T-mobile G2 to launch at CTIA? Start the Rumor Mill!


The guy over at BoyGenius are going out on a limb here and saying, the T-mobile G2 WILL launch at CTIA. Basing this on no facts, tips, tricks or ninjas we’re going to chalk this up firmly into the rumor category. While we trust in the idea of a bloggers intuition, we don’t want to spiral any rumor into fact and get the hopes up of many expecting to see the G2 at CTIA and then raising holy hell when they don’t. So for now, strictly and firmly in the rumor category that BoyGenius is calling for the G2 launch at CTIA this April. Mind you they are saying launch, NOT release so they could be right on an announcement and we could still wait for some time before availability for purchase. Still, if its true, you heard it at BGR first.