regarding the much anticipated Cupcake update for the Android operating system. We’re still skeptical of this current rumor and while we hope its true, no further confirmation has been found verifying any April date. Last, but certainly not least is more Android talk and that comes from our friends over at BoyGenius who admittedly without any real ninja like facts put the idea out that the T-mobile G2 will be announced at the upcoming CTIA convention that begins in April. While almost everyone would welcome this announcement and we certainly hope our boys at BoyGenius turn out to be right, we’re keeping expectations down on any T-mobile G2 announcement at CTIA. 

So there you have it, a quick roundup on this weeks activity, and now the comment section is completely open!