Open Comment Friday


Its that time again, open comment Friday time where you may talk amongst yourselves and discuss anything and everything your heart desires! After a brief but relaxing three day getaway I made my return to the T-mobile faithful with a brief *yawn* announcement of some 5310 color refreshes. Needless to say, I don’t expect any of you lined up waiting for those lookers. Staying on the idea of Nokia phones and T-mobile, we got a glimpse at the upcoming 5330 which as it turns out, will come in a variant that works with T-mobile 3G bands. That’s always good news! Even better news in today’s current economical state is value, and T-mobile is looking to make some moves with a “pilot” program in select cities to help assure customers who really offers the best value for the dollar. For current T-mobile blackberry 8120 users, this week brought some exciting news with the announcement of the 4.5 software update FINALLY arriving to bring you exciting new features, enhancements and the always welcome bug fixes. Sticking with the software update, this week brought yet another rumor regarding the much anticipated Cupcake update for the Android operating system. We’re still skeptical of this current rumor and while we hope its true, no further confirmation has been found verifying any April date. Last, but certainly not least is more Android talk and that comes from our friends over at BoyGenius who admittedly without any real ninja like facts put the idea out that the T-mobile G2 will be announced at the upcoming CTIA convention that begins in April. While almost everyone would welcome this announcement and we certainly hope our boys at BoyGenius turn out to be right, we’re keeping expectations down on any T-mobile G2 announcement at CTIA. 

So there you have it, a quick roundup on this weeks activity, and now the comment section is completely open!


  • Trell

    Touch Pro 2 anybody!!!

  • RS

    Google Voice sounds interesting, i already have myfavs. Once I can get a google voice number, i want to add to myfavs so when it comes out I have more calls for free.

  • teacherman

    tmo loyalty guy told me that i should wait to upgrade my blackberry til june because of new phones that were coming out and because new android will be rolling out as well. any body else hear anything like this at all?

  • David

    I called to cancel my service with tmobile a few weeks back because of their lack of 3G phones, especially windows mobile and the loyalty guy told me that if i could wait until the end of march or begining of April, that i would be really happy… So i think i’ll wait till then at least.

  • @trell, oh oh, meeeeeeeeee please.

  • Ali

    Does Tmobile have any plans on working on a 4G or LTE network like at&t or verizon?

  • NY voice and data services are down


    Well let me start by saying this. I have a couple friends who work for TMo as a radio engineer and another in a local retail store and the news doesn’t look promising for all of us waiting for a 3G Blackberry to hit their network any time soon. Not at least until end of 2009. I confirmed this again last night when I went to buy a bluetooth headset at store where my friend works. The word is RIM will release a 3G phone for TMo but it’ll be around the December 2009. I would love having the ‘TMo 3G’ equivalent of a BB Storm, or a Bold or even the 8900 which in my honest opinion should have been 3G with question.
    To be honest we as subscribers and loyalists of the Way Of Magenta need to start protesting the lack of new sleek and STYLISH phones that take advantage of the T’s 3G capabilities. I’m glad that I was rewarded with a Loyalty Plan but I don’t think it’ll be enough to keep me around while TMo slothfully releases phone…and pretty lackluster ones might I add. There are slight exceptions…the 8900 and the G1 and the G1 still needs some growing up to do.
    I’ll try to hold out for as long as I can with my unlocked BB Storm but I just might turn off Edge and hope over to…..I can’t say their name….VZW. AAARRRRGGGH!!!!!


    In case you’re wondering if you heard me write. Yes, I have a BB Storm running on TMo. I have everything working except for ICQ, AIM, and MSN. One cool think I like about the phone is the VZ Navigator. It’s by far the best voice turn-by-turn GPS software on any mobile device I’ve used. Typing on the button screen is not too bad either. After using the phone for a week now I feel very comfortable using the screen and most of the time forget that I’m not typing on buttons even though it feels I am.

    GREAT PHONE. TMo…are you LISTENING. Show is some 3G Blackberry love. Hell, show us 3G love of any magnitude greatly that what you have and I think we’d all be happy.

  • I was just told by a TMo rep that any lines I add to my Family Plan that have an existingh number from a competitor will net me a $135 credit.

