T-mobile G2 to launch at CTIA? Start the Rumor Mill!


The guy over at BoyGenius are going out on a limb here and saying, the T-mobile G2 WILL launch at CTIA. Basing this on no facts, tips, tricks or ninjas we’re going to chalk this up firmly into the rumor category. While we trust in the idea of a bloggers intuition, we don’t want to spiral any rumor into fact and get the hopes up of many expecting to see the G2 at CTIA and then raising holy hell when they don’t. So for now, strictly and firmly in the rumor category that BoyGenius is calling for the G2 launch at CTIA this April. Mind you they are saying launch, NOT release so they could be right on an announcement and we could still wait for some time before availability for purchase. Still, if its true, you heard it at BGR first. 



  • Tmo Android

    Well I hope this will happen. If you think about it T-mobile announcing the G2 and “Cupcake” coming in April would make sense since the G2 would rely on the on screen keyboard. Guess we will have to wait and see.

  • Raz

    Man I would hope to see the device even if it isn’t released at CTIA. I just want to see what it looks like so I know if I should wait or not.

  • Puv

    This also goes along with Amazon now offering the G1 for under $100 – clear them out, before the G2 arrives!

  • Pete

    I’m going to go on a limb and speculate that the device will probably resemble the HTC Memphis that was shown on the road map earlier this year. Hopefully, it will host a larger screen than shown that will give the touch pro2 and windows mobile some competition. More importantly, a physical keyboard would be a nice addition with the so-called “CupCake” **cough**cough** (:

  • Rey

    Im going with Pete on this i feel as t mo has been hiding out on us and the Memphis and the Sapphire will be Shown for T mo at CTIA. i heard somewhere where T mo has been trying harder to hide new products, i can only hope

  • Daniel

    This would be nice.

    T-Mobile’s appearance at last year’s CTIA show in Vegas was beyond lame. Everyone else was showcasing new upcoming handsets and features while the small T-Mobile booth was passing out prepaid coverage and rate plan pamphlets.

    They didn’t even discuss 3G or the upcoming G1.

    Nothing, nada.

    Looking forward to going again this year. Hopefully they won’t let us down again.

  • Alex

    I just hope they have some kind of exchange policy for current G1 owners.
    If I decide it’s worth it, that is..

  • SneakerFiend

    Well since Apple will be releasing their iPhone OS 3.0 this march 17th at an Apple event i think Google will want to have the G2 out a month or two after Apple’s iPhone comes out.
    Not only google but T-Mobile and HTC too because that way HTC will get sales, T-Mobile will get customers, and we’ll all be happy.
    I think the major concern here would be Google since the T-Mo Wing2 is dropping supposedly in May HTC doesn’t have much to worry about and T-Mobile will definetly pick up a couple of new customers as well but Android is the direct competitor as of now to the iPhone’s OS

  • mfabela

    someone within t-monews knows exactly what’s coming out and when, hmm…lol no but seriously someone knows i bet! they probably can’t come out and say

  • sam

    I just talked to a Tmobile rep and he said he has no information on the G2, as they are only informed of new handsets 2 weeks before release, but yet he says the G2 is at least 2 months away.

  • carrie

    I work for tmo as a CSR and can confirm that corporate doesn’t give CSR’s info about upcoming phones unless it is about a month prior to launch. As I left work Friday, there was no info about a G2 (not even rumors).

  • SweetS

    It’s true T-mobile is coming out with the g2. Just stopped by a t-mobile store and asked one of the reprsentative and she said “YES” it is true that t-mobile is coming out with the new g2, but she does not know when but real soon!!!