    Also CNET reported the “cupcakey” Android update as fact for next month:

  • Sanjay

    Almost a year since they started turning on 3G and promised a slew of data-centric phones. Where are they. T-Mobile needs to fire whoever was charged with execution of the plan. The problem is that by the time they start coming out with phones the next upgrade is just around the corner and then you wonder if you should wait yet a little longer. So if they come out with a Windows Mobile phone the beginning of April will Microsoft release 6.5 in June, July….? Magenta is always just a step behind and does not plan to do better. So why have I stayed? Customer Service and mostly inertia. About ready to jump. Why does anyone renew for 2 years and not even get a good 3G phone? Are we suckers?

  • Mr. Stacy R. Parr

    It’s been 3 months — that’s right, 1/4 of a year since we’ve heard of any new 3g cities. What’s up with that? I’ve called Tmo Cust Service and they don’t know when any new 3g cities will launch. Tmo is being completely silent about it. Why??? In 2008 they said we’ll have these cities done by this date then these cities by this date then these cities by year end. Well, that’s all happened, and NOTHING since then. Why??? On the Tmo coverage page, they have a list of 3g cities (vertical list), but the cities from the end of 2008 are missing. Why aren’t they keeping that list current? I go to the Data Coverage map practically every day, and I’ve seen no changes since 2008. Why? On the Tmo FAQ page, in the section about 3g, it talks about the NY rollout in 2008 and says, “Tmo plans to continue the rollout through the year”. This page hasn’t been updated. Why? The FAQ also says, “We are unable to provide specific dates or information specific to the market launches as there are many factors that influence market-readiness.” Why were they able to give dates and locations in 2008 but don’t give dates or locations anymore? I know I’m ranting a bit, but just frustrated at waiting for 3g and hearing NO updates from Tmo. I heard Tmo wants to accelerate 3g rollout in 2009, but this seems like deceleration to me. Am I wrong? Just frustrated.

  • edmund

    more 3g!
    I would prefer some high-end nokia phones like…e55 =D that will have t-mobile 3g.

    thats all haha


    Edmund you said the key word ‘TMobile 3G’. It absolutely sucks that TMo uses the 1700Mhz band as their 3G space…..makes all other phones that use the 900/1900/2100 bands useless to use that want to have fast data service on anything other than a TMobile branded 3G phone. That’s what compounds my frustrations. They’re on some oddball band and to add injury to insult the drag their rear ends across the floor to get their LOYAL customers any good handsets. I swear TMobile reminds one of those lame carriers like AMP or Boost Mobile. They’d rather cater to a demographic that can barely spell the word ‘snot’ than to provide quality with their exception customer service staff. They have customer service the bag…THE BEST BY FAR. Imagine how awesome they would be with killer handsets to boot…….SIGH!!!!


    Please excuse my typos…..I’ve been having an hour long heated conversation with another one of my TMo friends and I needed to vent.

  • SneakerFiend

    yeah you need to put something about that.
    I’m losing service in a lot of places in NY mostly on my way to manhattan like when I’m crossing the bridge to manhattan from the bronx
    AND TOUCH PRO 2 BETTER BE HOT!!!! x] thats what has me sticking to t-mobile and if im disappointed im leaving x_x

  • mingkee

    I got locked down for 23 months anyway, after grabbed 2 phones for upgrade
    keep delaying of Pharos 137 is annoying, as I’d like to have it
    and now, nokia 5330 is announced, which has 2 different versions, the most interesting part is: international version also has band IV 3G, perhaps it’s a new band scheme, that
    international version: band I/IV/VIII
    NAM1: band I/II/V
    China version: TD-SCDMA and UMTS

  • FILA

    I want to see the G2 but I really want it to have a physical QWERTY, but im havin a deep feeling it wont. Better battery. PLEASSSE T-Mobile, we have been good, althou your decisions are already made I guess were have to live with whatever you give us

  • Tylormde

    So here are a couple of responses to some of the stuff I see on here. As for the 3G Blackberry, its not just a TMO issue, its also on RIM’s end. The reason the 8900 didn’t get 3G was RIM didn’t have a production line setup for the 1700/2100 3G, just 2100. So, they would have had to create an assembly line JUST for that phone. It would have been a major cost that would have been passed to TMO and then the consumer. They been able to now add that to some exsisting assembly lines, hence the BB w/3G for the Holidays. I heard this directly from someone at RIM. As for why the 1700/2100 was used, a TMO engineer said that the reason for this was the overall performance and capacity of this network was greater than the VZW or ATT 3G. Half the reason those 2 are already investing in 4G networks is their 3G networks are coming to capacity. I’m not an engineer, so I don’t have more than what I was told. Also, TMO is working on 4G solutions as well, probably LTE. Mainly to stay competitve, not so much out of need. As for 3G expansion, it simply a time and $$$ issue. Its not cheap to deploy. More efforts are going into improving the markets turned on then new markets. I’m in a 3G market, live in a 3G covered city but, I work in a non-3G area of the state. Over the last few months, I have noticed my G1 maitain a 3G connection longer and longer on my drive. So its expanding, just not so much in new areas. Not all great answers I know… And the G2 is is much a mystery as ever. Still looking like the HTC Magic will be it (Which has no physical keyboard) but this all still speculation, nothing confirmed.

  • Anthony

    I am holding off on upgrading to the new Blackberry curve 8900 as I hear there are some SUPER cool phones coming out withthin the next few months!

  • ddub

    make something as good as the pre and i’ll stay. and the g1 and g2 aren’t.

  • Rommel

    The se c905 goes to the death star on june 6,i knew i was rumours for tmo to get it,now we get more samsungs and htc-sucks!

  • Benson
  • drivethruboy168

    Soo… If anyone has checked out engadget or crackberry, they have blurrycam photo’s of the Blackberry 99xx, which is touch screen (surepress) and a physical keyboard with out a trackball. Now I remember hearing something last year about TMo getting a touch screen BB with a full keyboard. And this BB 99xx isn’t expected to launch till Q3 or Q4 of this year on Rogers in Canada supposedly, but that’s about the time that TMo is supposed to launch one. I would say go check that out on crackberry or engadget and see what you think.

  • David

    After reading the comments a couple things stick out. How the hell does a CDMA 800 mhz Blackberry storm work on a GSM 1900 mhz netowork????? Is this guy high? I don’t see how it is possible. Then there is the guy Mr. Sandy parr or whatever asking “WHY” about everything t-mobile there is a conspiracy in the works. Wheww! Relax dude, we will have 3g everywhere soon enough.

  • J-Hop2o6

    @ drivethruboy168

    read their update..

    “Update: Like they say, when it rains, it pours. CrackBerry just posted another purported shot, but the possibility of this being real is highly unlikely. Apparently, the mic hole in the original pic is a clear sign that this is just a ‘shopped 8800 — and now in this latest “leaked shot,” it’s gone. So, chalk another one up for those crazy jokesters that have a little too much time on their hands, because it looks like this one was a bit too good to be true.”


    David. No, I’m not High. Yes, I am using a Blackberry Storm on the T-Mobile network as I stated. Know how genius? Courtesy of the SIM slot located in the back compartment of the phone…right near my 8GB MicroSD card. Did I mention that I have a direct phone number to the International Space station? Actually I don’t but the rest is true. If you had done your homework or a little reading you would have known that the guys at RIM designed the Storm to be a ‘WORLD PHONE’ so that it would work anywhere in THE WORLD and not just on the US CDMA network that primarily only exists on our shores. The rest of THE WORLD has been keeping things in cellular pretty standard. It’s only in the US that we run into this nightmare of different bands and technology standards. They call it competitiveness…I call it garbage. But if you STILL don’t believe me I’d suggest you take a look on Craigslist and eBay to see how many unlocked BB Storms are being sold in the wild. If’s that’s not enough I can send you a blurrycam photo of me using mine. But I’m sure you’d much rather have a poster size one since you appear to be such a doubter.



    Here’s a bit more information for you. Wikipedia STYLE!!!

    The BlackBerry Storm is a world-phone, featuring CDMA with EV-DO Rev. A data, UMTS with HSDPA, and quad-band GSM with EDGE data access speed. However, the BlackBerry Storm only has European, Oceania, Asia and Brazil UMTS and HSDPA frequency bands. Therefore if the BlackBerry Storm is used with GSM wireless carriers in North America, the BlackBerry Storm will only be able to access wireless internet at EDGE data speed maximum. This is because GSM carriers in North America, namely AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers and Fido do not operate on the same frequency bands for 3G as the rest of the world. If BlackBerry Storm is used in Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania or Brazil, HSDPA wireless data speed can be achieved, provided that the local GSM networks support it.[7] The phone will use the primary network technology of its intended carrier (Verizon) when traveling domestically in the US, and rely upon the GSM/UMTS/HSDPA networks of Vodafone mainly when traveling abroad. There are currently no unlocked and unbranded versions available for the GSM Blackberry Storm however unlocking the phone will allow it to be used with any GSM service provide….